Country Music Celebrates Thanksgiving

Country music stars reveal their Thanksgiving plans. Find out what Taylor Swift, Wynonna, Billy Currington The Carter Twins, and more are doing to kick off their holiday season! 1. Nashville-based country group Brokedown Cadillac have confirmed plans to perform for the troops during a Thanksgiving week tour of military bases in Iraq. The group will head overseas this week for the tour, which runs from November 21-30 and they will be joined by a select group of Hooters Girls from around the U.S. 2. Billy Currington has been added as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade performer which airs on NBC 11/26 – Taking to the sky for the first time this year will be the lovable and oh-so-ticklish Pillsbury Doughboy*; America’s favorite clown Ronald McDonald*; the web-slinger Spider-Man*, and the top mouse on deck, Sailor Mickey Mouse. 3. The Carter Twins have also recorded Let it Snow for A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS VOLUME 7, benefitting Special Olympics. Their video for the track will debut Thanksgiving weekend. 4. Wynonna Judd will be kicking off her Classic Country Christmas tour immediately following thanksgiving, with a resurged interest after announcing that she may be touring WITH mom next year! 5. Taylor Swift will be featured on NBC’s “People of the Year” special, airing Thanksgiving night. 6. Chris Daughtry will be performing at the halftime show for the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving. While he may not be a country performer, his recent CMA duet with Vince Gill for the song “Tennessee Line” makes him a person of interest. And that’s all we’ve got for now fans, so stuff the bird, set your DVR’s and enjoy the holiday with family, friends, and good country music!Country Music Photo Gallery

Taylor Swift discusses life at fifteen

Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen” becomes the center of a radio special aimed at parents and teens discussing the challenges of young adulthood. Taylor Swift is the talk of radio DJ’s everywhere but now she’s doing the talking. Taylor Swift is hosting a 27 minute special that discusses the challenges of being a young teenager in today’s society titled “Fifteen: The Times & Trials of the American Teenager“. This public service special is aimed at parents and teenagers, and will include a round table discussion featuring teenagers and commentary from a high school guidance counselor . Taylor will also share the inspiration behind her hit song “Fifteen”. The special is scheduled to air nationwide during the weekends of November 21st & 22nd, November 28th & 29th and December 5th & 6th. Stay tuned for a list of stations that will be airing the special!Country Music Photo Gallery

Taylor Swift on Saturday Night Live

Taylor Swift will be doing double duty as she participates in sketches AND performs on Saturday Night Live November 7th! Taylor Swift  is more than ready for her appearance on SNL next month, telling Associated Press: “I’ve been thinking about skit ideas for a long time. There are definitely some hilarious things that have happened to me over the past couple of months that I think will be pretty substantial skits.” Taylor is only the fourth musician to fill both rolls of host and performer in the history of SNL, joining the ranks of Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake, Sting, and Janet Jackson. The show airs Saturday November7th at 11:35pm(ET)Country Music Photo Gallery

Taylor Swift – Best Dressed

Taylor Swift’s got style and everybody knows it! Taylor Swift was voted one of the  “10 Best Dressed Women” of 2009 by People Magazine. Shocking right? The perpetual princess  is listed with the “Best Sparkle” alongside First Lady Michelle Obama as having the “Best Accessible Glamour”, while stars like Cameron Diaz got “Best Jeans” and Reese Witherspoon was voted “Best Short Dresses”. On the worst dressed list you’ll find Paula Abdul and Jessica Simpson. Find out more at  MTV.comCountry Music Photo Gallery

Taylor Swift Joins Band Hero

Taylor Swift lends her likeness and sound to the game Band Hero due out this November just in time for Christmas. Taylor Swift’s smash hits ” Love Story”, “You Belong With Me” and “Picture to Burn” are all going to be included on the fall release of Band Hero. From the makers of Guitar Hero, Band Hero encourages people to pick up an instrument and play either as, or alongside their favorite artists in the game, which Taylor is a big fan of! “Anything that encourages people to pick up an instrument and play, I’m fully behind. And, I’m really excited about Band Hero, because not only are fans getting to play my songs, but I’m actually in the game,” said Swift. “There are so many awesome things that go into being in Band Hero, like getting to customize my band to look like my touring band, and it’s so cool for people to feel like they are experiencing one of my concerts. This is one of the closest things out there to going to see me perform!” Taylor spent quite a bit of time with the creators of the game having her signature moves and sound fully broken down and built into the game so players can get the full Taylor Swift experience. “Taylor Swift’s impressive rise to the top of multiple music genres, along with the broad appeal of her songs, makes her a great example of the type of experience we are bringing to music fans with Band Hero,” said Tim Riley, Vice President of Music Affairs for Guitar Hero. “We’re thrilled to announce her as the very first of several playable in-game artists and showcase her many talents in our game.”Other Band Hero artists include No Doubt, All American Rejects, The Jackson 5, and Lily Allen.Country Music Photo Gallery

Taylor Swift Talks About Her Next Album

While Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut is still riding the number one spot on the Billboard charts, she’s already got her mind on her next album! “I look at my favorite artists and how I feel when they put out a new album, like Garth Brooks or Tim McGraw,” she told The Los Angeles Times. “It still has so many things about the reasons I love that artist, but there’s new material. I’m not going to throw anybody for a loop or try to change my sound or be edgier. I’ve aged two years, and I’ve been writing for the past two years, and I really think there won’t be any fans who feel like I’ve tried to desert who I am.” “When she writes her songs, she hears them in her head,” producer Nathan Chapman said, “and she knows where she wants the mandolin to come in, or what guitar lick should be there.” “Obviously,” she said, “creative control is the most important thing for me, or I wouldn’t have left the biggest label in Nashville for a label that didn’t have any furniture.” So on that note, we close out our week-long look at Taylor Swift, and wish her the best on her current tour with Rascal Flatts. For Taylor Swift 2008 concert tour dates, artist biographies and event details, please visit our partner site Country Music On TourCountry Music Photo Gallery

Country Artist of the week – Taylor Swift

This week we begin showcasing our artist of the week by taking a closer look at that little blonde sweetheart, Taylor Swift. We all know she’s busted through the billboard charts over the last year with songs like “Tim McGraw“, “Teardrops on my Guitar“, and of course her current hit, “Our Song“. Now here’s a few things you may not have known: Did you know that Taylor Swift was signed to her first record deal before she ever got her driving license? “I can drive in a straight line and turn,” admitted Taylor, “But I don’t like arrows and lines. And I don’t like stop signs. The whole bigger car rule definitely applies when I drive.” Taylor’s first “big time” break was when the manager of Britney Spears team caught her performance of the national anthem at a U.S. Open tournament and brought her aboard. Soon after she would find herself featured as a rising star in an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign. About that lovely mane, Taylor says: “I will never straighten my hair to impress a guy ever again.” Taylor gets her stylish cowboy boots from Liberty Boot Co. Liberty has served a lot of famous feet including Kid Rock, Hillary Duff, and Avril Lavigne. Taylors response when asked her thoughts on Sushi: “Ha! I’ve been trying so hard to like sushi.. It’s trendy. I’m trying, but it’s not going so well so far. I love Japanese food, but I’m not into sushi so far.. yet. “ Stay tuned throughout the rest of the week for more on Taylor Swift! For Taylor Swift 2008 concert tour dates, artist biographies and event details, please visit our partner site Country Music On TourCountry Music Photo Gallery

Taylor Swift is all over the charts

Taylor Swift is the darling of the Billboard country charts this last reporting period before Christmas. Her single, “Our Song,” holds at No. 1 for the second week, her self-titled album moves back to the No. 2 spot in its 60th week out and four selections from her Christmas album, Sounds of the Season, are twinkling on the lower branches of the song chart. The week’s highest charting new song is the Garth Brooks–Huey Lewis romp, “Workin’ for a Livin‘,” which enters at No. 50. That’s a worthy leap but pale in comparison to Brooks‘ “More Than a Memory,” the first single from his current album, which debuted at No. 1. The Eagles continue their long run at the summit of the albums chart with Long Road Out of Eden. According to the latest Nielsen Soundscan measurement, that collection has sold more than 2.2 million copies in just seven weeks. There are no new albums this week, but three former chart dwellers have returned to the list: Rodney Carrington‘s King of the Mountain (No. 70), Larry the Cable Guy‘s Morning Constitutions (No. 71) and the multi-artist Original American Classics: Country Greats (No. 74). In addition to the Brooks-Lewis duet, there are two new songs: Sugarland‘s “Winter Wonderland” (No. 58) and Swift’s “White Christmas” (No. 59). Carrie Underwood‘s Carnival Ride, Brooks‘ The Ultimate Hits and Rascal Flatts‘ Still Feels Good round out the Top 5 albums in that order. The remaining Top 5 songs, also in descending order, are Josh Turner‘s “Firecracker,” George Strait‘s “How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls,” Montgomery Gentry‘s “What Do Ya Think About That” and Sugarland’s “Stay.” Kenny Chesney’s hard-charging “Shiftwork” barrels from No. 34 to No. 25. Now it’s back to the mall. ~Courtesy of Country Music Photo Gallery