Easton Corbin All Over The Road-Music Video

The Official Music Video For Easton Corbin’s Current Single, “All Over The Road.” Below is the official music video for Easton Corbin’s latest single, “All Over The Road.” The song comes from Corbin’s sophomore album, also titled All Over The Road. I really am a fan of this song and have been since the first time I heard it. It’s catchy and cute, although the lyrics could easily be interpreted to have more of an adult connotation (I don’t take it that way). The video was directed by Roman White and includes a robbery, a car chase and an explosion. Watch it below and tell us what you think! After you watch the video, scroll down and watch the making of the video. Y’all enjoy and make sure you keep it between the mustard and mayonnaise when you’re behind the wheel! Watch: Easton Corbin “All Over the Road” Official Music Video. Get Behind the Scenes: The Making of “All Over the Road.”

Easton Corbin All Over The Road Single Review

Single Review: Easton Corbin All Over The Road, Has It Got The Staying Power? I have to say apart from “Lovin’ You Is Fun” I had never really listened to Easton Corbin. So when I first heard this song, I was bowled over by how purely 90s it sounded (I’d like to clarify that I mean that positively!) Although I don’t listen to any particular artists from the 90s, sometimes I put on 90s country internet radio just to relax with, and if I had heard this song play on it, I wouldn’t have been any the wiser. Easton’s voice has that tonal quality to it, and the production that surrounds it, to make it a real tribute to that sound from 20 years ago. Tribute to 90’s Country, but Modern Too. However, despite the musical era it’s rooted in, there are elements of modernity. For example, the guitar solo reminds me of the songs of some of the biggest stars in Nashville right now. When the final chorus kicks in, the instrumentation is suddenly stripped back to the acoustic guitar playing a melody-based pattern, something which has often been used and is very effective. As expected, the drums then kick in, and the steel guitar and other instruments join it to complete the song as it began. Relaxing Quality But Is That Enough? As a song it’s fairly simple, it’s foot-tapping, head-bobbing, and is perfect for the car radio, or perhaps a bar. However, the beat is slower than other songs of its type, and doesn’t encourage liveliness. Rather, it’s a cheerful, fun song that asks you to chill with a beer for a bit. The melody is simple and easy to sing along to, there’s not a huge range of notes, and it perfectly functions as something to have on while you’re relaxing. Lyrically it repeats a lot of the ideas recycled again and again in country music, about driving with his girl, getting a little frisky, high on life, and not being able to wait until he can get her home. May Not Have Staying Power. This is well and good and I like the song, but it’s not a song I can get very excited about. It doesn’t hit me in any sort of which way, and unfortunately, it feels a little average. Songs to ‘have on in the background’ aren’t necessarily the ones to stick around. ‘Lovin’ You Is Fun’ Easton’s previous release, did so well because it had that catchy hook. Whilst this song has kind of catchy elements, it blends into the wallpaper of country music far more, and I fear it will get lost among the rest. I think it will do fairly well in the charts because Easton’s star is growing, particularly after his previous single being the 8th top selling country song in all of 2012 (according to Billboard’s end of year charts), but it won’t be one that people remember particularly, not as far as I can see. Looking Continue reading Easton Corbin All Over The Road Single Review

Easton Corbin’s All Over The Road-New Single

Easton Corbin Gets Ready To Release New Single To Radio. Easton Corbin will be releasing his brand-new single, “All Over The Road,” to radio on January 14. The song “All Over The Road” was written by Carson Chamberlain, Ashley Gorley and Wade Kirby. It is the title track to Corbin’s sophomore album and is the follow-up to his No. 5 hit “Lovin’ You Is Fun.” “It’s a feel-good song. It’s one of those songs that on a great day you want to roll down the windows, crank it up and have a good time.” -Corbin Mercury Records released Corbin’s sophomore album in September of 2012 and was produced by Carson Chamberlain. Watch Corbin performing an acoustic version of “All Over The Road” Below!

Video: Easton Corbin Sings O Holy Night

Listen to Easton Corbin’s Country Christmas Song, “O Holy Night”. Easton Corbin just released his version of the classic Christmas song, “O Holy Night“, and it is pure country awesomeness. Whenever I hear this song I automatically think back to all the Christmases I’ve had growing up, and it is easily one of my favorites (though, I don’t know if there’s one I don’t like…maybe the one where grandma gets run over?). Easton has such a great voice, and his version of this classic is really wonderful! Watch the video below, and enjoy! Video: Easton Corbin Sings “O Holy Night”.