Kenny’s LIVE IN NO SHOES NATION Dominates First Week Sales

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Kenny Chesney Live in No Shoes Nation is #1 219,000 in first-week sales makes 8th #1 Billboard 200 Bow, 15th Country Album – Biggest Live Country Album Debut of This Century Somewhere in No Shoes Nation — When Kenny Chesney started listening to show tapes from the last decade, it was just to relive some special moments from a life lived largely on the road. But the more he listened, the more he was struck by what he heard coming back from the other side of the footlights. It was the fans – known as the No Shoes Nation – who knocked him out track after track, summer after summer. And with that knowledge Live in No Shoes Nation came to life. “It’s such a rush to hear No Shoes Nation in full force,” Chesney says. “As fast as the nights go down, I didn’t even realize how good they sound – and the energy, the heart and the voices are awesome in the moment – so I wanted to make sure they got to hear what I was hearing during my year off.” To heighten that connection between the live experience and these recordings, Chesney opted to make the physical recordings available to anyone purchasing a ticket to next summer’s Trip Around the Sun 2018 stadium shows. As the only country artist on Billboard’s Top 10 Touring Acts of the Last 25 Years, in spite of only becoming a true headliner in 2002, Chesney has been called “The King of the Road” by The Wall Street Journal and “The People’s Superstar” by Los Angeles Times for his ability to connect at the stadium level for the last dozen years. “It is about the connection,” he says. “Before the people ever get close, I’m sitting at the farthest point from the stage feeling how far it is from where I’ll be standing. Whether it’s somewhere intimate like Stone Pony in Asbury Park or AT&T Stadium, I want to know how far to reach – so everyone is brought into these songs and this moment.” Evidently, it was a moment to hold onto. With stadium tickets on-sale, pre-orders and physical album sales, Chesney’s Live in No Shoes Nation comes in with total sales of 219,000. Beyond the sheer number, Live in No Shoes Nation becomes Chesney’s eighth No. 1 Billboard 200 debut, as well as his fifteenth No. 1 Top Country Albums bow. Live in No Shoes Nation is the biggest country live debut this century. Beyond seminal concert recordings Frampton Comes Alive, Bruce Springsteen’s Live 1975-1985, and the Allman Brothers’ Live at the Filmore East, Live in No Shoes Nation is the biggest double live country release since Garth Brooks’ 1998 Double Live. With this week’s sales, Chesney has hit Gold long before the 30 days needed for certification. “So much has happened over the last 10 years,” Chesney marvels. “But the one thing that remained consistent, that’s been there no matter what are the people of No Shoes Nation. Continue reading Kenny’s LIVE IN NO SHOES NATION Dominates First Week Sales


Kenny Chesney on Country Music News

Denver. Asbury Park. Dallas. Atlanta. Tampa. Green Bay. Perdido Key. Austin. Foxboro. Just some of the places and voices that populate Live in No Shoes Nation, Kenny Chesney’s second live album – and one that documents his rise as the nation’s leading stadium headliner. Beyond the massive stadium shows, LiNSN is laced with intimate performances, special guests and songs that have only been performed a handful of times.

Kenny Chesney Tour Details Leaked!

Kenny Chesney on Country Music News

You could hear the collective sigh of the entire No Shoe Nation when Kenny Chesney announced that he was taking 2017 off from touring, so it’s no wonder we’re all waiting with baited breath for his team to announce if and when he will finally get back on the road. We’ve been doing our part here at to answer that very question: When will Kenny Chesney go back on tour?

Kenny Chesney Launches Love For Love City Foundation

Kenny Chesney on Country Music News

After releasing a statement regarding his wish to help areas being affected by HURRICANE IRMA last WEEK (NET NEWS 9/7), BLUE CHAIR/COLUMBIA NASHVILLE’s KENNY CHESNEY has created the LOVE FOR LOVE CITY FOUNDATION to benefit the U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS and BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS. For those wishing to donate, visit the foundation’s website here. CHESNEY, whose island home has been destroyed by IRMA, has also created LOVE FOR LOVE CITY FOUNDATION merch, which can be purchased here. “…I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that has donated to the LOVE FOR LOVE CITY FOUNDATION, because it’s going to help feed a lot of people,” CHESNEY expressed. “It’s going to help take supplies down to the island, and it’s hopefully going to help things has time goes on. And, I just wanted to say I’m very proud of everyone that’s donated, and I just wanted to tell y’all I love ya, and keep the VIRGIN ISLANDS in your prayers, in your thoughts, and I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on. GOD Bless you guys.”

Kenny Chesney Talks About “No Shoes Nation” Live Album

Kenny Chesney on Country Music News

Our favorite poet and pirate Kenny Chesney wasn’t intending to make a live album when he started recording his shows in 2007. He just knew there were so many special, magic nights and he wanted the tapes to remember them. And then when he finished his Spread the Love 2018 Tour, the man The Wall Street Journal deemed “The King of the Road” decided to go back and listen to hear how these songs have evolved over the past 10 years. “Even more than the way the guys have found new spots inside the songs, the horns or the special guests,” Chesney marvels, “It was the sound of No Shoes Nation that really caught my ear. They were so loud, and they only got louder over the years. I guess I thought some of these songs would fade for people over time, but that wasn’t necessarily the case. Even more than that, hearing them really got me fired up. The energy No Shoes Nation brings is its own rocket fuel.” So, Kenny Chesney took those recordings into the studio and started really listening. The more he combed through the tapes, the more he knew his next project was going to be a live album –  something that captures not just the songs or the musicians, but the people who shared all those nights with the 8-time Entertainer of the Year. “In some cases, it was hard to decide,” says the songwriter/superstar from East Tennessee. “Every version of the song was better than the last one. I think I could’ve used so many different nights. ‘Anything But Mine’ was one of those songs: people were so hungry to sing it with us. At the end, we just let the whole song die – and let the audience take it. Some nights, I swear, they sound better than we do! “That’s the thing about these songs, to me. I may record them, and be on the radio with them, but night after night on that stage, No Shoes Nation shows me: those songs are theirs. They invest their life, and their loves, and their heartbreaks into what these songs are… And when they sing, ‘In the morning I’m leaving, making my way back to Cleveland…’ it could be anywhere. That’s not what matters; what matters is that summer love, the one they’ll never forget.” [embedyt][/embedyt] Working hard to create a document that reflects that passion has consumed a great deal of Chesney’s year off. Laughing, he admits, “If you want to really miss being out there, rocking, listen to ten years of the greatest fans in the world day-after-day.” Between listening, comparing, mixing, and sequencing, the guy the Los Angeles Times called “The People’s Superstar” has unearthed some obscure jewels, found some alternative versions, and caught some special moments with good friends that were only for the night. Whether its stadium shows, pop-up bar gigs, amphitheaters, or the occasional beach takeover, No Shoes Nation was there celebrating their lives in his Continue reading Kenny Chesney Talks About “No Shoes Nation” Live Album

All About Kenny Chesney’s New Music Video “All The Pretty Girls”

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It took a week’s planning and two days of shooting, but Jessica Martinez with her co-director Will Renner conjured a video that reflected the random nature of meeting that special someone during college break for Kenny Chesney’s  “All The Pretty Girls” music video contest. The pair of Belmont University students created a clip that was marked both by innocence and what felt like authenticity of that kind of summer love for the winning entry. “We thought the first day was only going to be five hours,” says Motion Picture major Martinez, 19, of the shoot. “But when we got started, we found some more creative things to do. We ended up shooting for 10 hours, with an hour for lunch.” The time spent shows. Tracing a group of girls – actual friends – having a day, but running into some boys and needing some money, the viewer watches the relationship between the lead girl and one of the boys evolve through house parties, bonfires, car rides, hiking and creek jumping. “Our vision was to capture the essence of a summer fling – just the feeling of freedom and having fun, not taking things too seriously,” Martinez says. “Because Will is from Virginia, he was able to get people he knows from high school (to be part of it), which made it really fun to shoot.” Martinez, who heard about the contest on the “Bobby Bones Show,” texted Renner with questions about editing software – and they decided to team up. Both have experience as PAs and low-tier jobs on student films, “but this was the first big project for both of us that was totally ours. It was such an incredible experience to do everything all the way from idea conception to editing.” “It’s cool seeing this creativity from college kids,” Chesney said after viewing the clip. “They understood how to build a storyline and narrative, and they bring a fresh eye to these moments. (Their clip)’s really sweet, and just what this kind of song needed. I’m as thrilled to be part of Jessica’s college education as I am to have her – and Will’s – creativity be a part of this song.” “All The Pretty Girls” will be World Premiered on CMT’s “Hot 20 Countdown” this Saturday, August 12. For film student Martinez and music business major Renner, it is the first step on a path that hopefully for her leads to directing films and for him owning his own production company. Chesney, who started playing for tips in college, understands the seeds of big dreams. “To create something at this level when you’re in college is a huge thing,” Chesney says. “In ‘the real world,’ this is the kind of accomplishment people look at. But I think what’s so great about their ‘All The Pretty Girls’ video is you can also see how they translate their hearts into the work. People will see this, and know what Jessica and Ryan are capable of.” Chesney’s been in creative Continue reading All About Kenny Chesney’s New Music Video “All The Pretty Girls”

Kenny Chesney Launches Belmont and Tennessee State University Scholarship Contest

Kenny Chesney on Country Music News

When it was time for a video for Kenny Chesney’s “All The Pretty Girls,” from Cosmic Hallelujah, the man The Wall Street Journal called “The King of the Road” could’ve gone the usual route. But in thinking about the song’s spirit and his own wild college days, it dawned on him: take “All The Pretty Girls” to the people living it, and have them make the video. “The best moments of being young and having fun should be captured,” says the songwriter from East Tennessee. “But nobody ever talks to the people who are right in the moment of living it about this kind of thing. Rather than look back, we oughta just go to the people living it.” Knowing how many young people come to Tennessee trying to get close to the dream, Chesney decided to reach out to the students at Nashville’s Belmont and Middle Tennessee State Universities, both schools with strong engagement in the music industry and invite them to create his next music video. And the winning entry – chosen by a blue-ribbon panel from Sony Nashville, CMT: Country Music Television and Chesney’s team – will receive a $5000 scholarship, as well as having their video world premiere on CMT: Country Music Television. Any student at Belmont University or Middle Tennessee State University may submit a video they’ve created for the song. Lyric, live action, notion, animation or something we’ve never thought of. As Chesney says, “Get creative. Get real. Get inside the song, and show us how ‘All The Pretty Girls’ looks, feels, and resolves.” For Chesney, who world-debuted the John C. McGinley pre-ambled album cut “Rich & Miserable” on the SiriusXM platform, seeking different ways to consider video speaks to his desire to create innovation in how supporting music is done. Now he wants to engage young filmmakers, music lovers and communicators to offer both a scholarship and a platform for their work to be seen. “I remember driving over the state line to West Virginia, playing in a restaurant, breaking down, driving back and parking in the music store lot, so I could turn in the sound system and get to class,” Chesney says. “When you have a dream, you’ll do whatever it takes. I’d like to bring some college students a little bit closer than I got… and I can’t wait to see the creativity everyone brings to this song.” “All The Pretty Girls” is the latest single from Chesney’s No. 1 Cosmic Hallelujah. Belmont and MTSU students can click here: Contest deadline is July 23. Winner will be announced July 31. “I wanna help a student filmmaker with school,” Chesney says. “And I want to give people a chance to get creative this summer.”

Daily Lineup Announced for the 26th Annual Country Jam

Kenny Chesney on Country Music News

Single Day Tickets Now On Sale  for “Colorado’s Biggest Country Music Party” Headliners Include Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett and Co-Headliners Justin Moore and Randy Houser 4-Day Festival will be held June 15-18 The daily lineup has been announced for the superstar lineup for “Colorado’s Biggest Country Music Party”– the 26th Annual Country Jam festival at Jam Ranch outside Grand Junction, CO on June 15-18, 2017.  The headliner lineup this year includes the just crowned ACM Entertainer of the Year Jason Aldean and the ACM Male Vocalist of the Year Thomas Rhett as well as superstar Kenny Chesney and co-headliners Justin Moore and Randy Houser. Single day tickets are available now for Country Jam 2017 starting at $99. 4-day general admission tickets start at $155, with reserve tickets starting at $380, and weekend VIP tickets starting at $740. More information on single day tickets and VIP ticket details, along with camping options and pricing are available online at A packed lineup of superstar headliners and the hottest artists in country music as well as some rising newcomers will take the stage each day at Country Jam 2017. Thursday, June 15 Sasha McVeigh Smithfield Sammy Kershaw Randy Houser Justin Moore Friday, June 16 Sammy Arriaga Cody Johnson Parmalee Chris Young Jason Aldean Saturday, June 17 Devon Worley Band Farewell Angelina Frankie Ballard Old Dominion Kenny Chesney Sunday, June 18 American Young Mo Pitney Kane Brown Gretchen Wilson Thomas Rhett Details about performances at Jack’s Place, as well as for the festival’s annual Pre-Campground Party (held at Jack’s Place on Wednesday, June 14), will be posted at Country Jam features world-class entertainment and on-site camping in the “high-desert” country of Western Colorado. The four-day festival has established itself as a must-do for country music fans, with last year’s Country Jam featuring performances from superstars, legends and the hottest rising newcomers in country music including Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley and Lee Brice, as well as Trace Adkins, Big & Rich, Joe Nichols, Tyler Farr, Easton Corbin, Chase Bryant, Darryl Worley, Neal McCoy, Halfway to Hazard, Canaan Smith, Aaron Watson, Lindsay Ell, High Valley, Drake White and The Big Fire, Stephanie Quayle and Annie Bosko and many others. More information about Country Jam can be found online at Stay connected with up-to-the-date information on Country Jam on Facebook or by following @CountryJamCO on Twitter

Kenny Chesney on the Pinnacle, the President + Beyonce

Kenny Chesney on Country Music News

Kenny Chesney on TWO Major Honors + Loving Music Pinnacle/President’s Award Winner On The Record + On Beyonce NASHVILLE, Tenn.– Having just spent two weeks doing interviews and promotion for his Cosmic Hallelujah, Kenny Chesney came into Nashville grateful – and humbled by the response to his chart-topping duet with P!NK “Setting The World on Fire.” Having spent several days getting ready to receive the Country Music Association’s Pinnacle Award at the 50th Annual CMA Awards – given for only the third time in the organization’s history – he took the idea of his speech very seriously, even mentioning “responsibility” in what he said onstage. To him, the moment was supposed to be about acknowledging the music, the journey and especially the fans who’ve lived their lives in his songs. So to be told the following afternoon that there was a buzz about him dissing Beyonce, the 8-time Entertainer of the Year was astounded. With an interview with ABC completed, Chesney thought people who knew him at all would more than know if anything his serious expression was one of respect, a man knowing he was seeing a once-in-a-lifetime performance. “I love Beyonce… I loved her Super Bowl performance, her sense of how to make the music hit really hard – and give it drama when she’s onstage,” Chesney responded. “The idea her fans were so quick to judge me, or know what I was thinking doesn’t feel like the woman I’ve always imagined Beyonce to be – and honestly, the people who love her music, either. “As someone who believes in the message of Spread the Love, we try to find the best in people – and in this case, that meant really watching the musicianship on that stage, as well as a guest in our format who’d written an incredible song. I am amazed and saddened this is the response my respect for her art gets.” Chesney, originally signed to Acuff Rose for “The Tin Man,” a pained ballad about how life can puncture you, was awarded BMI’s all-genre President’s Award recognizing his commitment to songwriting and the creative community on Tuesday night.  With Cosmic Hallelujah delayed to accommodate “Setting The World On Fire” affording him extra time to record more songs, the unconventional tactic to make the music even stronger has resulted in a No. album at today – and exceptional critical notices. USA Today proclaimed, “Chesney goes ‘deeper’ on new album,” while The New York Times enthused Cosmic Hallelujah is “a long, long way from Mr. Chesney’s typical arena-country ballads  about rural pleasures and island getaways” and NPR cited it for “folk’s storytelling, soul’s honesty and gospel’s spirit.” Newsday raved “The result will fit nicely between ‘Friends in Low Places’ and ‘Keep Your Hands To Yourself.’ In other words, country perfection.” “I believe music is great or not,” says Chesney. “It has nothing to do with genre, gender or color. Just did you bring it, and how great are your songs? To me, there’s no Continue reading Kenny Chesney on the Pinnacle, the President + Beyonce