Jason Aldean 2013 Night Train Tour Interviews

Walmart Soundcheck Features Jason Aldean Behind-the Scenes Interviews.

As Jason Aldean continues to prep for his 2013 Night Train Tour, his fans can get exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews from Walmart Soundcheck! We get a sneak peak into his tour by hearing him play new songs “Night Train” and “Take a Little Ride” off his new album, Night Train. We also get to hear Jason discuss his tour, Nashville, and his new album.

“This Night Train album is an album that we had two years to go out and find songs for, plenty of time to go in the studio. We spent more time making this record than we have any other album. I feel like we have some of the best songs we’ve ever had on this record.”-Jason Aldean

WATCH Jason’s Tour Promo:

WATCH Jason’s Interview about His Fans:

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