Lauren Alaina and Jason Aldean Duet

Lauren Alaina Sings “Don’t You Wanna Stay” With Jason Aldean.

Lauren Alaina is currently on tour with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, and the young star has nabbed the opportunity to sing the duet role in Aldean’s “Don’t You Wanna Stay“. This particular performance choice clearly delights fans, and I have to agree, its a great choice.

A fan recently caught their live performance on camera, and Alaina featured the video below on her homepage. The camera work is a little shaky, but Lauren’s obvious talent shines through anyway! Watch it and let us know what you think. Does she fill Clarkson’s shoes or not?

Lauren Alaina and Jason Aldean Live Duet of “Don’t You Wanna Stay”


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14 Replies to “Lauren Alaina and Jason Aldean Duet”

  1. lauren did an amazing job on this duet she proved she doesn't have to take a back seat to anyone and can sing anything Thanks jason Aldean for giving her this chance to shine with u on this duet.

  2. Lauren does an amazing duet with Jason. I would love to see Jason & Lauren make a duet together.
    They are two amazing talented artists. I would love to see Lauren sing Dirt Road Anthem, she is great at rapping.

  3. I saw her live in Orlando and have watched this and several other videos of this performance. Lauren does a fantastic job singing this song with Jason and gives it her own personal touch. At first I think the audience thought it was kelly and continued to cheer when they saw it was Lauren.

  4. There's one and only Kelly Clarkson. But Lauren Alaina filled in excellently for Kelly singing it Lauren Alaina style, you heard the crowd agreed. Lauren said she can sing it but it'll always be Kelly and Jason's song. Jason Aldean wanted Lauren to do it her way. And Lauren did. Years of professional experience separates Kelly and Lauren. Both ladies are very talented and unique in their own ways. Love them both!

  5. Another amazing Lauren Alaina performance. Obviously Jason had a lot of trust in her ability to pull off this performance and she doesn’t disappoint!

  6. She amazes me every time I watch her sing. I still can’t believe she’s only 17.. What a talented country singer. I’m sure Clarkson would be proud of this young lady’s take on her song with Aldean!

  7. She did a great job filling in for Kelly. I love Lauren's take on it and her beautiful, rich tone.

  8. Lauren does a BEAUTIFUL job in this duet with Jason! Loved that in an interview with Jason he stated that Lauren was a little nervous (at 1st rehearsal) and she knew she couldn't sing it like Kelly and he just said, no one can, I want YOU to sing it like you want to, just do your thing. She may not have the same pipes as Kelly at the age of 17 but her voice is beautiful and her tone is amazing! Love that Lauren sings with so much passion! She's going to be a GREAT performer!

  9. Lauren is performing on the MY KINDA PARTY tour with Jason Aldean through the month of March. On Feb. 2nd they were in Oklahoma City and it was awesome. Poster above must be confused.

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