Instead Of Reading ANOTHER Morgan Wallen Apology…

Mae Estes on Country Music News Blog

Instead of giving Mr Mullet anymore press, let’s take all these beautiful clicks and turn them towards some real talent… like Mae Estes who has been making a HUGE impact on TikTok with her raw talent, approachable personality, and of course her amazing ability to capture real life in a song. Continue reading Instead Of Reading ANOTHER Morgan Wallen Apology…

Steven John Simon Releases Debut Country EP “Story to Tell”

Currently featured on the top of the Country iTunes New Releases NASHVILLE, TN (December 16, 2019) Steven John Simon, rising country artist released his debut EP “Story To Tell” on December 13, 2019. Steven John Simon’s debut EP rounds out his first full year as a new country artist. This has been a year of “firsts” for Steven John Simon.  The Marine Veteran went from working off-shore full time, single father of two to a whirlwind of studio time, song writing, taking care of his fast growing fan base to performing at festivals and venues in the south east.

Blanco Brown To Release Remix of “The Git Up” Featuring Ciara

NASHVILLE, TN—(December 16, 2019)— Hot off Friday’s release of his new collaboration “Just the Way” with Parmalee,  Blanco Brown, the mastermind behind the international smash single “The Git Up,” will release a remix of the viral hit featuring GRAMMY Award-winning singer/songwriter Ciara on Friday, December 23. “The Git Up (feat. Ciara) [Remix]” features a brand-new verse, written by Ciara and Jasper Cameron, the producer that originally introduced the two artists in 2004.

Blanco Brown and Parmalee Collaboration Out NOW

NASHVILLE, TN (December, 13 2019)— Stoney Creek Records’ platinum-selling band, Parmalee and BBR Music Group’s Blanco Brown, the mastermind behind the international smash single “The Git Up,” released their new collaboration “Just the Way.” The feel good, from-the-heart track, with its melodic groove, blends Matt Thomas’ lead vocals with Blanco’s, in a new way, never heard before.

Wynonna Judd Is Back with a Bang

Wynonna Judd Takes On 2013 with New Music, New Shows and More! Wynonna Judd has had her share of trials and tribulations over the years, but this is one woman that just can’t be held down for long. In true form, this country icon is taking on 2013 with lots of new developments including new music, a feature documentary, and a spot on popularity reality TV hit Dancing with the Stars! “I focused on being a wife and a nurse for the last seven months and now I’m doing something for myself. The main word for me this year is ‘risk.’ I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something that a lot of people tell me is crazy—but they get it.” -Wynonna She and husband Cactus Moser experienced tragedy shortly after their wedding when Moser was involved in a motorcycle accident and subsequently had to have his leg amputated. The couple’s story is the subject of the hour long documentary, “Wynonna and Cactus: The Road Back,” which aired on GAC on Monday, March 18th. Also on Monday, Wynonna’s new single, “Something You Can’t Live Without,” which will be featured on her Moser produced upcoming album was sent to country radio and is available on iTunes! As if that’s not enough though, she debuted on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars with a cha cha routine, and did a pretty good job! One thing is for sure, this Judd has enough energy and charisma to really be a stand out on the show! We love Wynonna around here at CMNB headquarters, and we are anxiously anticipating her new album and can’t wait to see how she does on DWTS!

Florida Georgia Line New Video Get Your Shine On

Florida Georgia Line Release New Party Themed Video for Get Your Shine On. Florida Georgia Line crashed onto the country music scene with their runaway #1 hit “Cruise,” and riding their current wave of success have released the follow up single, “Get Your Shine On” from the duo’s debut album Here’s To The Good Times. With a 2013 ACM Awards nomination for Duo of the Year, and current touring dates scheduled with Luke Bryan‘s Dirt Road Diaries 2013 Tour, its easy to see that country music fans and industry folks have taken a strong liking to these two guys. With their upbeat, high energy vibe, its kind of hard not to love them. That being said though, videos like the one they have released for “Get Your Shine On,” just make me feel old. It’s “what-happens-in-Cancun-stays-in-Cancun” party vibe, from the cliche “hot chicks” FGL and their band hook up with to the extremely random cameo from two Mexican wrestlers to the non-stop water related activities and the fruity drink and beer chugging, just isn’t really something I personally can relate to. That’s not to say I can’t have a “good time”…my “good time” just looks a whole lot different. I’d say its clear FGL and their creative team are currently speaking to a pretty specific demographic within the country music fan base. So, if you’re looking forward to getting a little wild and loose on your upcoming Spring Break adventure, then you should probably put “Get Your Shine On” on your week’s playlist because this is the song for you! The duo isn’t all party party party all the time though. Other tracks featured on their debut album like “Stay” and “Dayum, Baby” give a little bit of a hint of another side of FGL that no doubt we’ll see develop over the years. Check out the album for more, and watch the video for yourself below! Watch Florida Georgia Line New Video for “Get Your Shine On.”

Eli Young Band New Album and Tour In 2013

Interview: Eli Young Band Touring, New Music, Recent Success and More, Headed for A Big 2013! Hailing from North Texas, Eli Young Band has been hard at work for over a decade, and they are nowhere near the finish line. Many of us have had EYB on our radar for some time, but in the last year or so it seems this foursome has really started to hit their stride. Mid-success, and on the verge of an arena tour with Kenny Chesney‘s No Shoes Nation, drummer Chris Thompson took a few minutes to chat with me about all things EYB! The CMNB team will be catching the talented group when they head to Fayetteville, AR (fun fact: one of EYB’s favorite towns to play!) on Thursday, February 7th, and this date along with a few other mark their return to the road after almost two months off. They weren’t sitting idly, though. These boys were hard at work in the studio working on a new album we can expect later on this year, probably around early summer. So far, they have eight tracks complete, and this album is the first time the band members have taken on the role of co-producing. EYB consistently releases quality music, and it’s exciting to hear that they’re taking an even larger role in the recording process. It’s pretty remarkable that this group has been together for as long as they have…no easy feat. They started “jamming” together when that met at the University of North Texas in Dallas. From playing local nights at a bar in Denton, their friendships and love of music grew into a partnership that has served them well. You still have to wonder…what’s their secret to sticking together and making things happen? “I think some of the magic for us was we got a lot of the stupid fights out of the way before the success and the pressure came and realized that we needed to focus on the friendships and I think a lot of just really like bands. In a lot of ways, even though we’ve been a band for awhile it feels like we’re just arriving. Doors are starting to open, and we’re learning that when opportunities arrive, you take them.” -Chris Thompson Having recently played live at the 2012 CMA Awards, experiencing a great reception of singles from their current album, Life At Best, and other milestones, Eli Young Band seems to be hitting all the right notes lately and having their hard work of the past few years pay off. Speaking to this, Thompson had a few words of advice for aspiring artists, “I would say we just took every opportunity that we had…didn’t say no to a lot. Had a lot of perseverance and making a point of being around people that are driven is key. The four of us have always been really driven and we drive each other. We always think there’s something better around the corner. You know, great things happen Continue reading Eli Young Band New Album and Tour In 2013

Lauren Alaina Working On New Music for 2013

Lauren Alaina Announces She’s Back In The Studio and Working On a Second Album for 2013! Just when I think Lauren Alaina can’t do anything else to make herself any more endearing…she posts an adorable video like the one below to her Facebook! Alaina took to the social platform this morning with the candid video to let fans know she’s working on new music, has been writing with talented folks in Nashville and is really excited to release the new tracks! She doesn’t specifically say that the album will be out this year, but I’m willing to bet, we’ll be hearing news along those lines sometime soon! Get more from Lauren on Facebook and Twitter! Watch Lauren Alaina’s Special Message Now!

Jaida Dreyer Half Broke Horses New Single

Jaida Dreyer Releases New Single Half Broke Horses to Country Radio. Jaida Dreyer has released a new single to country radio title “Half Broke Horses.” The combination of a bittersweet story and Jaida’s beautiful voice with just the right amount of twang is sure to make this song stick with country listeners. Dreyer admits that the lyrics come from a very personal place, and that honesty just makes the new track that much stronger. “I’m not afraid to say this part of my life is difficult for me to write about, but I felt I had to be honest with both myself and the listener. If I left that hole out, it would take away from the legitimacy of the record. We all experience loss throughout our lives in different ways and this song allows the audience into a piece of my past that shaped my life forever.” -Jaida Dreyer The new single is featured on Dreyer’s upcoming album, I Am Jaida Dreyer. Listen to the new song now, and be sure to follow Jaida on Twitter!

New Sarah Darling Home To Me EP Available Now

Sarah Darling Offers Up Four Track EP Home To Me, Available On iTunes Now. Today (Tuesday, January 29th), country songstress Sarah Darling released a new four track EP titled, Home To Me. The new project is the follow-up to her 2011 full release and second album, Angels & Devils. The four songs (four full plus an acoustic version of the title track) on this album are low key and unassuming, but each has a depth to them musically and lyrically that sticks with you even after they finish. The stripped down (and by that I mean not overly produced or pop-ish) quality allows Darling’s voice and talent to ring clear. In that, this EP has really done it’s job well…left you wanting to hear more. If you haven’t yet, look it up on iTunes, and stay tuned for more Sarah Darling news by following us on Facebook and Twitter! Catch Sarah when she guests on the #CMchat #Twangout on February 4th at 8:00pm CT! Go to for more! Home To Me EP, Track Listing: 1. Home To Me 2. How Dare You 3. You Don’t Have To Be Lonely Tonight 4. Home To Me (Acoustic Version)