Country Music Blog Rodeo: 2013-The Year of Social Media in Country Music

For the first installment of Blog Rodeo, host CountryMusicNewsBlog asks “What are we really looking forward to in 2013?”. My answer: Country music fans truly embracing social media! Over the award show and tour seasons through 2012 we saw artists, news outlets, and record companies dabble with social media sites, trying to figure out that magic formula that pop music seems to have down to a science. We’ve seen award shows and televised performances with twitter hashtags displayed throughout the broadcast. We followed along as Jana Kramer used Instagram to build a buzz about her album release through photo challenges. We’ve gotten to know the sass and crass of artists like Blake Shelton and LeAnn Rimes thanks to their sharing (and sometimes oversharing) across the board. We’ve even seen the rise of Google+ hangouts featuring live interviews from stars as big as Taylor Swift. Heck, just last week Dierks Bentley used facebook to successfully find his lost dog Jake! To put it plainly, country stars want in on social media action and they’re trying hard to get fans to join them! The common thread among all of these things is that the artists are able to be themselves in a public space without losing control over their privacy, and this allows them to reach fans on a more personal level. Never before have fans had such open access to get a message to their favorite artist, or receive a direct response. It’s a power many pop celebrities have built their career around, but country music seems to be just a bit late to the game. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but those reasons are getting less relevant every day. While much of the online interaction between stars and fans has followed a natural growth, 2013 is the year the guys behind the scenes will learn how to take advantage of this limitless guerrilla marketing tool. We’ve had time to tinker and see what fans respond to, and how to best get the attention of the masses, and weigh the results of some not-so-popular online moments. Top Country Music Social Media Engagement Trends to Expect in 2013: So after the disorganized experimentation that our industry has done in the past, what I expect from 2013 is a real focused strategic effort at connecting fans with their favorite stars by directing marketing toward encouraging social engagement. You will see a lot more Easter Eggs, for example, Carrie Underwood’s album Blown Away featured a promotion where if you scanned the album cover with a special app on your iphone, android, or other tablet device, the artwork would “come to life” and conveniently link you to the album purchase options on iTunes. I expect to see a lot more of this Easter Egg kind of content that teaches fans how to use technology in new and innovative ways to get more out of the album-buying experience. You will also see artists making a more genuine effort to express themselves over social media Continue reading Country Music Blog Rodeo: 2013-The Year of Social Media in Country Music

Happy New Year Country Music Fans

Did You Eat Your Black Eyed Peas, Greens, Cornbread and Hog Jowl? I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve and that today didn’t find you regretting that last drink. 😉 I am beyond excited to start this year and continue to give country fans all the news of their favorite artists! My goal for 2013 is more interviews! I really hope I can achieve that and share them with all of y’all! Be looking for the CMNB team at all the shows and festivals you attend this year. You never know we just might be in the merch line next to you getting a shirt!

Thunder On The Mountain 2013 Tickets On Sale TODAY

First Ever Thunder On The Mountain Tickets Officially On Sale Today!! The first ever Thunder On The Mountain country music festival is headed to Mulberry Mountain in Northwest Arkansas, and we here at CMNB could not be more excited! The amazing, and I mean really, really great, line-up for the 2013 fest, taking place June 6th – June 8th, was announced last week (see it here!), and it has country music fans ready for the weather to warm up so we can let loose in the Ozarks! Well, tickets go on sale TODAY, and you better start thinking and planning because I think these tix are going to sell fast! Find a helpful guide below to help you decide which tickets you need, and head on over to the official festival website for your ticket info! 2013 Thunder On The Mountain Ticket Guide!