Instead Of Reading ANOTHER Morgan Wallen Apology…

Yeah yeah yeah… I know you clicked that headline to read all about the drama Morgan Wallen is in this week in the latest of a long stream of apologies he constantly seems to be making. I’m sure his fans will forgive him (again) and I’m sure this isn’t the last time he’ll embarrass the hell out of himself and everyone that stands at his side no matter what he does. My mamma always said some people just can’t have the ignorance educated out of them so don’t waste your breath.

Mae Estes on Country Music News Blog

Instead of giving Mr Mullet anymore press, let’s take all these beautiful clicks and turn them towards some real talent… like Mae Estes who has been making a HUGE impact on TikTok with her raw talent, approachable personality, and of course her amazing ability to capture real life in a song. Like this track “Roses” which somehow seems extremely relevant today.

If you’re tied of the endless apologies, then she’s got a song for that too… her track “The Hell you Raised” is a spirited anthem for all those rebellious women who refuse to back down or be less just because it doesn’t suit anyone else’s expectations. Y’all want to back some rebel country, how about someone who actually deserves your support?

You can find out all you want to know about Mae Estes by of course following her on TikTok, or by checking out her FlowPage. You can help build the next big star in country music by pre-saving her new track “Roses” on your favorite streaming platform.

As for that other guy up on the headline… in the great words of Justin Moore… I bet he can’t even bait a hook, but we sure can 😉

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