Rich O’Toole Bright Work-New Album

Rich O’Toole Releases His New Album, Bright Work. Rich O’Toole’s album, Bright Work, released today. There are 10 tracks on this album, including his current single, “Messin Around.” O’Toole will be making his way around Texas and Oklahoma in the coming months to promote Bright Work, so make sure and take a look at his tour schedule to find a show near you. Below is music video for “Messin Around.” Take a look and tell us what you think! Bright Work Track Listing: 1. Miss Wherever You Are 2. Meet Me In Chicago 3. Messin Around 4. Drunk Girl 5. Summertime Girls 6. Last Summer 7. Dancing In The Dark 8. Red Wine On Your Lipstick 9. January 21st 10. I Love You

Rich O’Toole Red Wine On Your Lipstick Video

The Official Music Video For Rich O’Toole’s “Red Wine On Your Lipstick.” Rich O’Toole recently released the music video for “Red Wine On Your Lipstick.” Be looking for his new album to be out in 2013! He will be at the Rockin’ Rodeo in Midland, Texas tomorrow night. For more of his show listings check out Watch the video and tell us what you think!

Rich O’Toole Drunk Girl Video

The Official Music Video For Rich O’Toole’s “Drunk Girl.” Here is the official music video for Rich O’Toole’s “Drunk Girl.” “Drunk Girl” is O’Toole’s latest single to radio. The song speaks about a spring break fling, but can easily relate to a summer night fling. For more information on O’Toole visit his website HERE! Enjoy the video!

Rich O’Toole The Cricket Song-Video

The Official Music Video For “The Cricket Song” By Rich O’Toole. This is not a new song, but it is one that has been stuck in my head the last few days. “The Cricket Song” is by Rich O’Toole and can be found on his album Kiss of a Liar, which was released last summer (July 2011). His latest single, “Drunk Girl,” is on country radio now, so be looking for it!