Luke Bryan To Return To ‘American Idol’ For Season Six

Luke Bryan To Return To ‘American Idol’ For Season Six

ABC has announced that LUKE BRYAN, KATY PERRY, LIONEL RICHIE and RYAN SEACREST will all return to AMERICAN IDOL for its sixth season on ABC, debuting next spring. Along with the announcement comes the news that BRYAN will guest host LIVE WITH KELLY & RYAN alongside SEACREST next MONDAY, AUGUST 1st. Continue reading Luke Bryan To Return To ‘American Idol’ For Season Six

American Idol: Lauren Alaina VS Scotty McCreery

American Idol’s Country Singers: Lauren Alaina versus Scotty McCreery Okay, American Idol fans, tonight is elimination night and one more contestant will be out of the running. There are still seven talented individuals in it to win it, but let’s be on honest, there are only two we really care about around here: Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. Both are country, both have been kept in by fans up until this point, and both are loved by the judges, so who would it be saddest to lose tonight? It’s a good question, and in my mind, there’s a very simple answer: Lauren. I’m sure there are those who would disagree, but because of her talent and lovableness, Alaina is my pick for winnner! It isn’t that Scotty is devoid of talent, I just think that in comparison to Alaina, Lauren is more of the “whole package” that McCreery is. Lauren has a brighter and more engaging stage presence. She sings, and you get lost in her performance. She absolutely gives it her all, and her personality shines through every single time. Scotty, on the other hand, doesn’t do much more than sway on stage. Lauren has plenty of confidence while also being relatable. Scotty also possesses confidence, but to me he come across as more smug than down to earth. A good way to gauge the divide between Lauren and Scotty is by seeing them sing together. Check out their duet here. [youtube:] So, if it came down to Lauren Alaina versus Scotty McCreery, I hope Lauren stays. Still on the fence? You can always catch them touring live this summer with American Idol Live. Click here for ticket info.

Sugarland on American Idol

Sugarland performs Stuck Like Glue on American Idol. Country duo Sugarland performs their hit song “Stuck Like Glue” on last night’s American Idol results show. On a personal note, can I just say I got misty-eyed when the judges used their one “save” of the season on my favorite contestant Casey Abrams and the first thing he did when he regained his composure was run over and hug his mamma! [youtube:]

Snow Days, Snow Days!

With half the country covered in a thick blanket of snow, here’s ten ways the CMNB crew has been killing time! It’s Day 3 of what has been affectionately nicknamed “Snowpocalypse 2011” and the staff at CMNB is starting to run out of ideas on how to kill time in the frozen tundra. Here’s what we’ve tried so far… We’ve resurrected the Myspace account that started it all, only to find that Myspace is no longer useful in any way. Instead it is overwhelmingly covered with advertisements, pop-ups, and is desperately just trying to keep up with facebook. We have taken up leather crafts, creating necklaces, bracelets, wallets and keychains. Of course then I started having flashbacks of a childhood summer camp/child labor experience so we had to put that away. We baked. Then we ate. Then we slothed on the couch watching Steven Tyler on American Idol until our brains went numb. Then the scale told me I shouldn’t do that anymore. We video-gamed out on Little Big Planet 2, Red Dead Redemption and CoD Black Ops. Of course I’m not in any way coordinated with a video game controller so it was a lot of me dying right away and everyone laughing. We played in the snow… for about 5 minutes before our fingers turned blue and we ran back inside. I learned to use the brand new sewing machine that’s been in my closet since Christmas of 2010. I learned that it costs $1 to bribe a child to trudge through the snow to the mailbox, and $2 to have them take out the trash. Me sitting on the warm dry couch while they perform these tasks is priceless of course. We took bets on which cars were most likely to slide out of control on the highway running parallel to our property. The winner was a Toyota Camry for those keeping track. We wrote songs about being snowed in, about the wonder of PAM cooking spray on a satellite dish, about the hot Arizona sun, and about our hound being an all-terrain-animal. And finally, we gave up on entertaining ourselves, and Netflixed every John Wayne film in their library. Now we are halfway through Day 3 and out of ideas… what are YOU doing to battle cabin fever?

Wynonna Thoughts on American Idol

Wynonna gives advice for American Idol hopefuls. Wynonna comes from the school of thought that says if you want something bad enough, you need to work hard for it. So when asked about American Idol, she urges kids to build their talent, and their circle of support first: “A lot of these people don’t have experience and they’re not ready,” she continued. “When they’re successful, they’re like ‘Oh, crap, what do I do now?’ So they hire a bunch of people who cost them everything. So develop it now, start getting a work ethic, schedule your priorities. Focus, focus, focus on what it is you really wanna do.” read more… Excellent advice Wy!Country Music Photo Gallery