Steel Magnolia Bulletproof Video

The Steel Magnolia’s Music Video For Bulletproof Is Here.

The Steel Magnolia’s newest single “Bulletproof” is a little ditty about someone who “acts” like they aren’t sad about a recent failed relationship. Even Meghan Linsey’s strong voice gives a little inclination that the person in these lyrics might not be so un-shakable. If you have to tell yourself you’re bulletproof, how bulletproof can you really be?

Either way the song is great! Since the beginning Meghan and Joshua Scott Jones have had amazing chemistry together (“Keep On Lovin’ You“, “Last Night Again“) and this time is no different. I have a feeling the engaged duo has a chart climber on their hands!

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One Reply to “Steel Magnolia Bulletproof Video”

  1. Thanks for the article!! Meg & Josh are completely amazing – they’re chemistry is phenominal!! They are such amazing inspirations!!! This video and song are chart climbers — they need to be at the #1 spot for both. I absolutely love this video – it’s funny, cute, and just flat out awesome!! The lyrics and vocals in it phenominal!! Bulletproof has soo many messages to it!!! It’s incredible. Steel Magnolia is the best duo in the world!! 🙂