Influencer Marketing’s Effect on Country Music

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While many of us have enjoyed the Cohen Brother’s take on classic country radio with “You Are My Sunshine” and “Man of Constant Sorrow” providing the soundtrack to an already glorious movie, but how many of you get the Pappy O’Daniel’s Flour Hour and Fine Farina ad stuck in your head? How many wonder what effect a chart-topping song ever had on the bakery staples, or how the money Pappy O’Daniel paid to sponsor a radio show helped that song top the charts in the first place by funding the radio station?

Pappy O'Daniel Flour Hour - Influencer marketing in Country Music
Pappy O’Daniel Flour Hour – Influencer marketing in Country Music

On a small scale, that’s what influencer marketing is… a mutually beneficial ecosystem of businesses sponsoring influential talented people like artists, entertainers and educators with money. In return, that talent envelopes the business with the same feelings of trust, quality and positive reputation by association that their followers and fans have come to expect. After all, why would the talent endorse something unless they thought it was good for their fans.

Today’s country music lives and breaths by these partnerships. Zac Brown Band’s early career was heavily funded by Jack Daniel’s, with pop-up BBQ events, drink specials, and custom branded merchandise available at every show that implied to fans of either that if you love our whiskey, you’ll love this band and vice versa. And they were right! That’s the mark of a successful influencer marketing campaign… when the partnership feels like a natural fit. Kenny Chesney and Blue Chair Rum. Miranda Lambert with her Dodge Dart Classic. They’re everywhere, and they are what makes the country music world go round.

In fact, there are some brands so synonymous with country music that you can’t imagine them being sold any other way. How odd would it be if Post Malone were the new face of Nudie Suits?

Post Malone rocks a custom Union Western Clothing suit, designed by veteran western-wear tailor Jerry Atwood, which is often miscredited as being a Nudie Suit
Post Malone rocks a custom Union Western Clothing suit, designed by veteran western-wear tailor Jerry Atwood, which is often miscredited as being a Nudie Suit

Often the most difficult job of any artist or publicist is in forging the perfect financial relationship between an artist and the brands that would fit them naturally, with the mutual goal of increasing the fanbase for both. The same type of influencer marketing goals exist for music bloggers and in fact, just about every other area of music marketing, and as it seems, the fans don’t mind it one bit. When their favorite artist recommends a beauty product, tool, or truck, the fans see it as a trustworthy endorsement and allow that endorsement to influence their own buying decisions.

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