Luke Combs Debuts Apple Music Country Show Bootleggers Radio

Country artists are known for building especially close connections with fans, and few of the genre’s new stars have done it better than Luke Combs. Since emerging in 2016 with his breakout single “Hurricane,” the down-to-earth, good-humored North Carolina native has consistently topped the charts with radio-ready power ballads and sold-out arena tours thanks to his passionate Bootleggers fan club. On Bootleggers Radio, he gets up close and personal with club members who call in to swap stories, pick tunes, and have a laugh. In the series premiere, Luke shares music he loves, artists who have inspired him, and stories behind hits he has written for both himself and others. Superfan Kayla Shockley also interviews Luke about breaking into the business and why he calls his fans ‘The Bootleggers.’

WATCH: Luke Combs on Album Three | Bootleggers Radio

Luke Previews Bootleggers Radio
“I wanted to do a show where I kind of curate a playlist, a different playlist every month and kind of give you guys some things that maybe I’m listening to, or things that have inspired me. But also, I’m going to be interviewing a different fan in every one of these episodes.”

Luke on who The Bootleggers are
“The term Bootleggers comes from [when] I started a private Facebook group a number of years ago. That kind of grew into this kind of groundswell of my most diehard fans. And over the years it has become, you know, kind of a frenzy of activity amongst our most hardcore fans.”

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