Thunder On The Mountain-Day 2

Thunder On The Mountain – Day 2 – Through The Eyes Of HaleighT. After some eggs and bacon bright and early, I showered and cleaned up and was ready for day two of Thunder On The Mountain! I was really excited to try EVERYTHING that Thunder had to offer, but unfortunately, because of the storms the previous week, there was no Ferris wheel. However the water-slide was set up and ready to go. I gave it some good thought and decided it just wasn’t hot enough for me to cross that off of my TOTM bucket list (there’s always next year). The Music. The music started early again and I made my way throughout the grounds to catch as many shows as I could. I started out with Woodshed at the George’s Majestic Backwoods Stage. I then split my time between Kelly Road, Kevin Fowler and Aaron Watson. I caught the first half of Kristen Kelly and the last half of Reckless Kelly. I really enjoyed RK’s set, especially because Cody Canada joined the guys. It’s always fun to see a long friendship like those guys have, play out on stage. Easton Corbin really impressed me. I loved his latest album and it was fun to see some of those songs live. After participating in a press conference earlier in the day for Sunny Ledford, I had to catch his show. It was a good time…he’s fun on stage and honestly does not care what anyone thinks of him. I must also add that the crowd for that show was interesting, but fun. After Sunny, I had a quick dinner and caught the second half of Montgomery Gentry. The night really got started when Luke Bryan hit the stage, I was with all my friends and we danced and danced while Luke shook his stuff on stage. Anyone who has ever been to one of his shows knows the crazy amount of energy he has and how contagious it can be! After Luke a small group of us decided to head to the Hideout, which was the dance club/karaoke part of TOTM. It was fun to watch people, but sadly for us we didn’t get to get on stage. The list of people wanting to sing was extremely long and if I would have known I would have signed up earlier in the day…because I’m all about some karaoke! For the second night in a row, I went to bed in the early hours of the morning. But again, I was up bright and early for the final day of TOTM!

Thunder On The Mountain-Day 1

Thunder On The Mountain – Day 1 – Through The Eyes Of HaleighT. It is hard to believe that after months of preparation and exited jitters, the first-ever Thunder On The Mountain is behind us. After the three days of non-stop music, I find myself still trying to recover from my sleep deprivation and the loss of my voice. My fun filled work-cation began Wednesday night, June 7. I drove through the beautiful Mulberry Mountains and arrived at the festival grounds to check in and get my media credentials. I then drove to Ozark and had supper at Rivertowne BBQ, the smoked bologna with baked beans was to die! While eating, my partner in crime for the weekend, Melissa and I made some new friends. They were a group, I believe from Iowa, who had floated the river all day and would also be attending TOTM. Campground Set Up. The next morning was a bit of a hectic one, not for me but for those campers who decided to be at the festival gates when they opened at 6am. My cousin, Amme, rolled into the area with her fiancé and a group of friends around 4am. They had eight trucks and 11 campsites between them, over 20 people in their own little village. To say this group came prepared and ready to party is an understatement! Their headquarters were fully equipped with tents, canopies, ice chests, generators, grills, yard games and more. Fortunately for those festival goers who decided to wait for the sun to rise before they showed up, their entrance to the campgrounds and set up went a little smoother. In my down time between morning responsibilities and the first show, I along with Melissa, Riley and Tia (two of my weekend neighbors) went to get the feel of the land. We saw some interesting campsites, passed out fans to cool off festival goers and crossed a treacherously muddy field. At one point we had to cross a newly formed river by using an air mattress that was left behind from Wakarusa as our bridge. We really should have followed the flags that marked off the rough areas…oops. The Music Although campers and festival goers were still rolling in, the music for the day and the entire weekend began at 12:45pm. The first band to take the Country Pavilion stage was Whiskey Myers and boy was this an excellent choice! They definitely set the mood for the weekend and got the crowd primed and ready to go. As soon as Whiskey Myers set was over, the hardest part of TOTM began, choosing which stage to go to and what act to see, because from this point on there were multiple stages occupied with live performances. My day seemed like a whirlwind, I saw Aaron Watson, Shooter Jennings, parts of Bucky Covington, Greg Bates and Reckless Kelly before a short dinner. I then, was BLOWN AWAY by Randy Houser’s performance. I had seen him before, but his type of Continue reading Thunder On The Mountain-Day 1

Corey Smith At George’s Majestic Lounge-Show Review

Corey Smith Ends A 10-Day Run At George’s. This past Saturday, May 4, Corey Smith played George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville. It was the day after dead-day for the University of Arkansas and the last show of Smith’s 10-day run on the road. Of course the crowd wasn’t strictly Razorback co-eds, as George’s pulls fans from all over Northwest Arkansas, the River Valley, Oklahoma and Missouri. But no matter where people came from, they were all there to have a good time and enjoy Smith’s music. Andy Frasco opened the show and definitely had the crowd pumped and ready to go. Smith took the stage a little after 10:30pm and entertained with his hits “If I Could Do It Again,” “Twenty-One,” “Maybe Next Year,” “Drinkin’ Again,” “Party” and more! The best part of seeing one of Smith’s shows, in my opinion, is singing along and dancing with your friends (and usually some complete strangers, or “friends for the night” as I like to call them). Everyone suddenly has a kinship when yelling “and they wonder why folks don’t trust ’em no more.” Before the show, I had a little time to talk with Smith about his upcoming Grand Ole Opry debut. He will perform Saturday, May 18. “I’m excited, it’s a feather in my cap, a milestone,” Smith said. “It was always a dream of mine to play the Opry and my grandparents see it.” Y’all be sure to watch and see which two songs Smith will play with the Opry band in a few, short weeks!

Concert Season Is In Full Swing

HaleighT’s Favorite Time of the Year is Here. Even though the weather has been toying with my emotions, I realized something today…concert season is officially here! No, there isn’t an actual date on everybody’s calendars to confirm this, but trust me it has begun. Attending concerts is definitely in my top three things to do on a regular basis, so I rarely go too long without seeing a live show. So when I say concert season I mean multiple shows, back-to-back, every week (it can be stressful and the most fun you will ever have at the exact same time). Looking back in my concert-going files, I seem to remember this magical season starting a bit earlier in the year. But whatever the case, this year’s season started in April for me and I’m thrilled! I’ve decided to give those of you who aren’t quite seasoned in concert season a few pointers. 1. Know when to say no. Just because there are four shows in one week in your area, doesn’t mean you have to attend them all. Yes, multiple shows in one week are tons of fun. But you need to make sure you don’t get sick of fighting with the crowds too soon, you have a whole season ahead of you. 2. Plan ahead. When you do make it to some shows, give yourself a budget (unless you’re loaded). You don’t want spend all your money the first night on shots and shirts. Decide what night you will go all-out with dinner, a cab, merch and plenty of drinks. The other nights, eat at home, drive yourself, take pictures and stick to the drinks that don’t require any form of identification. 3. Pace yourself and hydrate. If you do feel the need to sip on the sauce a few nights in a row, make sure you don’t over do it. You don’t want to be hungover the next day or you’ll never enjoy the next nights show. Plenty of water is always smart. 4. Go with good company. Make sure you go to shows with a good friend or a good group of them. You’ll be cursing yourself on the inside if the person sitting/standing next to you won’t shut up about their horrible ex that you really don’t give two you-know-whats about. Those are just a few tips that I hope help you out. I’ve got more in this crazy head of mine that I have acquired over the years, so keep your eye out for them. Until then, catch a show and enjoy!

Spring Is In The Air with Country Concerts on the Way

HaleighT Counting Down The Days ‘Til Outdoor Concerts Begin. Even though spring doesn’t officially start for a few more weeks, I can’t help but get excited! We had a couple days of beautiful weather this week around the CMNB headquarters, and I took full advantage of them. Yes, I’m talking windows down and radio up! I don’t know about y’all but I find myself daydreaming about the warmer weather and all that comes with it. At the top of the list…outdoor venues! The first concert scheduled for our backyard at (The AMP) is Little Big Town on April 19th! It’s sure to be a party, and I can’t wait to see LBT perform their recent hits! If you are in our area (and don’t already have them) make sure you get your tickets (info below) for the kickoff of The Amp’s 2013 season!

George Strait’s Cowboy Rides Away Tour Begins

HaleighT Gets Ready To Make The Trip To OKC For The Concert To Be At! Tomorrow, January 19, I will be seeing one of my all-time favorite singers, George Strait. The show is the second of his Cowboy Rides Away tour and will be in Oklahoma City. If you aren’t a George Strait fan, then it is hard for me to describe the kind of ridiculous appreciation I have for him. On the other hand, if you are a true fan, then you get it. He is King George. He is Wranglers. He is Amarillo By Morning. He is Texas. He is the man tapping his foot behind his guitar. He is George and there is no one else like him. I have grown up listening to him my entire life. I have also grown up hearing every female in my family say that he is their husband…and I don’t even think it’s a strange thing to say! He is handsome, has a great voice, has tons of charisma and seems to be one of the most humble men that is in the music industry. His shows are simple with no flashing lights, yet he will sell out an arena in minutes. Not many can do that in music at all and even fewer can do it in country. I’m sure that tomorrow he won’t come even close to singing all of his over 70 #1 hits (we’d have to be there for days). But the good thing about it, is that everyone in that crowd will get to hear at LEAST 8 of their favorites and I’d say those are pretty good odds… So until Monday, when I tell you all how the show went, wish me well travels to the big city! Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight in anticipation! Did I mention it is my birthday weekend? Oh…this is going to be a good time!

Happy New Year Country Music Fans

Did You Eat Your Black Eyed Peas, Greens, Cornbread and Hog Jowl? I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve and that today didn’t find you regretting that last drink. 😉 I am beyond excited to start this year and continue to give country fans all the news of their favorite artists! My goal for 2013 is more interviews! I really hope I can achieve that and share them with all of y’all! Be looking for the CMNB team at all the shows and festivals you attend this year. You never know we just might be in the merch line next to you getting a shirt!