Taylor Swift Loses Les Miserables Role

Taylor Swift Not Headed to Hollywood This Time Around.

The country music scene has been abuzz with the news of Taylor Swift‘s audition and subsequent offer to play a role in the upcoming film adaptation of the classic novel turned Broadway production, Les Miserables. We were curious if this signified just an opportunity for Swift or a career change. However, it looks like it’s a moot point since Taylor has been passed up for the role in favor of a different actress. HaleighT is here to share her opinion on these Hollywood wheelings and dealings! Check out what she thinks and tell us what you think! Did Taylor deserve the role or does it just not matter?

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One Reply to “Taylor Swift Loses Les Miserables Role”

  1. The role of Eponine (btw it’s pronounced Ep-oh-neen) in “Les Misérables” may not be the biggest part in the show BUT it is perhaps the most popular and memorable. The original Eponine from the stage version, Frances Ruffelle (who will make a cameo in the movie), won multiple awards for her performance including the Tony (theater’s version of the Grammys).

    Eponine sings what is usually considered to be the most famous song from the show, “On My Own.” Teenage girls who see “Les Mis” for the first time usually want to play her when they grow up. It is the often considered the dream role in “Les Mis.”