Alan Jackson At The AMP

Alan Jackson Shows Arkansas Fans A “Good Time.” Last Friday Alan Jackson made a visit to Northwest Arkansas for a highly anticipated performance at the Arkansas Music Pavilion. Though the weather was not perfect, the show was as close as it could be! Jackson opened the show with “Gone Country” and closed it with “Where I Come From.” There was not one moment in between those two songs that let the audience down. It was like each time the band would start a new song, everyone’s face got brighter because they were thinking and mostly screaming “I love this one!” “I Don’t Even Know Your Name,” “Who’s Cheatin’ Who,” “Little Bitty,” and “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” took me back to my younger days. “Livin’ On Love,” “Small Town Southern Man” and “Here In the Real World” made me appreciate that I was there hearing those songs live. “Blues Man” made me want to wave my hands in the air from side to side and “Remember When” had me tearing up. “Summertime Blues” and “Chattahoochee” made me wish the summer wasn’t over. “Where Were You,” which is always an emotional song, had a bigger effect on the crowd that night. Being so close to the anniversary, it seems like yesterday he was performing that song for the first time on the CMA Awards. I really love the fact that all of his success is because he has a gift with music. No gimmicks or special effects. He plays his songs and he plays them well. One thing you won’t see at a Jackson show is fire or smoke. Just him on stage, moving his leg and tapping his guitar! So over all, this was without a doubt, one of the best shows that the AMP has ever put on! Even with the rain, which was bearable, the staff did everything they could to make the show run smoothly. I’m sure there were some ticket holders who decided not to venture out, but the true fans were there for the long haul. I couldn’t start to count the amount of camouflage and coveralls that made it to the show that night! Be sure and pick up Jackson’s latest album,Thirty Miles West, and read our complete review now! BIG THANKS to our friends at the Arkansas Music Pavilion for bringing another great act to the stage! Show ’em a little love, and check them out on Facebook! Exclusive Alan Jackson photos: Live at The AMP!

Alan Jackson Thirty Miles West Review

Alan Jackson Does It Again With Thirty Miles West. Alan Jackson released Thirty Miles West this summer with “Long Way To Go” as the first single and “So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore” as his second. “You Go Your Way” is his current single and it has that classic Jackson feel. Nothing in your face or over-the-top, just the way we like! One of my favorite tracks from this album is “Her Life’s A Song.” I, along with every other girl out there, can relate to it so much. It really isn’t that hard to relate to actually, but you all know when you hear a song for the first time and it reminds you of yourself, you get extremely happy! This song will do that! “Dixie Highway” was recorded with Zac Brown, it has a quick count and is full of Georgia pride! This is not the boys first collaboration, Jackson was featured on ZBB’s album You Get What You Give with “As She’s Walking Away.” “Dixie Highway” is nominated for a 2012 CMA Award in the Musical Event of the Year category. “When I Saw You Leaving” is one of those songs I could listen to over and over. It just sounds so pretty! This record is full of beautiful fiddle and steel sounds, so obviously I’m in love! Thirty Miles West has a great balance and flow throughout, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Jackson! If you haven’t already, I really encourage you to pick this album up to add to your collection! Thirty Miles West Track Listing: 1. Gonna Come Back As A Country Song 2. You Go Your Way 3. Everything But The Wings 4. Talk Is Cheap 5. So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore 6. Look Her In The Eye And Lie 7. Dixie Highway (feat. Zac Brown) 8. She Don’t Get High 9. Her Life’s A Song 10. Nothin’ Fancy 11. Long Way To Go 12. Life Keeps Bringing Me Down 13. When I Saw You Leaving (For Nisey)

Country Artists Support Soles 4 Souls

Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire and More Lend Voices to Soles4Souls! Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Kieth Urban and 16 other country artists have lent their voices on a new track to benefit Nashville based non-profit, Soles4Souls. The single is titled “The Choice“, and proceeds will go directly to support the non-profit whose mission it is to provide shoes to those who need them, in the United States and other countries abroad. To date, the organization has provided shoes for more than 30,000 people worldwide. Other artists featured on the track include Josh Turner, Vince Gill, Billy Gilman, Rodney Atkins, Kellie Pickler, Craig Morgan, Kenny Rogers, LeAnn Rimes, Steve Holy, Wynonna Judd, Amy Grant, Ronnie Milsap, Randy Travis, Craig Morgan and Montgomery Gentry. You can download the single on iTUNES, Amazon and other music sites.

Alan Jackson Interview

Recently Alan Jackson spoke with USA TODAY about him, his music and the things he loves most. Alan Jackson, 53, recently spoke with USA Today and here is what was said… On his marriage to high school sweetheart, Denise: “We’ve been through a lot together. As you get older, what I appreciate is that history.” On having only daughters: “It’s like second nature to me. I grew up with four older sisters and I was the only boy; all I’ve ever been around was girls. I think it would have been unnatural for me to have a son in the house. I love my daughters,” Jackson says of Mattie, 22, Ali, 19, and Dani, 15. “When I get real old, they’ll take good care of me.” Favorite shows: In the mid-90s, Jackson used to set up a lake show outside his house in Nashville: “People could come by boat. It was free, just a good-natured thing. We had thousands of boats out there. They’d anchor a day or two in advance; they’d just be waiting,” Jackson says. “We had Shania Twain, when it was her first year. She hadn’t even toured yet. She came out in a pair of overalls [with] a couple of acoustic players and played. The crowd was so excited to see her for [the] first time.” Summertime on the lake: “We’ve had a lake home for years. [It’s] where I feel really content [when] it’s late in the summer and they’re there and everybody’s just enjoying this lifestyle I’ve been fortunate enough to create for them and do the things I did growing up. I really still love that.” Must have on the road: “Other than Jack Daniel’s, there’s not much else you can take out there. I’m pretty easy, I’m not one of these artists who [has] to have all red M & M’s or something in my dressing room. I don’t care what food is on the bus.” Song to perform: “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) is such a powerful song, I’ve seen people get up and leave after that song is over because they’ve been waiting for it,” Jackson says, about his memorable tribute to September 11. “ Something I have to do every night that’s fun, that song Chattahoochee, I did years ago. It’s just a lighthearted song.When I kick it off, people love that, and I’m talking about kids that are too young to have been around when it came out and people older. It connects with people, and I don’t get tired of playing it.” Place to write a song: “Most of my better melodies and ideas seem to come [when] I drive,” Jackson says. “In the Nashville area I have a routine, which takes me down quiet country roads where nothing is going on. I don’t have music on; my old cars don’t have radios worth listening to. [It’s] quiet and that’s when a lot of my best melodies and ideas come to me.” On making Continue reading Alan Jackson Interview

Alan Jackson Plays Show For Colorado Wildfire Relief

Alan Jackson Does His Part To Help During The Colorado Wildfires. Last week Alan Jackson played the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Recognizing the devastation the state of Colorado is currently experiencing with wildfires, Jackson expressed his support by partnering with AEG and KYGO/Denver to offer front row reserved tickets at a special premium price – all proceeds were donated to the Denver Foundation (the state’s oldest and largest community foundation) for use by the Colorado Wildfire Relief Fund created and designated by the governor. KYGO announced the tickets were available on the morning of show (Thursday, June 28) and within hours, several thousand dollars were raised. “It’s just the saddest thing. I’m just heart broke about all the fires out here. We really appreciate all the great people that have been helping them out here. They sold some of the seats down here on a special deal to try and raise some money to help fight that battle – whoever bought those, that was mighty nice of y’all and I really appreciate it.” -Jackson told the crowd during the performance. Donations for wildfire disaster relief efforts can be made by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or by visiting the Colorado chapter’s website at Photo below by Scott Scovill.

Alan Jackson Releases New Album Today

Alan Jackson Releases His New Album THIRTY MILES WEST Today, June 5. Alan Jackson released his brand new album, Thirty Miles West, today, June 5. This much anticipated album is his debut on ACR (Alan’s Country Records)/EMI Records Nashville. It is produced by his long-time producer and friend, Keith Stegall. Jackson has been known to put out some pretty powerful songs (Remember When, Where Were You, Sissy’s Song, Drive) and I’m sure this album won’t be any different. Below the track listing is the official video for his current single (#5), “So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore.” Thirty Miles West Track Listing 1. Gonna Come Back As A Country Song 2. You Go Your Way 3. Everything But The Wings 4. Talk Is Cheap 5. So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore 6. Look Her In The Eye And Lie 7. Dixie Highway (feat. Zac Brown) 8. She Don’t Get High 9. Her Life’s A Song 10. Nothin’ Fancy 11. Long Way To Go 12. Life Keeps Bringin’ Me Down 13. When I Saw You Leaving (For Nisey)

Alan Jackson New Album – 30 Miles West

Alan Jackson Is Set To Release A New Album June 5. Alan Jackson is set to release his new album, Thirty Miles West, on June 5. This will be his debut album on ACR (Alan’s Country Records)/EMI Records Nashville and is produced by long-time producer and friend, Keith Stegall. Jackson’s current single from the record is “So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore.” When asked about the unique title of the album Jackson said, “There’s this highway that has been in existence for forever now – it’s called the Dixie Highway and it runs from north of Michigan all the way down to South Florida, and I wrote a song about it that’s on the album. I grew up on Highway 34 outside of Newnan, Georgia, and that’s where we came up with Thirty Miles West. I think we were about thirty miles west of the official part of the Dixie Highway that runs through Georgia.”

Alan Jackson: Music For Mineral

Alan Jackson Takes His Show To A High School Parking Lot! Alan Jackson will take his show to the small town of Mineral, VA – population 490 – on Sunday, May 20 at 8:00pm in the parking lot of Louisiana County High School. In an effort to help raise funds for the Louisiana Education Foundation (LEF) tickets for Alan Jackson: Music For Mineral live concert event went on sale April 4 at 10:00 am ET. The concert/fundraising event is being presented by Smithfield Packing. Money raised by the event will be used to assist the county public schools in their rebuilding efforts as a result of an August 2011 earthquake. The Louisiana County High School is currently condemned after earthquake damage. In addition to the concert, The Alan Jackson Charity Golf Classic will be held at The Royal Virginian Golf Course on the morning of Saturday, May 19. For details on registering as a player or team, please visit All proceeds will go to the LEF. Jackson’s concert is the culmination of a national campaign. Fans across the country had two months last fall to vote, with the winning city receiving a concert from Jackson. The little town of Mineral collected over 31,000 votes and won the opportunity to host the concert. Mineral continues to repair and rebuild after they were the epicenter of a rare East Coast earthquake that hit on August, 23 2011.

Alan Jackson Benefit Concert

Alan Jackson Heads to Mineral, VA for Benefit Concert. Alan Jackson is currently scheduled to perform a benefit concert in Mineral, VA, but the town’s mayor, Pam Hawlowe says that money still needs to be raised to fund the event. The concert is intended to raise support for the area around Mineral and those who live there after the August 2011 earthquake that rocked the east coast. Jackson waived his fee for performing, but Hawlowe reports the county still need around $200,000 to make sure the performance can go forward. They are currently requesting aid from local and near-local businesses and companies. All proceeds made from the show would go straight to the community to help rebuild and repair the area. As of now, the concert is scheduled for Sunday, May 20th at the Louisa County High School.