Martina McBride’s “Teenage Daughters” Video

Martina’s McBride’s “Teenage Daughters” Video Adds Depth to Lyrics.

Martina McBride‘s new single “Teenage Daughters” released earlier this year, and now the video is available. The song realistically treats the trials of parenthood, and the video definitely adds an additional layer of meaning and substance to the song. It is not a stylized video instead opting for documentary-style footage featuring Martina working on the album in the studio as well as interactions with her family, especially, of course, her daughters. The choice to have her own family in the video as opposed to casting actors and setting up an imaginary scene really does promote the realistic this-is-every-day-living quality so appreciated by country fans. It truly seems this song is coming from a real place that viewers are sure to relate to.

Check out the video now.

After the initial video was released, Martina debuted another more elaborate video for the single. It still features her daughters, and playfully depicts typical mother-daughter interactions through the decades. It’s just a relateable as the first and even more fun! Check it out here!

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