Scotty McCreery Sings with Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Brings Out Scotty McCreery at SC “Brothers of the Son” Tour Stop.

Okay, so we all know that Scotty McCreery has been launched into stardom because of American Idol. Yes, its possible we would of heard about him eventually…but it would have been a completely different story. Now, we all have our opinions about this young man (and let’s be honest, everyone who performs on that show…), but I’ve got to say, that he must have made some kind of an impression if all these country music veterans are so willingly performing with him left and right.

Not only has Scotty been on tour with Brad Paisley‘s 2012 international Virtual Reality Tour, but now the still very young star is making cameos on the Brothers of the Sun Tour. Over the weekend at the South Carolina tour stop, Tim McGraw brought McCreery out to perform classic “I Like, I Love It“…and the crowd clearly ate that right up. This tour has been highly anticipated by country music fans, and it is a really big deal for Scotty to get to be involved with it (on top of everything else he is getting to do…).

You can check out the fan video below…but you’ll have to turn it up a bit as it is a little hard to hear over the screaming girls.

Scotty McCreery Sings Tim McGraw’s “I Like, I Love It”.


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One Reply to “Scotty McCreery Sings with Tim McGraw”

  1. I think it is a real tribute to Scotty McCreery’s talent, and to his character as a human being, that two of country music’s biggest icons, Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw, incorporate him into their tours, and share their experience with him. Both Brad and Tim have amazing talent and great heart, as does Scotty!!! Keep up the great work guys….love you all three!!!