Jiggley Jones Baby Blue Music Video

Alt Country Artist Jiggley Jones Releases Music Video for Single Baby Blue. Jiggley Jones has a unique sound that is reminiscent of the alt rock we heard come out of the nineties with just a little bit of twang mixed in here and there. His music isn’t exactly what I would call easily classified, and current single “Baby Blue” is featured on Jones’ EP No Spring Chicken which features four tracks that all seem to offer a different side of this new on the scene artist. While I am not over the moon crazy about the new video, shaky editing and overly dramatic effects detract from the quality of the song, I think there is some real potential in the honesty and heartfelt, almost raw, emotion in the lyrics on his tracks. Take a couple minutes to check out the video below, listen to the single, and let us know what you think. If you want more, you can find Jiggley Jones on Twitter! Watch Jiggley Jones New Video for “Baby Blue.”

Kristen Kelly Video He Loves To Make Me Cry

Kristen Kelly Is A Country Music Diva In Her Video for He Loves To Make Me Cry! When I hear Kristen Kelly‘s single “He Loves To Make Me Cry,” I am simply in awe of just how powerful her voice and talent really are! If ever there was one, Kelly has some real potential to be a “country music diva,” and I mean that in the most positive way possible. I’m talking a talented to the core, strong and confident kind of woman here, and that is just what Kristen offers up in this song and the new video that was recently released! The video keeps things simple with Kelly dressed beautifully in a tasteful but stunning floor length, slim gown on stage with an old school mic and all eyes on her. The audience is kept in profile, and except for a few complimentary scenes of a couple slow dancing, the focus is entirely on Kristin and her show stopping vocals. Great song. Great talent. Great video. See for yourself below, and be sure to keep up Kristen on Twitter! She is currently on the road playing shows with Rascal Flatts. You can find her EP on iTunes. Watch: Kristen Kelly Official Music Video for “He Loves To Make Me Cry.”

Jon Wolfe The Only Time You Call-Music Video

The Official Music Video For Jon Wolfe’s “The Only Time You Call.” Below is the official music video for Jon Wolfe’s single, “The Only Time You Call.” The song comes from his album, It All Happened In A Honky Tonk, and follows singles “Let A Country Boy Love You,” “That Girl In Texas,” “I Don’t Dance” and the title track. The deluxe edition of the album has 15 songs and was released in January of this year. I have quickly become a fan of this song. It is a classic story of an ex and that dreaded, but reoccurring booty call. The story might have been covered in songs before, but this one stands out. It has a great melody set to nice, classic vocals that I am drawn to. The video for “The Only Time You Call” is below. It was shot in Nashville and was directed by Mason Dixon. Take a look and tell us what you think! Watch Jon Wolfe “The Time You Call” Official Music Video.

Luke Bryan Video Buzzkill

Luke Bryan Releases New Music Video for Buzzkill Featured on New Album Spring Break Here to Party. Right in time for the release of his brand new party themed Spring Break…Here to Party album, Luke Bryan has released a music video for the third track featured on the record, “Buzzkill.” The single is low key, somber track that looks into the flip side of the party…the, well, buzzkill. Bryan’s videos always seem to hit just the right note for the songs they showcase, and this one is no different. The video really brings the song to life, and certainly more than just a few country music fans will have a “been there, done that” feeling when they watch. Check it out below, and comment to let us know if you’ve had a similar experience. Luke Bryan is currently making stops all over the U.S. for his already successful Red Dirt Diaries 2013 Tour which has been selling out dates left and right. You can catch him on your TV Sunday, April 7th when he co-hosts the 2013 ACM Awards with Blake Shelton. Luke Bryan “Buzzkill” Official Music Video. Current Luke Bryan Tours and Tickets

Easton Corbin All Over The Road-Music Video

The Official Music Video For Easton Corbin’s Current Single, “All Over The Road.” Below is the official music video for Easton Corbin’s latest single, “All Over The Road.” The song comes from Corbin’s sophomore album, also titled All Over The Road. I really am a fan of this song and have been since the first time I heard it. It’s catchy and cute, although the lyrics could easily be interpreted to have more of an adult connotation (I don’t take it that way). The video was directed by Roman White and includes a robbery, a car chase and an explosion. Watch it below and tell us what you think! After you watch the video, scroll down and watch the making of the video. Y’all enjoy and make sure you keep it between the mustard and mayonnaise when you’re behind the wheel! Watch: Easton Corbin “All Over the Road” Official Music Video. Get Behind the Scenes: The Making of “All Over the Road.”

Carrie Underwood Two Black Cadillacs Video Review

Carrie Underwood’s Two Black Cadillacs Video Takes Fans Down A Strange and Winding Road. I’m pretty disappointed in Carrie Underwood‘s new video for single, “Two Black Cadillacs.” Yep, I said it. The song was released as the third single from her most recent album Blown Away back in November, with the video reportedly being filmed then too, but even just two weeks ago Carrie was claiming on Twitter that they were still editing, trying to make it perfect. So as a result, there were pretty high expectations for this video! …And then I watched it. Too Long. At 5 minutes 47 seconds, this is a long music video, but it had been announced that it’d be shot as a short film. S,o I was prepared for the standard couple-of-minute-long intro without music, plus maybe a section around the bridge where the music cut out for another short scene. This is a formula that has been tried and tested and it works. However, what proceeded was not as it should have been. It begins dramatically and suspensefully with expected scenes of winter and a lonely Cadillac come into view. There’s some creepy piano music that I don’t think was necessary but it works okay within the context. However, instead of allowing the suspense to linger and to draw it out properly to instigate a mood, the song kicks in just 20 seconds into the video, and you’re left wondering what they’re going to do with the time. Too Confusing. Much of the first half of the song is filled with multiple-angled shots (including many close-ups) of Carrie driving the Cadillac, the wintery desolate environment, and the funeral. As it progresses, we get a few brief shots of the Cadillac in a different setting, at night, driving down an alley in a city with the headlights beaming on a couple meeting for an embrace, presumably the cheating husband and mistress. Carrie plays the mistress, with another similar-looking actress playing the wife. There’s some lovely scenery, good graphics, great outfits (Carrie is a vampy mistress), nice close-up shots and some well-timed interplay between the two opposing scenes. However, for me, it’s far too slow, there’s too much of the same thing, and I feel like there should be a lot more content. Slowly but surely, we get some plot narrative, with the briefest of shots depicting the wife chasing her husband in one of the Cadillacs during the night scene. It is implied that due to the blasé attitude of the mistress when the Cadillac turns up that Carrie is a decoy for the wife to corner the cheater. Too Strange Suddenly, however, after the end of the third chorus, the music dies down and the sinister piano music from the beginning returns. Although we don’t see the cheating husband being run over, it is implied and there’s even a token ‘crash’ sound against a black screen. I’m already feeling that they’ve ruined the momentum of the song at this point. The piano Continue reading Carrie Underwood Two Black Cadillacs Video Review

Josh Turner Find Me A Baby Video

Josh Turner Releases Adorable Video for Find Me A Baby! Josh Turner just released his new video for single “Find Me A Baby” just a couple of days ago, and it is absolutely adorable. Featuring “candid” shots of what appears to be real families posing for the camera, happy as can be, the video just makes you smile. At the end (spoiler alert), we even get what looks like a couple photos of Josh and his babies! This is such an optimistic, cheery song, and I’m really glad I started my day with it! Watch for yourself below! Watch Josh Turner’s Find Me A Baby Video.

Jana Kramer Whiskey Video Review

Jana Kramer Releases Official Video for Whiskey: Worth the Wait? Jana Kramer’s second official single from her self-titled debut album, “Whiskey” has been heard over the airwaves for quite some time without any real video. There was a video posted a couple of months ago to her channel, called ‘Kickin’ It With @Kramergirl’, and many websites and blogs assumed THAT was the video for ‘Whiskey’. And, while it’s a nice video, it is rather simple (in fact it’s just one camera shot with nothing much going on in the scene), so I’m glad Jana has released this video too, to let us get to know the song on a deeper level. And that has happened, I think. I was a little surprised by the nature of the video – I just expected it to be about your slightly runaway small-town heart breaker, but instead the video shows scenes of something entirely different. From Jana meeting the guy in a bar, their eyes doing that “I want to sleep with you” thing, and then the guy being ‘called’ (ha, clever play on the lyrics) by another man, only to start punching this other man and getting into a brawl, the rowdy and passionate nature of the relationship is clear. Jana obviously looks shocked at first, but as soon as her love interest returns to her after his brawl, back comes the flirty smile and they go off together. Err, huh? Just an interjection, but I don’t care how cute a guy is, if he starts fights I’m not going to go home with him. Seems like sound advice, as the video ends with said lover being arrested in the middle of the night from the trailer where he and Jana are sleeping. Jana looks betrayed and slams the trailer door as her lover gets put into the police car. Finally, she gets it. Between this start and end scenes we get a lot of Jana looking gorgeous, yet sad and dramatic in various scenes, lying down in her trailer, sitting in the woods with a shawl wrapped round her, it’s standard music video stuff, and I wouldn’t have expected anything less from someone who is also partly selling her sex appeal alongside her music (we have to admit it’s a marketing tactic for many). There are some very obvious interpretations of the lyrics, such as the lover drinking copious amounts of Jack Daniels straight from the bottle, in front of a campfire, symbolizing the fire of the relationship. Something interesting to note about this video is the amount of time it focuses on the passionate kiss between Jana and her on-screen lover. Country music is still a rather traditional medium, so to have this and a brief showing of them taking each others’ clothes off, is quite risqué, especially considering the criticism Shania Twain received in the nineties for showing her midriff. You could say country music has moved on, but there’s still a lack of openly sexual visuals in country Continue reading Jana Kramer Whiskey Video Review

Carrie Underwood Two Black Cadillacs Video

Watch: Carrie Underwood Releases Official Two Black Cadillacs Video! Carrie Underwood finally premiered her official music video for Two Black Cadillacs via Vevo and Entertainment Tonight today! The video is all greys, shadows, stark lighting, and slow motion which perfectly suits the drama in the song. I’ve heard a lot of folks saying that they wish Underwood would do more uplifting tunes and less the man cheated and now he’s getting his kind of songs. I, though, think that Carrie with her strong voice is at her best with this sort of single. And then there’s those sky high stilletos! Check it out for yourself below, and let us know what you think! Watch: Carrie Underwood “Two Black Cadillacs” Video.

Connor Christian & Southern Gothic Sheets Down Video

Atlanta Based Connor Christian & Southern Gothic Release Video for Single Sheets Down! The talented Atlanta, GA based Connor Christian & Southern Gothic (CCSG for short!) have a new album titled New Hometown coming out February 12th, and they’re giving country music fans a little taste of what’s to come with single, “Sheets Down.” The song expresses roots and Americana influences that give this band a full bodied sound accompanied by lyrical themes that are simultaneously upbeat and slightly bittersweet. We’re currently working on a full review of the new record (spoiler alert: it’s fantastic), but in the meantime watch the brand new video for “Sheets Down” below! Watch Now: Connor Christian & Southern Gothic Sheets Down Music Video.