Willie Nelson Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die-Book

HaleighT’s Thoughts On Willie Nelson’s Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die, Musings From The Road. If you haven’t got the chance yet, I suggest you get yourself a copy of Willie Nelson’s Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die – Musings from the Road. To say it is an easy read, would be a little off kilter. The story is always jumping, along with the people telling the story. It will shoot from song lyrics, to jokes and even to journal entries. And you can’t forget the drawings by Micah, Willie’s son. But if the book didn’t play out the way it did, it probably wouldn’t be worth reading at all! This book can teach you a lot. A lot about Willie, his family, his friends and his career. You find out how and why certain songs were written and even how he met many of his friends (many of who are great songwriters and musicians themselves). I was shocked to find out how much he sold some of his songs for, but I won’t tell you because it’ll ruin the surprise! However, I wasn’t shocked to read how much his children care, love and respect him. No, I haven’t ever met Willie. But sometimes you can just get a vibe from someone that says hey, he’s a good guy! By all of the things he does for other people, (Farm Aid, Peace Research Institute) you can tell he has a kind heart and believes in good. Willie repeats some of his philosophies many times in this book. Like…don’t be an asshole. Each time I read a line that had already been said, (he makes it known that he already said it) I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s funny to me because I can just imagine him looking at someone with a straight face, telling them not to be an asshole and then giving them a smile. Repeating yourself is fine by me, it lets people know that you are serious. Plus, nobody wants to be around an asshole… So my review for the book is, it’s a good time! During your read you will learn and you will laugh. If you are anything like me it’ll make you crank up some “Whiskey River” and start planning a trip to see a show. But like Willie would say, you can’t pay attention to reviews. If you believe the good ones, you have to believe the bad ones… Find Roll Me Up and Smoke Me online at Amazon!