A HUGE Thank You from CountryMusicNewsBlog

First off, I want to thank Slickdeals for helping us get through such a financially difficult year by sponsoring so many of our posts (including this one) in the absence of live entertainment to promote. Not only are they helping us stay afloat, they’re actually SAVING us money as well with the number of discounts we’ve found through their site at stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby.

On that note, it was Hobby Lobby and some great 40% off coupons we found at Slickdeals that inspired us to create our kind of quarancation party for New Years Eve. We took advantage of the clearance on Christmas packaging and the killer deals on jars, bottles, and cushioning filler to create some pretty wonderful gifts for our contributors and staff to help send off 2020 with a twist, by creating custom mini-bars in jars for our team members.

We can’t help by be amazed at the positivity and perseverance shown by our own crew as well as the musicians, publicists, sponsors, and of course, our readers this year. While we never know what the new year will bring, we do know that we are surrounded by some of the most talented, selfless, community-minded and creative humans to walk the face of the earth. We couldn’t imagine any other way to end the year then to tip one for those we lost, and give our best wishes to those that will carry the torch of the lessons we’ve learned into the future and grow from this adversity. We love you all. *I* love you all.

-Shauna “Whiskeychick” Castorena
Founder and Chief Editor

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Shauna "WhiskeyChick" Castorena is a freelance writer for both Country Music News and Country Music On Tour. Want to collab on some content? Email me. Want my rates for commercial promo work outside of music? Get them right here.

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