Malibu Country Premieres November 2

Malibu Country Creator Talks About Inspiration For The Show. ABC‘s new TV show, Malibu Country, premieres this Friday, November 2. The show will star one of country music’s leading ladies, Reba McEntire. Dave Stewart, the creator of the show, recently spoke in an interview about his inspiration for the show and this is what he had to say… “My mind moves in mysterious ways! I became fascinated with Nashville after my first real stay there a few years ago when I got back to Los Angeles. I went with a few friends to Malibu to my friend [songwriter] Glen Ballard’s house and for some reason insisted we all wear country outfits, cowboy hats, etc.. I made a little film too and put some music to it and then I started to invent a world where the two places collide. I then got a guy who worked at my management company to come up with some logos and started to kick around the story in my head. I came up with the idea that a very messy and public divorce happens in Nashville between two country stars and the female moves as far away as she can to Malibu with her feisty mother, her kids, etc. I then proceeded to write the story and synopsis with my in-house writer at my company [Weapons Of Mass Entertainment] Dave Harris. Once we had that finished, I took the whole concept in a special box with story treatment, character breakdown, music, even hat and t-shirt in a wooden box to the late legendary producer Laura Ziskin and showed her. She immediately loved it and we became partners to pitch the project.” Stewart and McEntire wrote a song in the pilot episode called “The New Me.” Be sure to watch the premier on Friday and tell us what you think!

Reba McEntire Retires From Hosting The ACMs

Reba Will No Longer Host The Academy Of Country Music Awards. Reba McEntire has announced that she will no longer host the Academy of Country Music Awards. She has “passed the torch to Blake,” who she has co-hosted with for the last two years. Before that Reba ran the show solo starting in 1999. Although this is sad news, it is good to hear she is confident that Shelton can get the job done! However, the two did make fans chuckle with their back and forth comedy on the previous years. I have to wonder if she is too busy with her new show Malibu Country or if she just feels it is time to step down? Whatever the case may be, we still love her! Here’s to Reba, a very classy lady!

Reba McEntire On Who Do You Think You Are

Reba Was Featured On Last Week’s Episode Of “Who Do You Think You Are?” Reba McEntire was featured on the March 2 episode of NBC’s series “Who Do You Think You Are?” This show takes famous people (athletes, actors, musicians, etc.) and shows them a whole other side of themselves that they didn’t know existed. A slew of well-known figures in society have taken part in this ancestral adventure including Tim McGraw, Lisa Kudrow, Emmitt Smith, Ashley Judd, Kim Cattrall, Spike Lee, Steve Buscemi and now Reba! During her experience, Reba travels all over searching for answers to her family history. “I want to know where we came from. I want to know what makes me tick. Why am I like I am? I would love to go back, as far back as possible. I am very interested in knowing who the first of my ancestors were to step on the United States of America.” -Reba These are questions that everyone would love answered and Reba was lucky enough to get the chance to try! Here is the entire episode. If you missed it, then here you go. If you already saw it, no hurt in watching it again!

Reba McEntire’s New ABC SitCom

Reba McEntire’s New TV Show Will Air on ABC. Reba McEntire has that showbiz bug again…well, the TV-specific showbiz bug. It was announced last year that the country music veteran had another TV show in the works. If you remember, her hit WB comedy, Reba, ran from 2001-2007. Her new program, titled Malibu Country has reportedly been picked up by ABC. Her Reba executive producer is currently slated as writer, and the concept focuses on a singer, obviously played by McEntire, who moves to Malibu after parting ways with her cheating and financially reckless rockstar hubby. She is accompanied on her move by her three kids and her mother, and plans to revive her career. I have a feeling, Malibu Country probably won’t stray far from the original Reba show, but I liked that so, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Are you excited Reba is returning to the small screen? Need a refresher on Reba’s acting career? Check out the pilot of Reba below. [youtube:]

2012 ACM Nominees Announcement Planned

The 2012 ACM Awards Announcement Proceedings Planned and Ready To Go! Well, to announce the Grammy nominations they held an entire concert, but the ACM Awards are going to be keeping it a little more low key than that. Organizers have planned a digital press conference to take place via social media Thursday, January 26th starting at 6:30am (PT). All categories will be announced in real time to fans and the media at the same time (what a novel idea!). Reba McEntire (who is hosting the awards show alongside Blake Shelton) will be participating in events leading up to the conference. Additionally, nominee reaction videos will be posted throughout the day. You can check out the press conference via Facebook by clicking here or Twitter by clicking here. The 47th Annual ACM Awards will take place Sunday, April 1st, and will air live out of Las Vegas on CBS at 8pm (ET).

Reba McEntire Hosts Nascar Finale

Reba McEntire All Set to Host 2011 Nascar Finale! Reba McEntire will be hosting the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series award ceremony! This event will take place on December 2nd at Wynn Las Vegas, and honors the Cup champion in addition to the drivers who finished in the top 10 of the final series standings. Reba, who has close ties to the racing community now that son, Shelby, is racing, is pleased to be a part of the finale. “I’m delighted to be hosting the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards this year. Country music and NASCAR have shared fans for many years so I’ll feel right at home. My family and I have gotten to meet so many nice people in the racing industry this year with my youngest son, Shelby, being one of the competitors. We appreciate so much the super hospitality.” -Reba McEntire Reba will be fulfilling double duty for the evening as she will be performing a “Turn On The Radio” off her most recent album, All The Woman I Am as well as hosting.

Vince Gill The Heart Won’t Lie

Vince Gill And Reba McEntire’s The Heart Won’t Lie Music Video! Here is another Vince Gill classic, his duet with Reba McEntire, “The Heart Won’t Lie.” Again, this is a FAVORITE of mine and one of the best examples of 90s music videos! They were more like mini-movies than just something to view while listening. I can literally remember sitting at my grandma’s house when I was younger watching with my cousins, and this was always one where we would scream at each other to be quite! I hope you will enjoy this as much as I ALWAYS do!

Country Music Loves Halloween

Halloween Festivities Just Around The Corner, Country Music Is Getting Prepared To Celebrate! It’s that time of year, scary movies, frequent trips to the craft store, creepy cookies and decorating!If you are a fan of Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Dolly Parton, Blake Shelton, Kellie Pickler, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, or Taylor Swift head on over to to get a FREE template to carve their face in a pumpkin! Speaking of Kellie and Miranda, we know this spooky holiday is one of their favorites! Whether it’s Lucille Ball, Dracula, Batman, Big Bird, Dolly Parton, a ghost, or Elvis, country stars are all about dressing up! Many have even taken to Twitter or Facebook to get some ideas for this year! Log on and give a suggestion to your favorite artist, you never know, it might just be the one they pick!

Reba McEntire Somebodys Chelsea Video

Reba Debuts New Video for Somebody’s Chelsea! One of everyone’s favorites, Reba McEntire, has released yet another powerful song, “Somebody’s Chelsea“, and now there is a brand new video to go with it that is just as moving. I will be honest, it really does’t take a whole lot to make me to tear up, but with this song, Reba pretty much had me crying with the first three notes. Both the song and the video are simple and predictable, but this really doesn’t detract from the emotional appeal of it. Reba’s powerful and unmistakable voice gives depth and life to lyrics and a theme that in anyone else’s hands would sound whiny and trite. Overall, it’s a well-performed song and video! Watch “Somebody’s Chelsea” Now! Tags: Somebody’s Chelsea, Reba McEntire, Reba McEntire Videos

Reba McEntire New Sitcom

Reba Is All Set to Start Up A New Sitcom, Malibu Country! Reba McEntire has officially confirmed rumors via Facebook that she is in talks to start-up a new sitcom! Reports indicate that ABC has bought the script for the new show which will be titled Malibu Country. The story concept involves a mother of three who divorces who rock star husband and relocates from Nashville to Malibu. If all goes well, a pilot episode will be shot this April. From there, it will be up to the network as to whether or not to option the show for production. “I’m so excited about doing another TV sitcom. I miss the Reba show so much so it will be great to get back into the TV world again.” -Reba McEntire If the project does move forward as Reba hopes it does, the production team would include WB’s Reba executive producer, Kevin Abbott, Reba and her husband/manager Narvel Blackstock, among others. I personally loved the Reba show, and I would be excited to see what else this team could come up with! Here’s hoping the project gets pushed through.