Jaida Dreyer Half Broke Horses Lyric Video

Jaida Dreyer Releases Lyric Video for Moving New Single Half Broke Horses. Jaida Dreyer‘s current single, “Half Broke Horses,” from her debut album I Am Jaida Dreyer is a powerful, personal and poignant song. Dreyer has an amazing voice, and a whole lot of writing talent…a surefire combo…and I have no doubt that she is headed for success. The video below is the recently released lyric video for the single, and if you haven’t heard this song yet, I suggest you check it out now. Don’t forget to comment to let us know what you think of Jaida, and be sure to find her on Twitter: @JaidaDreyer. Watch: Jaida Dreyer “Half Broke Horses” Lyric Video.

Florida Georgia Line New Video Get Your Shine On

Florida Georgia Line Release New Party Themed Video for Get Your Shine On. Florida Georgia Line crashed onto the country music scene with their runaway #1 hit “Cruise,” and riding their current wave of success have released the follow up single, “Get Your Shine On” from the duo’s debut album Here’s To The Good Times. With a 2013 ACM Awards nomination for Duo of the Year, and current touring dates scheduled with Luke Bryan‘s Dirt Road Diaries 2013 Tour, its easy to see that country music fans and industry folks have taken a strong liking to these two guys. With their upbeat, high energy vibe, its kind of hard not to love them. That being said though, videos like the one they have released for “Get Your Shine On,” just make me feel old. It’s “what-happens-in-Cancun-stays-in-Cancun” party vibe, from the cliche “hot chicks” FGL and their band hook up with to the extremely random cameo from two Mexican wrestlers to the non-stop water related activities and the fruity drink and beer chugging, just isn’t really something I personally can relate to. That’s not to say I can’t have a “good time”…my “good time” just looks a whole lot different. I’d say its clear FGL and their creative team are currently speaking to a pretty specific demographic within the country music fan base. So, if you’re looking forward to getting a little wild and loose on your upcoming Spring Break adventure, then you should probably put “Get Your Shine On” on your week’s playlist because this is the song for you! The duo isn’t all party party party all the time though. Other tracks featured on their debut album like “Stay” and “Dayum, Baby” give a little bit of a hint of another side of FGL that no doubt we’ll see develop over the years. Check out the album for more, and watch the video for yourself below! Watch Florida Georgia Line New Video for “Get Your Shine On.”