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Dollywood Theme Park

Looking For A Fun, Family Adventure? How About Dollywood? Not only is Dolly Parton a talented and accomplished singer, author and actress, she has Dollywood! Located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, this great attraction has fun for all ages! It was open in 1986 and has been hosting millions of families ever since. This top of the notch destination offers everything including entertainment, rides and festivals! Festival of Nations, KidsFest, Barbeque & Bluegrass, Southern Gospel & Harvest Celebration and Smoky Mountain Christmas are five of the biggest gatherings in the south! Whether you want to do some fine dining or shopping, it is all available here at this 130 acre piece of fabulous! Just head on over to to book your visit! You never know…you might run into Dolly herself!

Dolly Parton Makes Joyful Noise

Dolly Parton Stars in Upcoming Film, Joyful Noise! Dolly Parton will be returning to the silver screen in January of 2012 with the release of upcoming comedy, Joyful Noise, in which she stars alongside Queen Latifa. The storyline follows a small town gospel choir that is trying to make it to a national competition, and the only way they can make it is if semi-rivals played by Parton and Latifa can learn to work together. Queen Latifa is known for her comic timing, and Dolly definitely puts her classic whip-smart southern humor to good use! I never would have thought it, but it looks like Latifa and Parton make an excellent pairing as their feud provides a great base for some really comical scenes. This may not be a ground breaking film, but it certainly looks like its going to be pretty entertaining! Check out the trailer here! [youtube:] What’s your favorite Dolly film?

Dolly Parton New Single

Dolly Parton Releases Second Single Off “Better Day” Album. Dolly Parton has chosen the second single off of her recently released “Better Day” album. This album is the fourth release off of her own Dolly Records. The track is titled “The Sacrifice“, and deals with themes of working hard to fulfill ones hopes and dreams and what that can cost someone. “’The Sacrifice’ is another song that is just so, totally, me. I think it’s so totally everybody that has a dream and desire to be successful, and in order to be successful we have to give up things that we’d rather not. But if we’re not willing to make that sacrifice usually we don’t see those dreams come true.” -Dolly Parton Dolly is currently in the second leg of her U.S. tour dates, which kicked-off Friday, October 7th in Cedar Park, TX and will wrap in Florida on October 18th. Then Dolly will be heading to Australia for tour dates for all of November!

Country Represents at MTV O Music Awards 2

Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Dolly Parton Nominated for O Music Awards 2. Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Dolly Parton are the representative group holding the fort for country music at the next round of “O Music Awards” hosted by MTV. The “O Music Awards” (as you are no doubt wondering by now) is a strange but (arguably) inevitable development of digital and web culture. MTV is essentially honoring musical artists online activities, typically relating to promotion or contacting fans. The “O” literally stands for “offbeat, outrageous, online”. So, this is not your average award show, and the categories are less than average as well. Taylor is nominated in the “Fan Army FTW” category for her “Taylor Nation” legion of fans, and Blake Shelton (we really should not be surprised here) is nominated for “Must Follow Artist On Twitter”. The one really interesting part of this is Dolly’s nomination. She pops up in the “Best Vintage Viral Video” for “Jolene“. Taylor and Blake’s nominations make complete sense, but Dolly’s nomination is especially important. It really demonstrates how classic music can live forever, and how this music can be relived and re-experienced through digital technology. Even though this is kind of a wacky award show, it is fun to see that amidst all the really random categories and equally random nominations, a piece of classic, solid country made it in. You can watch the nominated video here! [youtube:]

Dolly Parton Together You and I Video

Dolly Parton Releases New Video for Together You and I. Dolly Parton has debuted the video for the single “Together You and I” which is featured on her recently released album, A better Day. Parton has acknowledged that her new album is definitely different than her earlier work channeling a more modern vibe. The video for “Together You and I” also reflects this sentiment. The theme of this song and the imagery reflected in the video is definitely not the full on country fans are used, but it is a hybrid between country music and something else. It is almost a throwback to the hippie era of peace, love and happiness from the 60’s. The video features individuals clasping hands in a chain that begins in Nashville and continues all throughout the world from Washington D.C. to India. The individuals range from sick people to healthy people, from black to white, from young to old. The message is clear: together and with love anything is possible. Let me say, I really do like this song, and I am a huge Dolly Parton fan. However, there is something going on in country music right now that is different. Dolly is not the first country artist of late to present a song with such a message. Ronnie Dunn‘s “Bleed Red” has a similar globally minded, we-are-all-the-same theme. Newcomer Jennette McCurdy‘s “Generation Love” also encourages a positive world view focused on the power of love. These are good songs with admirable messages, but something about them does not sit right. The messages in these songs and their videos are recycling an older way of thinking from a time in American history where there was a wave of hope for change. Dolly and Ronnie lived during the 60’s, and it makes sense that they would revisit these themes. It seems though, the release of these songs are ill-timed. They simply do not take into account the past forty to fifty years of American history and all that encompasses. Country music is all about the hard times, getting the job done, dealing with life as it hits you. While Dolly’s (and Ronnie’s and Jennette’s) song is hopeful and lovely, I am not sure it is necessarily relateable for country fans. Yet, I might just be approaching Dolly’s new single and video from a too cynical angle. What do you think? You can check out the video here. Together You and I – Dolly Parton – Dolly Parton Videos

Dolly Parton’s Better Day

Dolly Parton Releases New Album Better Day. Dolly Parton announced this Spring she would be releasing a new album with an accompanying batch of global tour dates. The new album is titled Better Day and is available to fans starting today! The album features a full track listing of all new music penned by the iconic country star. She is offering up something a little more modern this time around, and seems to feel positive about the results of her hard work. (See below for a complete track listing.) “I always think every album is better than the last one … at least I strive for that. I wrote all the songs for this one; plus, I think it may be a little more contemporary than what I usually do.” Dolly Parton Dolly has been out and about recently making the rounds to support her new album. Fans who attended CMA Fest had a chance to check her out as she made multiple appearances including album signings and popping by Marty Stuart’s Late Night Jam. Also, earlier this month she performed the album’s first single “Together You and I” on the Tonight Show. Parton’s tour will launch out of Knoxville, TN on July 17th. Better Day (complete track listing): ‘In the Meantime’ ‘Just Leaving’ ‘Missing You’ ‘Together You and I’ ‘Country Is’ ‘Holding Everything’ ‘The Sacrifice’ ‘I Just Might’ ‘Better Day’ ‘Shine Like The Sun’ ‘Get Out’ ‘Let Love Grow’

Dolly Parton’s New Album

Dolly Parton Releases New Album Better Day. Dolly Parton has announced the debut of her new album, Better Day, will be June 28th released on her own record label, Dolly Records. The first single off the album is titled “Together You & I“, and Dolly will perform it live for the first time on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Friday, May 27th. Fans can expect the video for this single sometime soon after Dolly’s Ellen performance. Additionally, Parton will be kicking off a world tour July 17 in Knoxville’s Thompson Boling Arena with multiple dates scheduled in the U.S. The tour will continue to Europe in August and September, and then to Australia in November.

Dolly Parton on Glee?

Dolly Parton, country music’s favorite showgirl, talks about America’s favorite show choir Glee. In a recent interview, Dolly Parton admits she would love to be a guest on the hot Fox show ‘Glee‘. “I have seen bits and pieces of it,” she says. “It looks fantastic.” When asked to elaborate, she goes on to say “If it has a dang thing to do with music, I would do it,” she says. “I can’t dance. They’re always coming to me for that ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and I won’t do that.” Now I personally would LOVE to see a country-themed episode of the show that I am SO addicted to! Of course, it would be a far cry from the Lady GaGa episode they have planned next week, but fun nonetheless. As for that Lady GaGa hour, expect to see a lot of crazy costumes, a ton of blonde wigs, and an enormous amount of action! Come to think of it, maybe a Dolly-themed episode wouldn’t be so different after all! Lady Gaga Tour Info.Country Music Photo Gallery

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