Video: Love and Theft Get Steamy with “Runnin’ Out Of Air”

Watch Love and Theft’s Hot New Video for “Runnin’ Out Of Air”.

Love and Theft‘s new video for single “Runnin’ Out Of Air” might read just a little bit like a rap music video (They’re in a nightclub? There are ladies in tiny tight dresses everywhere? Everyone is staring at each other really intensely?), but that doesn’t change the fact that its a dang good song and the video is steaming things up! The duo will no doubt be melting country music fan hearts all over the place with the new vid, the song’s sexy lyrics, and all those shots of L and T staring longingly into the camera! Besides all that though, I think my favorite detail might be what the country singers order at the bar towards the beginning of the video. Check it out below, and see for yourself.

Watch: Love and Theft’s “Runnin’ Out Of Air” Video.

Runnin’ Out Of Air” is featured on Love and Theft’s self-titled album released July 2012.

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