Tate Stevens On The X-Factor: Are You Watching?

>Aspiring Country Singer Tate Stevens Is Taking Reality Show, The X-Factor, By Storm.

After being the mean guy on American Idol forever, I was kind of over Simon Cowell, and because of that I’ve kind of been ignoring The X-Factor (USA edition). Thanks to some of our twitter followers and dedicated readers (thanks y’all!), my attention has been drawn to one of the reality show’s most popular contestants, aspiring country music singer, Tate Stevens. All the typical television over-dramatization aside, Stevens has got some real talent, he’s a humble guy and he and his wife are completely adorable. He’s just an average dude, chasing a dream, and now, along with Simon, I kind of want him to win. Check him out below, and find him on Twitter.

Watch: Tate Stevens Performs Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” on The X-Factor.

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