Rose Falcon Talks Upcoming EP 19th Avenue Vol 2

Interview: Singer Songwriter Rose Falcon Talks Upcoming Release 19th Avenue Vol 2 EP! Up and coming country singer songwriter Rose Falcon has a new EP, 19th Avenue Vol. 2, releasing next week and she took a couple minutes to chat with me and discuss the upcoming project, her influences, and more! The single aspect that stands out the most in Falcon’s music is the honesty in her well-written lyrics. There is a very feminine and simultaneously strong quality in the quiet songs featured on the upcoming EP. She claims influences like Tammy Wynette, Patty Lovelace and Reba McEntire, and it’s easy to connect the dots between these iconic artists and this rising star. Rose’s songs are lyrically raw and personal, and musically have hints of roots and Americana. She had this to say of the tracks and her personal “sound” featured on the upcoming EP, “It’s fairly organic, not a lot of fancy production and lyrically driven. The instruments are meant to paint around, highlight the song the best they can without taking away or distracting from the lyrical content.“ This is not surprising to hear from someone who grew up around songwriters (her father is legendary singer – songwriter Billy Falcon), spends four days a week co-writing songs and who loves living Nashville, TN which she suggests is home to best singers and songwriters in the whole world! Falcon is authentic, and in a way the simplicity of her songs is what gives them staying power. There are lots and lots of talented folks in country music these days, but not everyone can cut it as a writer. So, I was curious about her particular process and style. “I co-write a lot. It’s a process of giving and receiving what I call ‘gifts’. Someone you write with might have a gift to give you, an idea and you have to be open to that. Or one day I might have a great idea to offer. You end up with something you wouldn’t of had if you hadn’t been working with that person on that day. It’s a really magical process, and I think that God is a part of it in every step.“ In the tracks featured on Falcon’s 19th Avenue, you can hear how invested she is in the words and the stories they tell. I have no doubt that as her star continues to rise, country fans who get to listen to her music will find it relatable and this will draw them in and keep them listening. I also have a feeling that Falcon would be a wonderful singer to catch live…hope I get the chance soon! Be sure to check out the new EP when it releases Tuesday, January 29th, and stay tuned for more from Rose in the next year! Find her on Twitter and iTunes!

Rose Falcon Releases New EP

Rose Falcon Releases New EP This Month, Watch Sneak Peek! NYC born and Nashville raised Rose Falcon will release a new EP, 19th Avenue Vol. 2, January 29th, and you can get a sneak peek at her creative process below! Just hearing the way Rose talks about music, her writing process and why she has a drive to create, it’s easy to understand that she has the potential to go a long way in the country music industry. She has some real talent and a strong drive, and we can’t wait to hear more from her! Watch the video to get to know Rose just a little bit better, and stay tuned for reviews and more on Falcon! Meet Rose Falcon!