Sammy Kershaw Involved In Bus Accident

Sammy Kershaw, Band and Crew Involved In A Bus Accident.

This past weekend, Sammy Kershaw, his band and crew were involved in a roadway accident while on tour in Texas.

On Friday night after hitting the road following a concert in Nocona, Texas, Kershaw’s bus was struck by another passenger vehicle. The bus was impacted at a high speed, causing major damage, leaving the vehicle inoperable. The driver of the vehicle that struck Kershaw’s bus was taken to hospital with injuries. Kershaw, his band and crew were shaken and sore but not seriously injured.

“My guys and I are a little sore today… the third day is always the worst. Eleven people were involved in the accident and no one was killed. It could have gone the other way. Buses and cars can be replaced but people can’t. I’m so thankful that the other driver, my band and crew are all still here. We had a guardian angel.” -Kershaw

Kershaw has not canceled any concerts and will use alternate means of transportation until his bus is repaired.

We at CMNB are very happy to hear that everyone is going to be just fine! Accidents happen every day, just stay focused when on the road.

On a lighter note, here is one of my all-time favorite Kershaw songs!

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