Jaida Dreyer Half Broke Horses New Single

Jaida Dreyer Releases New Single Half Broke Horses to Country Radio.

Jaida Dreyer has released a new single to country radio title “Half Broke Horses.” The combination of a bittersweet story and Jaida’s beautiful voice with just the right amount of twang is sure to make this song stick with country listeners. Dreyer admits that the lyrics come from a very personal place, and that honesty just makes the new track that much stronger.

I’m not afraid to say this part of my life is difficult for me to write about, but I felt I had to be honest with both myself and the listener. If I left that hole out, it would take away from the legitimacy of the record. We all experience loss throughout our lives in different ways and this song allows the audience into a piece of my past that shaped my life forever.” -Jaida Dreyer

The new single is featured on Dreyer’s upcoming album, I Am Jaida Dreyer.

Listen to the new song now, and be sure to follow Jaida on Twitter!

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