Toby Keith – Bullets in the Gun – Review

Toby Keith celebrates the release of Bullets in the Gun.

Toby Keith hits store shelves today with his newest studio album “Bullets in the Gun“. Now forgive me die-hard fans, but I have to say this album is not the big dog’s best work. The majority of tracks carry a depressed she-done-me-wrong-song sound but with lyrics that are predictable and seemingly dumbed down.

That said, there are a few highlights on the album. “Ain’t already broke“, “Somewhere Else”, and the leading single “Trailerhood” carry Toby’s signature wit and clever twist of words. Overall I believe this will be an album that sells one single at a time, but as a whole it falls a little flat. If you do shell out for the whole album, do yourself a favor and make it the Deluxe Edition, which features four live performances from his Incognito Bandito appearances. These tracks pay tribute to some of Toby’s biggest influences, and the addition really turns around the tone of the album.

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2 Replies to “Toby Keith – Bullets in the Gun – Review”

  1. I was waiting for a review before we picked it up. My GF feels Trailerhood is not one of his best. His last album didn’t he only release one or 2 songs? What’s with banging albums out? Is that what happens when you own your own label? Hmmm…..sounds like a good article topic….

  2. I got his new CD and I love it. ‘Kissing in the Rain’ is my favorite but I really like all the songs. Toby never lets me down. He has a voice that can sing anything and he really put out another great CD in my opinion. His cover songs are great. Chug-a-lug is my favorite of those four but ‘Sundown’ is really good too.