Jana Kramer “I’m Not Leaving Nashville”

Jana Kramer on Country Music News Blog

Country artist JANA KRAMER visited with SIRIUSXM “THE HIGHWAY” host STORME WARREN earlier TODAY (7/10) to address rumors that she is leaving Country music and NASHVILLE behind. KRAMER, who recently parted ways with her former label home, was quoted in “CHICAGO Splash” as saying she felt that “NASHVILLE wanted to put me in a box.” Following the publication of that interview, COX MEDIA GROUP’s “Rare Country” published an article, with which KRAMER disagreed, fueling rumors that KRAMER meant she was “done with NASHVILLE.” That article has since been edited and amended. The singer clarified the situation with WARREN, stating, “Sometimes I felt like NASHVILLE wanted to put me in a box. I live in NASHVILLE, I love NASHVILLE, I have a beautiful house in NASHVILLE, I’m just going to be doing the songs that I’m picking for myself.” KRAMER is currently working on new music for Country fans. Check out the SIRIUSXM blog here, and full audio of KRAMER’s interview setting the record straight here.

Jana Kramer Whiskey Video Review

Jana Kramer Releases Official Video for Whiskey: Worth the Wait? Jana Kramer’s second official single from her self-titled debut album, “Whiskey” has been heard over the airwaves for quite some time without any real video. There was a video posted a couple of months ago to her channel, called ‘Kickin’ It With @Kramergirl’, and many websites and blogs assumed THAT was the video for ‘Whiskey’. And, while it’s a nice video, it is rather simple (in fact it’s just one camera shot with nothing much going on in the scene), so I’m glad Jana has released this video too, to let us get to know the song on a deeper level. And that has happened, I think. I was a little surprised by the nature of the video – I just expected it to be about your slightly runaway small-town heart breaker, but instead the video shows scenes of something entirely different. From Jana meeting the guy in a bar, their eyes doing that “I want to sleep with you” thing, and then the guy being ‘called’ (ha, clever play on the lyrics) by another man, only to start punching this other man and getting into a brawl, the rowdy and passionate nature of the relationship is clear. Jana obviously looks shocked at first, but as soon as her love interest returns to her after his brawl, back comes the flirty smile and they go off together. Err, huh? Just an interjection, but I don’t care how cute a guy is, if he starts fights I’m not going to go home with him. Seems like sound advice, as the video ends with said lover being arrested in the middle of the night from the trailer where he and Jana are sleeping. Jana looks betrayed and slams the trailer door as her lover gets put into the police car. Finally, she gets it. Between this start and end scenes we get a lot of Jana looking gorgeous, yet sad and dramatic in various scenes, lying down in her trailer, sitting in the woods with a shawl wrapped round her, it’s standard music video stuff, and I wouldn’t have expected anything less from someone who is also partly selling her sex appeal alongside her music (we have to admit it’s a marketing tactic for many). There are some very obvious interpretations of the lyrics, such as the lover drinking copious amounts of Jack Daniels straight from the bottle, in front of a campfire, symbolizing the fire of the relationship. Something interesting to note about this video is the amount of time it focuses on the passionate kiss between Jana and her on-screen lover. Country music is still a rather traditional medium, so to have this and a brief showing of them taking each others’ clothes off, is quite risqué, especially considering the criticism Shania Twain received in the nineties for showing her midriff. You could say country music has moved on, but there’s still a lack of openly sexual visuals in country Continue reading Jana Kramer Whiskey Video Review

Brantley Gilbert And Jana Kramer Engaged

Brantley Gilbert Asked The Big Question On His Birthday. It’s official, Brantley Gilbertand Jana Kramer are engaged to be married. On his 28th birthday, this past Sunday, Gilbert asked Kramer for her hand in marriage. The couple has been dating for sometime, but are shy of it being a year. The two are both nominated for a new vocalist award at the ACM Awards. Voting for that show opened today and will end February 4.

Watch: Jana Kramer Whiskey Official Video

Watch: Jana Kramer’s Video for Single “Whiskey”! Jana Kramer officially released her video for “Whiskey” about a month ago, and I just can’t get enough of this song! First of all, there’s just somethin’ about Kramer’s voice. She somehow manages to pack in tons of emotion, and she’s got just the right amount of twang hovering around those notes! Secondly, this is just straight up a well written song. I love the turn of the phrase, “should of just called him whiskey”. It conjures up such a vivid imagery, and immediately connects the listener to the lyrics. So yeah, I’m loving the song and I’m loving the video! If you haven’t heard/seen it yet, you need to do it now! Watch below. Jana Kramer: “Whiskey” Video.

Jana Kramer Sings for Nationwide

Jana Kramer Tapped To Sing Jingle For Nationwide Insurance! I guess when you set out to carve a career for yourself in country music, you don’t necessarily think it will lead you to singing a jingle for an insurance company. Yet, that is exactly the case for Jana Kramer! The singer has been tapped to sing the Nationwide‘s “On Your Side” jingle for their “Join the Nation” campaign. The ads started debuting during the Olympics, and no doubt, you’ve already seen them (but we included one below…just in case!). Jana’s debut single, “Why Ya Wanna” is on the charts right now, and when she isn’t lending her voice for insurance ads, you can find find her on tour with Brady Paisley! Check out Jana Kramer at the end of this ad! [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEPeJhGG3E0]

Jana Kramer Why Ya Wanna Video

Watch Jana Kramer’s Debut Music Video for “Why Ya Wanna”. If you’re a fan of the CW’s “One Tree Hill“, then you’re probably already familiar with Jana Kramer. If not, then this might be the first you’ve heard of this new country singer. The Michigan native has firmly established herself in Hollywood, but is now pursuing her true passion, singing…country-style. She just debuted her video for latest single, “Why Ya Wanna“, and you can check it out below. The song while not really dealing with ground-breaking themes, is surprisingly genuine. Kramer boasts a fair amount of potential, and I think this is one new singer we should be keeping an eye on! Watch the below and see if you agree. Check Out Jana Kramer’s “Why Ya Wanna” Now! [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho5HV_9_o_E]