Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song

Jamey Johnson’s new double-disc album, The Guitar Song, takes a spin at the CMNB. Jamey Johnson knew he had big shoes to fill when his last album “That Lonesome Song” achieved such phenomenal success, and with his new double-disc album “The Guitar Song” he fills them and then some! Jamey Johnson’s big commercial success came at a time when country music fans were primed and ready for something authentic and true. His outlaw attitude, traditional country style, and tribute to the harsher side of a musician’s life was the perfect remedy for the sugary-sweet pop-country that was giving us all a cavity. When word came around that Jamey was going back into the studio, fans were all down on their knees just praying that he would continue on the musical path that he set himself on and he did just that. My first thought when I slipped “The Guitar Song” into my player was that I knew these songs already. With the exception of his excellent cover of Vern Gosdin‘s “Walkin’ the floor“, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The entire collection is refreshing, heartfelt, and gritty all at once. It’s definitely material that will transcend era’s and leave Jamey to be cited in the future as one of the greats because he fits into the category so well. “The Guitar Song” is the perfect example of storytelling through song, starting with the very first track. It sucks you in, brings you down, and lifts you right back out again, all with Jamey’s signature sound. Take a moment to watch Jamey talk about how this album came about: Jamey Johnson – The Guitar SongCountry Music Photo Gallery

Jamey Johnson – Playing the Part

Jamey Johnson releases Playing The Part to radio stations today! Jamey Johnson is almost ready to send his new double-disc album “The Guitar Song” out into the world in just a little over a month, but in the meantime he’s giving fans a taste with today’s release of “Playing the Part“. The first single off Jamey’s new album will enter the radio station rotation after 3pm today, then be available for download on iTunes beginning August 24th. Jamey’s last album “That Lonesome Song” was a critical sensation, leaving fans to hope that the new material stays true to the raw and gritty country outlaw sound. Keep your eye out for Jamey as he makes the media rounds in support of his new release. See Jamey talk about the new album below: Jamey Johnson – The Guitar SongCountry Music Photo Gallery

Jamey Johnson: Macon

Jamey Johnson releases “Macon,” a single from his newest album The Guitar Song. Although Jamey Johnson’s new album will not be released until September 14th, fans can go to any major online music retailer or http://www.JameyJohnson.com to buy his new single. “Macon” is a southern rock infused song which he will debut on The 2010 CMT Music Awards. Johnson has asked a few surprise guests be part of his performance so tune in to see it Wednesday, June 9th at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT on CMT. Take and listen and let me know what you think!Country Music Photo Gallery

Jamey Johnson goes back to Black and White

Jamey Johnson’s concept album due out this summer Jamey Johnson fans only have to hold their breath a little bit longer, as news of a new album finally surfaces! Jamey describes his new concept album as a “black album” and a “white album.” Concept albums usually revolve around some kind of musical, narrative, or lyrical theme. “There will be more explanations inside the album jackets as to why it is done this way. But basically it is a little tale that revolves around a yin yang. As it gets further along you see how the opening situation evolves into some of these other situations. Each song … affects the next, or kind of sets up the next.”-gactv.com Still unsure whether the project will be come out as a single two-disc album, two simultaneously released CD’s, or a pair of releases staggered several months apart. Jamie goes on to say: “It gets dark and dismal [on the black album] and then it shows how on the white album everything gets better and better until it can’t get any better,” he said. “It just keeps going full circle. Each album bleeds into the other without stopping, and so if you put both albums on and hit the repeat button they play in perpetuity. They never stop.” Country Music Photo Gallery

Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser and Chris Young get Honored

Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser and Chris Young have been added to the 2009 International Entertainment Buyers Association Honors line-up. Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser and Chris Young have been added to the performance line-up for the 2009 International Entertainment Buyers Association Honors concert. The show will happen October 12th at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Downtown Nashville, TN as a culminating ceremony for the IEBA Conference held that week. For more information, visit www.ieba.orgCountry Music Photo Gallery

Jamey Johnson: My Way To You

Jamey Johnson is quickly finding his way to the top with his newly released single “My Way to You”. Jamey Johnson has done it again! His newly released single “My Way to You” is raw, heartfelt, and powerful, and is already causing a storm on the radio airwaves and in the country music news circles. Jamey will be giving away the single for free at www.jameyjohnson.com beginning August 3rd, so make sure to download your copy before it hits iTunes on the 11th. As for the rest of the album, look forward to that release this fall, with the option to purchase the album on vinyl. Yes, that’s right, I said VINYL! “Man, that’s how I listen to music. It’s my favorite, number-one preference at home, to go put a vinyl record on my great grandmother’s old record player. Which reminds me, I need to get somebody to do some maintenance on it. It needs a new needle.” You can bet I’ll be standing in line for my copy, that is if I don’t get a few advanced copies to give to my readers first! Congratulations to Jamey on his Gold certified status for “That Lonesome Song” and we’re looking forward to this new album going even bigger!Country Music Photo Gallery

Jamey Johnson Goes Gold!

Jamey Johnson’s That Lonesome Song is now certified as a gold record! Jamey Johnson‘s critically acclaimed album, That Lonesome Song, has been certified gold by the RIAA commemorating 500,000 in sales. The record has spent 20 weeks inside the top ten on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart. Reaching gold status is a huge accomplishment for a record that was initially only for sale on the internet until Luke Lewis, Chairman of Universal Music Group Nashville, heard the music and signed Johnson to a major label deal. Follow along for more on Jamey Johnson,Country Music Photo Gallery

Jamey Johnson is Our Man

Jamey Johnson’s unapologetic forwardness and true-to-life lyrics make him CMNB’s favorite male artist for the month of April. Jamey Johnson: Celebrated songwriter, proud father, and now, country legend in the making. In a recent airing of CMT Crossroads, Jamey is seen palling around with country music legacy Shooter Jennings, and it’s easy to tell he’s already a part of this good ole boy’s network. He is natural, approachable, and truly genuine. Jamey Johnson is currently causing an alarming stir in Nashville. His debut album “That Lonesome Song” has gained critical acclaim across all the major country music networks and blogs, and die-hard country music purists have given Jamey their hard-earned seal of approval. But the road wasn’t always so easy. Jamey’s first run at success came shortly after leaving his 8 year stint in the US marines. A young husband and new father, Jamey landed a contract with EMI records in 2005, who then put out his first single “The Dollar”. The single was a hit, and Jamey hit the road. But as rumors of partying and debauchery painted a picture of a country music rebel, both the label and his marriage became casualties. Already an accomplished songwriter with hits like “Give it Away“, made famous by George Strait catapulted his name through the Nashville circles like a fireball. At the same time another of his tunes was picked up by Trace Adkins and flew up the charts as well. But is “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” a claim to success that he’d rather not share? In many interviews the 80’s rock band Cheap Trick bemoaned the success of “I Want You To Want Me” stating that they hated the song and only wrote it as a joke. So imagine their disappointment when it became their flag-waving hit song? I doubt it since Jamey kept the real good tines all to himself. Once “In Color” hit radio airwaves he was instantly acheiving the respect and admiration normally reserved for seasoned veterans of Music Row. The future for Jamey Johnson is looking bright. He was already the Xbox Live Artist of the month, allowing fans a chance to play with or against him tonight on NASCAR 09. He is also nominated for 4 awards in the upcoming ACM ceremony later this month AND he will be showcased alongside other stars like Alan Jackson, and Brooks & Dunn paying tribute to George Strait in an ACM honorary special for Artist of the Decade, which airs May 27th. Until then, take a peek at Jamey Johnson singing at the St Judes Storytellers Jam [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYBZ-NSXnPc] You can also catch Jamey on his summer tour: 04.09.2009 George’s Majestic Lounge Fayetteville AR 04.10.2009 Shooters Bar and Grill Texarkana TX 04.11.2009 WinStar Casino – ShowPlace Theatre Thackerville OK 04.16.2009 Clutch Cargo’s Pontiac MI 04.17.2009 Roberts Stadium Evansville IN 04.18.2009 G-29 Memorial Union Ames IA 04.23.2009 Murphy’s Nite Life Florence SC 04.24.2009 The Foundation Performing Arts Center Spindale NC 04.25.2009 Suwannee River Jam Live Oak FL 05.07.2009 Cancun Cantina Hanover Continue reading Jamey Johnson is Our Man

Jamey Johnson gives a bit of anti-valentine sympathy

Jamey Johnson is ridin’ high on his recent successes, but he’d have you believe he’s not ridin’ high on love this Valentine’s day! Jamey Johnson is all about the bitterness this Valentine’s day, with a third release off his Grammy-Nominated album “That Lonesome Song“. “Mowin Down The Roses” is a funny,tongue-in-cheek look at romance gone wrong. He’s even gone one further and added a few anti-valentines ecards to his site for fans to send out to their not-so-sweethearts. Get to know Jamey a bit better here: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ebXfYeUI9E] I’m sure this’ll get a lot more airplay than his controversial second release “The High Cost of Living“.  Some bloggers seem to feel that the delicate nature of subjects such as drug use, prostitution, and all those wrong choices people make on the way to doin’ right are going to scare away radio program directors. I don’t seem to think so,but then again, I’m not ClearChannel.Country Music Photo Gallery