Steel Magnolia Interview

HaleighT Caught Up With Steel Magnolia Before They Hit The Stage In Arkansas! Last night Steel Magnolia graced the stage as part of the Washington County Fair in Fayetteville, Ar! Meghan and Josh’s performance really impressed me…with his enthusiasm and energy on stage and her undeniably gifted voice, how could they not?! I was particularly impressed by “Edge Of Goodbye,” their cover of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill‘s “I Need You” and of course “Keep On Lovin’ You.” They gave us a taste of some of the new stuff they are working on in “You’re On My Mind” and “Whiskey Anthem,” then ended the show with “Jackson!” Before the show I had a chance to talk with them about their recent projects, including a new album and cancer benefit they are working with. Watch the video below to find out all the details! [youtube:]

Steel Magnolia Bulletproof Video

The Steel Magnolia’s Music Video For Bulletproof Is Here. The Steel Magnolia’s newest single “Bulletproof” is a little ditty about someone who “acts” like they aren’t sad about a recent failed relationship. Even Meghan Linsey’s strong voice gives a little inclination that the person in these lyrics might not be so un-shakable. If you have to tell yourself you’re bulletproof, how bulletproof can you really be? Either way the song is great! Since the beginning Meghan and Joshua Scott Jones have had amazing chemistry together (“Keep On Lovin’ You“, “Last Night Again“) and this time is no different. I have a feeling the engaged duo has a chart climber on their hands! Tags: Bulletproof, Steel Magnolia, Steel Magnolia Videos

Steel Magnolia On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Steel Magnolia Set to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Real life couple Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones otherwise known as the country duo, Steel Magnolia are scheduled to make their debut television performance tonight, Monday, June 24th on ABC‘s late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! 12/11pm CST. The duo will be performing a new song off of their self-titled debut album. Steel Magnolia was originally discovered on CMT‘s Can You Duet? in 2009, and since then have furthered their initial success through single and EP releases. In January of this year they debuted their first album. If you are already a fan be sure to check them out tonight! If you aren’t sure if you’re a fan yet, check out the video below and see what you think! Steel Magnolia: Last Night Again [youtube:]

Steel Magnolia and “Cells Phones For Soldiers”

Steel Magnolia Aid “Cells Phones for Soldiers” Campaign. Steel Magnolia is helping U.S. troops by teaming up with Florida radio stations, CBS Radio Country WIRK/West Palm Beach and WQYK/Tampa to promote GM’s “Cell Phones for Soldiers” which is a non-profit campaign that will be running in Florida highschools local to the radio stations. The purpose of the campaign is to collect gently used cell phones in order to raise money to purchase sixty minute calling cards for troops who are serving abroad. The calling cards would enable military service personnel to connect with loved ones in the States. Students from various highschools will be competing with one another to see who can collect the most phones for the campaign. The school who wins will be rewarded with a free, live acoustic concert by Steel Magnolia!

CMT’s Next Superstar Reality Show

Real World meets American Idol in CMT’s new talent competition: CMT’s Next Superstar. American Idol and Dancing With The Stars executives team up to bring a reality-show format to a talent competition in CMT’s upcoming series “CMT’s Next Superstar“. The series will feature ten episodes in which contestants will live together and compete against each other in industry tasks such as video production, songwriting, performances, interviews and more. The series will air beginning this April so stay tuned! One of the reasons this show stands out from the rest is that it’s the only show where the contestants take an active role in deciding who’s in the band,” noted executive producer, Simon Lythgoe. “Whereas contestants must sing in different genres on other shows, this is all about Country music. Our contestants will turn some world renowned songs from other genres like Pop or Motown, pour their soul into it and make it Country. Past reality/talent competitions on CMT have brought us stars like Miranda Lambert and Steel Magnolia… let’s see what this one can fish out!