Sammy Kershaw, Aaron Tippin and Joe Diffie Tour

Sammy Kershaw, Aaron Tippin and Joe Diffie Hit The Road Together For The Roots & Boots Tour. Country music veterans Sammy Kershaw, Aaron Tippin and Joe Diffie have teamed up for a national tour they’re calling “Roots & Boots.” The guys will perform acoustic versions of their more than 40 Top 10 songs on stage together. They will also be sharing stories about the roots of their music. “The ‘Roots & Boots’ tour is three friends who love country music having a good time, telling jokes about each other and telling jokes on each other.” – Sammy Kershaw “Sam, Aaron and I have a great time doing these shows and the fans do too. It’s always an adventure.” – Joe Diffie “Being onstage with Sammy and Joe is a blast. I admire both of these guys so much. We have a great time together and the show is different every night and always a lot of fun.” -Aaron Tippin I am BEYOND excited for this collaboration! I grew up on all three of these artists and their music! Watch the video below to see what the guys have to say about the tour and see how excited they are.

Jason Aldean 1994-New Single

Jason Aldean Announces That “1994” Will Be His Next Single. Jason Aldean has announced that his next single will be “1994.” The song comes from his recent album, Night Train. I know that a lot of people are probably going to have a problem with this song, but I’m not one of them! I don’t care if people think it “isn’t country.” It is, in my opinion, 4 minutes and 2 seconds worth of fabulous! It’s not something I normally fall in love with, but I did! The first time I heard it was the day Night Train came out, back in October. At first I was laughing and thinking WTH? But before it was over I was dancing in my Jeep and belting “Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie.” This song is made up of Joe Diffie songs and lyrics, and that my friends is COOL! Seriously, who doesn’t love Joe??? If you don’t have “John Deere Green” or “Bigger Than the Beatles” in your music library, well there is a huge possibility that we can’t be friends. So there it is. I’ve said it. I LOVE Jason Aldean’s new single, “1994.” If you haven’t heard it then do so now! If you have and don’t like it, we can just agree to disagree!