Osage Creek Amphitheater in NW Arkansas

CMNB would like to welcome the new Osage Creek Amphitheater to Northwest Arkansas!

While the brand new Osage Creek Amphitheater is still under construction, the buzz around the new 15,000+ capacity music venue is so loud it’s making my ears ring! This outdoor amphitheater, nestled in the base of the Ozark foothills near Springdale, Arkansas, is the most well-thought-out state of the art venues our staff here has EVER seen, and coming from us, that says a lot! Greg Smith, the owner, operator, and lifeblood behind the venue’s construction has taken the time to consider every single aspect from fan experience all the way to stagehands convenience. Here are some of the nitty gritty dirty details on what I think will be the best summer music venue in our region!

Facts about the Osage Creek Amphitheater:

For the fans:
The Osage Creek Amphitheater is absolutely enormous, seating almost as many people as BOK center, and far more than any other music venue in the area. Seating capacity can vary depending on the type of concert/festival, but in general it breaks down as follows:

150 VIP Seats
650 Orchestra (pit) Seats
1600 Terrace Seats
3500 Bleacher Seats
6,000 to 10,000 Lawn Capacity

Osage Creek Amphitheater Seating Chart

The amphitheater is located just 3 miles north of highway 412, making it convenient to residents of Fayetteville, Tulsa, Ft. Smith, Rogers, Springdale, Kansas City, Little Rock, and all the smaller surrounding towns. With many hotel and dining options in nearby Siloam Springs and Springdale, it’s easy to find lodging and services for those that are traveling a little further to see their favorite artists. They’re also just 20 minutes away from the XNA airport, adding even more convenience!

Now let’s talk VIP – During our discussions about the venue, Greg made it a clear point that if you’re going to pay for VIP tickets, you’re going to need some VIP perks, and boy did he deliver! Besides best-in-house seating, the venue also features closer VIP parking, VIP concessions, VIP restroom facilities, and even a special mezzanine level which is ON STAGE so you don’t miss a single detail of the show!

Don’t have the cash for VIP? Don’t worry, because Greg has made sure the venue was designed with convenience and show experience in mind. With concessions conveniently placed between seating levels, you don’t have to miss part of the show by waiting in line somewhere in the back 40. They’ve also worked in the perfect angles for all the seating, and even a 70 foot high stage opening so the highest seats still have a close and clear view of all the action! And speaking of seas, did I mention they’re bringing in the same style seats that are being used in the top-of-the-line Dallas Cowboys stadium? To top it all off, the amphitheater is being built in a natural bowl shape in the land, surrounded by beautiful rock bluffs, creeks, trees, and the best views in all creation.

The icing on the cake is their simple ticketing system. They have chosen TicketBiscuit for both an online and call center ticketing which means no overpriced surcharges or mass spam with every purchase. Just fair, simple ways to get tickets without all the fuss.

Stay up to date on the amphitheater’s progress and upcoming concert announcements:

For the Bands:

Touring artists and their entire support crew will love all the thought Greg has put into making this one of the most accessible and convenient venues in the region. For touring bands, Osage Creek Amphitheater is on the routing from Nashville to Denver, from Dallas to St. Louis. Centrally located in the country, creating a nexus of accessibility to everyone, and filling a deep void for what has traditionally been a very under-served market. With facilities that can host the biggest touring acts in the country, as well as festival-style events, there’s no doubt the amphitheater’s summer concert calendar will fill up fast! Here are some highlights sure to make artists, booking agents, promoters, and even road crew members smile:

We begin with easy access to the venue. With multiple highways touching near the venue, getting to the amphitheater is a breeze. Once you’re there you’ll find 10, that’s right, I said TEN diesel loading docks at the rear of a massive 110 foot wide, 90 foot deep stage which can accommodate up towards 70,000 pounds of gear. There are no limits to how big you can go with your show, given the 40 foot stage-to-girder height, and 70 foot high proscenium stage face opening. At the same time, the venue was designed so that there is not a single obstructed view or bad seat in the house, and so that the rise from one seating level to the next brings the audience in for what feels like a close and intimate view.

The Osage Creek Amphitheater is built with concerts in mind, but is also available for corporate and community events.

Get in touch to find out more about booking, vending at, or sponsoring events at the Osage Creek Amphitheater!

Box Office : 479-239-4041
Online Box Office

Greg Smith (479) 442-6969

Press, Advertising, Media Inquiries please send email to

Osage Creek Amphitheater will be hiring venue staff from the surrounding area. Please call (479) 442-6969 and leave a message for more information as it becomes available.

A few final notes:

The vision for this project has manifested over the last 10 years. It has always been in my mind that this certain piece of property will become an absolute jewel for Northwest Ark and surrounding areas. As this project becomes a reality, the feedback that we are receiving from all cultures, age groups, etc., has been overwhelming.  -Greg Smith

We look forward to celebrating the opening of the amphitheater this July with Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson and more at the Country Throwdown Picnic and hope to see you there as well!



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