Ronnie Dunn’s How Far to Waco Video

>Ronnie Dunn Releases Video for How Far to Waco from Upcoming Album.

Ronnie Dunn is set to release his first ever solo album, Ronnie Dunn, on June 7th, and he is giving fans a little taste of what’s to come with recent single debuts and corresponding videos. The album includes twelve tracks, eight of which are either written or co-written by Ronnie, and it has given him the opportunity to really delve into subject matter that holds meaning for him and express himself as an individual. In January, he introduced his first single, “Bleed Red“, which so far has been a huge success, and he has subsequently released the video for this track in addition to a video for “I Can’t Help Myself“. While both of these songs are reflective and a little mournful, his latest video release “How Far to Waco“, out May 17th, is jam-packed with energy and fun. Of the three tracks released so far with it’s mariachi influences, fast beats and an out-on-the-road-with-the-wind-in-my-hair vibe “How Far to Waco” definitely has the feel of a summer hit.

You can check out the video now and let us know what you think of Ronnie’s new music!

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