Oak Ridge Boys Sing For President George Bush

Oak Ridge Boys Sang For President George Bush While He Is Being Hospitalized. The Oak Ridge Boys have had many requests throughout their career, but a few days ago that got one they would never forget. President George Bush has been hospitalized for over a month and Barbara thought a call from the Oak Ridge Boys would be just the thing to lift his spirits. “Friday, The Oak Ridge Boys received the daily report from President Bush (41’s) staff. The report of his health was that he was improving each day. Then, we received another message, Barbara Bush requested that we call the President and sing to him! All of the Oak Ridge Boys are on vacation, but we all headed to our office upon hearing of this request. We called the President and sang for him. He asked to hear Elvira, so we sang that for him, and then we sang one verse of Amazing Grace.” – Duane Allen, The Oak Ridge Boys It is great to hear the President Bush is doing better and that the Oak Ridge Boys brightened his day!