Giveaway: Haley and Michaels Prize Pack

Giveaway: Enter to Win a Prize Pack from Duo Haley & Michaels. We try to keep our eye on rising talent, and Haley & Michaels is one duo that is showing a lot of promise. Currently performing a residency at 12th & Porter in Nashville, TN, these two have an easy going singer/songwriter vibe that leans in the Alison Krauss direction. You can take a listen to their track, “The Price I Pay” on their official website, and watch the video of their cover of Hunter Hayes’ “Wanted” below! While you’re checking them out, be sure to follow the directions below to be entered to win a prize pack! Two winners will be chosen, 1st place receiving a poster and a t-shirt and 2nd place scoring a poster. Enter to Win a Haley & Michaels Prize Pack! Step 1: (If you aren’t already!) Follow us @CMNBlog and Haley & Michaels @haleynmichaels on Twitter! Step 2: Send out the following tweet: “I entered to win a @haleynmichaels prize pack from @CMNBlog and you can too! Details here: #CountryMusic” Step 3: When we receive you’re tweet, you will automatically be entered to win! Important Rules/Guidelines: Winners will be randomly selected and notified individually via Twitter. Prizes were provided by Total Assault. Tweets must be received by 12:00pm Monday, February 25th. Winners will not be eligible for another prize drawing until 90days after this one. Haley & Michaels Cover Hunter Hayes “Wanted.”

10 Random Questions with Greg Bates

Interview with Country Music Newbie Greg Bates in 10 Random Questions! 24-year-old Tennessee native Greg Bates has a lot to be proud of right now! With his first single “Did It For The Girl” moving up on the country charts, fans seem pleased with how genuine his music is, and this pearl snap wearing country boy is definitely just as sweet and genuine as his music! I would describe Greg using the three “P’s”: polite, patient & passionate, but deep down inside, I’m sure there is a wild side he wants to let out, right? Well, let’s ask him some questions and get down to business! How does it make you feel to hear people talking about how “genuine” your music is? It’s the biggest compliment anyone could give to me and my music. When I was writing these songs and making this record, I really wanted people to listen to it and feel like they were getting to know me. My music is a representation of who I am and if “genuine” is the word that people choose to use then that’s alright by me. Describe yourself in three words! Happy, Sarcastic & Stubborn If you were stranded on an island and could only have one country album with you, what album would you pick? Randy Travis “Storms of Life”. You seem like such a nice well behaved kinda guy, do you ever let your wild side out? I have been known to let the wilder side of me show, but even then I’m pretty tame. I’m just an easy going guy that tries his best to stay out of trouble. What is the one food you can’t live without? Bacon. Where do you do most of your shopping? Do you keep up with clothing trends? I would hardly consider myself “trendy” when it comes to clothes. I’m pretty much a t-shirt, blue jeans, baseball hat, and cowboy boots kinda guy so I do most of my shopping at Target ha! If you had to pick only one, would you go hunting or fishing? Fishing! It’s way more relaxing and half the work! If you could do a duet with a female artist (past or present) who would you pick & why? Either Patty Loveless or Tammy Wynette. Both to me are the perfect example of classy ladies with the purest voices I’ve ever heard. Is there anything you want the world to know about Greg Bates? Anything you want your fans to know? I play country music because that’s what I love and that’s what I’m a fan of. Every note I play or sing is because somebody in the history of country music has influenced me and all I ever want to do is make country fans proud of my music. There ya have it! It seems Greg is just a good ol’ country boy looking to stay out of trouble. Feel free to follow Greg on Twitter and on Facebook! We can’t wait to hear what Continue reading 10 Random Questions with Greg Bates