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>A quick note from the boss-lady, “WhiskeyChick”:

Hey y’all, I hope you’ve been enjoying all the livestream entertainment we’ve been sharing here. Jessica over at Country Sway has been doing an amazing job as emcee and hostess, providing Country Music fans with a little break from our worries. We’re good out here in Oklahoma, and we’ll get back to our regular coverage soon enough, but it sure is nice to just let all the tail-chasing go for a minute and focus on what matters most.

I’ve been offline a lot just cause it’s spring and Corona don’t care about planting windows and livestock maintenance. I just got my spring batch of chickens and I’m stoked. If I focus on what I would normally do regardless of covid, then it’s easier to forget what’s happening.

Once I get online it’s all fear mongering and anger. Instead I’m choosing to focus on things like these beautiful baby Polish Crested, Easter Eggers, Australorps, Production Reds and Silkies that I’ve added to our flock of Cinnamon Queens this spring. The garden is coming along beautifully, and we’re thinking of ways we might do things differently once the world starts turning again. We love y’all, and we hope you’re finding some peace and joy amidst these difficult times. I’ll try to give you a little somthing tho take your mind off your worries, and maybe share a few ideas about how this homesteading life is turning out.

Cheers and much love!

PS: Here’s our babies just for funsies!

*Currently listening to: “Little Bitty” by Alan Jackson


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