Red Bull Gypsy Cafe Hits Stillwater, OK

Red Bull Gypsy Cafe Music Event Celebrates Red Dirt Genre in Stillwater, OK.

This weekend Stillwater, OK will be the place to be for Red Dirt music enthusiasts. The Red Bull Gypsy Cafe musical festival will be a gathering of some of the most talented musicians to come from the genre! The name for the event, Gypsy Cafe, comes from “the farm” where jam sessions took place over the years, and there could not be a more appropriate place for the event to be held than Stillwater, OK, the birthplace of Red Dirt music. The event takes place Friday April 15th, and acoustic performances by artists that started, grew and continue to build the Red Dirt movement will take place at four different venues!

All proceeds go to create the Red Dirt Relief Fund, a non-profit operated by Red Dirt musicians in Stillwater, OK which seeks to provide aid to musicians in need.

You can find out complete details for performances and ticket pricing by clicking here!

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