Reba McEntire On Who Do You Think You Are

>Reba Was Featured On Last Week’s Episode Of “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Reba McEntire was featured on the March 2 episode of NBC’s series “Who Do You Think You Are?” This show takes famous people (athletes, actors, musicians, etc.) and shows them a whole other side of themselves that they didn’t know existed.

A slew of well-known figures in society have taken part in this ancestral adventure including Tim McGraw, Lisa Kudrow, Emmitt Smith, Ashley Judd, Kim Cattrall, Spike Lee, Steve Buscemi and now Reba!

During her experience, Reba travels all over searching for answers to her family history.

“I want to know where we came from. I want to know what makes me tick. Why am I like I am? I would love to go back, as far back as possible. I am very interested in knowing who the first of my ancestors were to step on the United States of America.” -Reba

These are questions that everyone would love answered and Reba was lucky enough to get the chance to try!

Here is the entire episode. If you missed it, then here you go. If you already saw it, no hurt in watching it again!

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