Snow Days, Snow Days!

With half the country covered in a thick blanket of snow, here’s ten ways the CMNB crew has been killing time!

It’s Day 3 of what has been affectionately nicknamed “Snowpocalypse 2011” and the staff at CMNB is starting to run out of ideas on how to kill time in the frozen tundra. Here’s what we’ve tried so far…

  1. We’ve resurrected the Myspace account that started it all, only to find that Myspace is no longer useful in any way. Instead it is overwhelmingly covered with advertisements, pop-ups, and is desperately just trying to keep up with facebook.
  2. We have taken up leather crafts, creating necklaces, bracelets, wallets and keychains. Of course then I started having flashbacks of a childhood summer camp/child labor experience so we had to put that away.
  3. We baked. Then we ate. Then we slothed on the couch watching Steven Tyler on American Idol until our brains went numb. Then the scale told me I shouldn’t do that anymore.
  4. We video-gamed out on Little Big Planet 2, Red Dead Redemption and CoD Black Ops. Of course I’m not in any way coordinated with a video game controller so it was a lot of me dying right away and everyone laughing.
  5. We played in the snow… for about 5 minutes before our fingers turned blue and we ran back inside.
  6. I learned to use the brand new sewing machine that’s been in my closet since Christmas of 2010.
  7. I learned that it costs $1 to bribe a child to trudge through the snow to the mailbox, and $2 to have them take out the trash. Me sitting on the warm dry couch while they perform these tasks is priceless of course.
  8. We took bets on which cars were most likely to slide out of control on the highway running parallel to our property. The winner was a Toyota Camry for those keeping track.
  9. We wrote songs about being snowed in, about the wonder of PAM cooking spray on a satellite dish, about the hot Arizona sun, and about our hound being an all-terrain-animal.
  10. And finally, we gave up on entertaining ourselves, and Netflixed every John Wayne film in their library.

Now we are halfway through Day 3 and out of ideas… what are YOU doing to battle cabin fever?

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2 Replies to “Snow Days, Snow Days!”

  1. haha I love your suggestions! Last year when it snowed a whole bunch, my family and I lost power for almost 4 days! So, maybe I should come up with a list for what to do when that happens again. Because we pretty much just sat inside and shiverred.

  2. 1. Chopped pond ice (one of my favorite cardio workouts)
    2. Walked to the mail box without falling!
    3. Since I do leather crafts 5 days a week, didn’t do any for the last 3 days.
    4. Delivered groceries to the neighbors.
    5. Fed and watered stock (cattle, horses, chickens, dogs and cats)
    6. Facebook
    7. Internet
    8. Laundry
    I’ve had enough of this fun. I am going to work tomorrow!!!!