Ben Wells Teams Up With Fireball Whisky

Ben Wells Teams Up With Fireball Whisky, Lake Life Freshwater Apparel and JH Audio For His Untuck Ya Shirt Tour. Ben Wells has an exciting couple of months ahead and we couldn’t be more happy for him! For those of you who haven’t heard, he is gearing up for his first independent headlining tour, Untuck Ya Shirt. If that wasn’t exciting enough, he now has teamed up with three brands (Fireball Whisky, JH Audio and Lake Life Freshwater Apparel) to make his tour just that much better. “It’s awesome how these opportunities keep coming to us,” Wells said. “We’re going to take them one step at a time, and hopefully continue to grow with the partnership and with the fans.” If you haven’t heard of Fireball Whisky then you might be living under a rock…because it is ALL I hear people ordering these days. The brand describes itself as a “Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face if his legs were on fire and tasted like cinnamon.” If that doesn’t get you interested in trying it, then I don’t know what will! Lake Life Freshwater Apparel is a worldwide clothing/apparel company found & operated in North Carolina. Wells marks the companies first music endorsement relationship. JH Audio is one of the best in the business at making the most detailed, accurate in-ear monitors. “One of the endorsements I’m personally excited about is JH Audio. I rely on my in-ear monitors day in and day out while on stage, the quality of JH16’s are incredible. I definitely can’t wait to grow with this company and it’s awesome to be apart of such an awesome family.” Wells Untuck Ya Shirt tour kicks off June 7 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Find a show near you, because you won’t want to miss this party!