Luke Bryan Performs Country Girl

>Luke Bryan Promotes Album Release with TV Performances of Hit Single.

As you are no doubt aware by now, Luke Bryan released his new album, Tailgates & Tanlines, Tuesday, August 9th (You can check out HaleighT’s full review by clicking here), and in between performing on Tim McGraw‘s Emotional Traffic tour, Luke has been out and about promoting his new release with TV performances!

I have yet to be lucky enough to see Luke perform live and in person (Unlike HaleighT who caught him on the Emotion Traffic tour stop in OKC! Read her full account here!), but fortunately, for now, Luke’s television performances will suffice. This week he was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live performing his hit Country Girl (Shake It For Me) (see the video below!), and he also stopped by and performed the single on the Today Show.

I caught the performance of Luke featured on Jimmy Kimmel, and I have to say I am impressed. I was already sold on Luke because of his obvious talent and penchant for catchy, clever songs (Rain Is a Good Thing, Country Girl (Shake It For Me)) and softer, more emotional tunes (Do I, Someone Else Calling You Baby). However, there are artists who can produce quality work and stellar albums, and there are artists that can perform live. I am happy to report that Luke Bryan qualifies in both categories. It is obvious that when he is on that stage, he is really giving it his all and doing everything he can to make it a great show for his fans. It also doesn’t hurt that the man knows how groove. If you really want to know what I’m talking about (and ladies, especially, you DO want to know), check out the video below and enjoy!

Check out Luke’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Performance Here:
So, what do you think? Is Luke Bryan as good a performer as I say he is?

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