Shawna Russell’s New Video

Shawna Russell’s New Video: “Get Right or Get Left”.

Oklahoma native Shawna Russell originally hit the scene in 2008 with the release of her debut album, Goddess, which received a fair amount of positive attention, enough at least to get her on the circuit. She is currently working on her sophmore album, Shawna Russell, due out later this year, and she premiered the video for her latest single, “Get Right or Get Left” just this morning. The song is fun and lively, voicing a woman’s lost patience with a deadbeat man, and it does showcase her vocal and writing talents. She and director Mark Nicolosi clearly tried to make a video that would match the spirit of the song.

“I had a great time making this video. Director Mark Nicolosi had such a unique vision for telling the story in the song. He helped visually capture the attitude of the music and assertive feeling of the lyrics.” -Shawna Russell

I disagree with Shawna here, though. I think the song is sassy and endearing, but the video does not adequately capture this; something is just off. The setting is awkward and distracting with Shawna singing in the background and the “stories” taking place on the same set. It is also campy and overacted. I can see the creative angle they were going for, but I just don’t think they quite made it.

I hope next time Shawna does her music justice by releasing a better video.

Watch the video here and let me know what ya’ll think!

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