Tyler Farr Redneck Crazy-Music Video

The Official Music Video For Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy.” Below is the official music video for Tyler Farr’s single, “Redneck Crazy.” The song is about a relationship gone wrong and the broken-hearted man dealing with it the best way he can. He copes by singing some Hank, creeping outside his ex-love’s house, drinking some beer and tossing the cans…basically going “redneck crazy.” I’m not sure if I would call this a serious song, but it’s definitely not a happy-go-lucky one…I mean the guy’s heart is broken. The video, on the other hand, is anything but serious. It guest stars some of Farr’s friends…singers Lee Brice and Colt Ford and Duck Commander front-man, Willie Robertson. The guys are basically on a covert mission to screw up the “ex’s” night. This mission includes a huge came flag, a convoy of ATV’s, an automatic toilet paper thrower and just all around redneck-mischief. It is pretty funny, so y’all watch “Redneck Crazy” below and tell us what you think!

Tyler Farr Debuts Hello Goodbye Video

Tyler Farr Debuts Brand New Music Video for Single “Hello Goodbye“! There is a lot going on right now on Tyler Farr‘s official homepage! First of all, he’s debuted his brand new music video for single “Hello Goodbye” (get the scoop on the inspiration for this song!), and to get access to it all you gotta do is sign up for his newsletter, which, really, you should be doing anyway!! Farr is also offering instant access to another one of his singles, “Makes You Wanna Drink” from his yet-to-be-titled upcoming debut album, IF you go ahead and sign up for pre-order! Love me some access to good music. We had the chance to meet up with Tyler Farr at BamaJam 2012, and we’re already big fans of this talented and all around great guy. If you need more convincing though, just check out the acoustic version of “Hello Goodbye” below! Watch: Acoustic Video for “Hello Goodbye“.

Tyler Farr Hello Goodbye New Single

Tyler Farr’s Newest Single, “Hello Goodbye,” Released To Radio. Tyler Farr has released his brand new single, “Hello Goodbye,” to country radio today. The heartfelt ballad, based on real-life experiences, is the follow up to “Hot Mess.” “I caught an ex-girlfriend of mine cheating on me, and the next day we (Kris Bergsnes and Skip Black) wrote this song. Songwriting is like therapy, and thanks to Kris, Skip and a few drinks, I got some good counseling.” -Farr Farr performed the song on the Grand Ole Opry stage a few weeks ago. Be listening for the single on your local radio stations, or call and request it! Below is a video of Farr performing an acoustic version of “Hello Goodbye.” Enjoy!

Tyler Farr Hot Mess Video

The Official Video Of The Acoustic Version Of Tyler Farr’s “Hot Mess.” Tyler Farr’s recent single, “Hot Mess,” is a real catchy number that I have become a fan of. This past weekend I got the chance to see him perform it live and let me tell you, the entire show was fantastic! Whether you hear the radio version, acoustic or live, you won’t be disappointed. His next single that he has coming up, “Hello Goodbye,” is also very good. If you are looking for some new music to listen to, I definitely suggest you consider Farr.