The Band Perry Better Dig Two Video

The Band Perry Better Dig Two Video Really Delivers. The second time I ever heard The Band Perry‘s current single, “Better Dig Two” was live at the 2012 CMA Awards, and I have to tell you, it gave me chills. Sure, this song has very similar themes as previous releases like “The Way You Lie” and “If I Die Young“, but it hardly matters because Kimberly Perry really knows how to deliver. Vocally and musically, this is a very powerful song, and this sibling trio isn’t holding back. The video has already garnered over a million views on YouTube alone. Join the crowd and enjoy it below! The Band Perry are set to release a brand new album later this year, release date and title have yet to be announced. Watch: The Band Perry Better Dig Two Official Video. Get behind the scenes on the making of “Better Dig Two“.

LeAnn Rimes Borrowed Video

Watch LeAnn Rimes Video for Borrowed Second Single Off Upcoming Album. LeAnn Rimes‘ current single, “Borrowed“, the second from her highly anticipated upcoming album, Spitfire, is an emotional and raw song. Considering the very public history she has with her current husband, Eddie Cibrian, and the theme of the song (borrowing someone who isn’t yours…), it’s a little difficult not to assume that this single is coming from a very personal place. Regardless of the back story though, this really is a very powerful song, and Rimes pours every bit of her talented into it. Listen to it below, and let us know what you think! “Borrowed” and the first single from the album “What Have I Done” are both currently available on iTunes (click the songs to purchase!). Spitfire is expected to release this Spring. Need more? Check out the acoustic version of “Borrowed” on LeAnn’s official page. Watch LeAnn Rimes New Video for Single “Borrowed“.

Natalie Maines Solo Album Mother Releases May 7th

Natalie Maines To Release New Solo Album, Mother, May 7th! Natalie Maines will be releasing brand new music this year in the form of her new solo album, Mother! The new record promises to have a rock vibe, inspired in part by iconic British rock group Pink Floyd and will release on May 7th. The new record was produced by Ben Harper whom Natalie performed with live more than once earlier this year. Maines’ cover of the Pink Floyd song, “Mother“, will be available via iTunes as early as January 15th as it is featured on the soundtrack for new documentary, West of Memphis, chronicling the harrowing story of the West Memphis three. Now, just because Maines is releasing a solo project doesn’t mean the Dixie Chicks are gone for good or at all. The trio, still the top selling female group of any genre of all time, will be performing at the 2013 Craven Country Jamboree! Watch Natalie Maines and Ben Harper Perform “Mother” Live.

Tim McGraw One Of Those Nights Video

Tim McGraw Debuts New Video for Current Single One Of Those Nights. I am really digging Tim McGraw‘s current single “One Of Those Nights“! The country singer just debuted his new video for the song this week, and it’s pretty cool. The concept behind it basically focuses on giving fans a kind of behind the scenes look at, well, the making of a video. I’m personally a big fan of the whole look what goes on behind the curtain thing, so I’m into the new vid. You be the judge though, and watch for yourself below! “One Of Those Nights” is the second single to come off McGraw’s upcoming album, Two Lanes of Freedom, due out Feb. 5, 2013. Watch: Tim McGraw One Of Those Nights Video.

Brent Cobb Love On Me Video

Brent Cobb Premiers His Fireside Sessions With “Love On Me.” I first heard Brent Cobb about a year ago, by complete accident. I listened to more of his music and shortly after got myself an interview and saw a live show. I have been a fan ever since. Him putting out these Firside Sessions, proves to me even more that I am a fan of what he does. “These first Fireside Sessions are something I wanted to do that felt like home to me,” said Brent to Country Music Is Love. “Pickin’ around a fire is something we all do a lot of back home in Georgia. ‘Love On Me’ is a fun song for it. I’m pretty sure I used that line ‘fall in love on me’ on my wife. It worked.” “Love On Me,” Cobb’s current single, is the first of many videos for this ongoing series. The song was co-written by Cobb and Jason Saenz and the video was directed by Reid Long. Pick up Cobb’s EP now and to find more info on him visit Watch: Brent Cobb’s Fireside Session of “Love On Me”.

Brad Paisley Southern Comfort Zone Video: Review

Brad Paisley’s Southern Comfort Zone Video Is An Unlikely Masterpiece: Review I am a big fan of Brad Paisley so I was excited for the music video for “Southern Comfort Zone“, a brilliant song about Southern pride still encouraging people to see the world, and then be glad to come home! The video appears to have been recorded while Brad conducted the recent leg of his European tour, and The Band Perry even have a couple of cameos since they opened for him during the tour. In addition, he visited the Masai tribe that he donated cows to a couple of months back, and filmed the remainder of the video there. It’s a lot different than Brad’s previous music videos, and certainly very different from your average country music video. The idea behind involved Brad running through various cities, and seems designed to show an almost-seamless fit between places and his journey. Eight countries in eight days, apparently. Amateur Quality = Relatable. The beginning of the video consists of Brad playing the beginning of the song, just him and an acoustic guitar, by a truck, seemingly in the African safari. It is a delightful clash of cultures, but done more subtly than expected, and the writing across the screen to declare the title of the song and artist is in childish font. This pretty much sets up the whole ethos of the video, in that it is oddly, and yet fantastically, amateurish. Sometimes the camera doesn’t focus properly and you experience it focusing in and out. A lot of the time Brad is simply running down random streets in various cities and passers-by stare at him over their shoulder. The beginning and the end of the video where Brad is playing guitar is the live sound, and it doesn’t sound exactly like the polished studio recording. Some of the camera angles aren’t up to much and you get the feeling a lot of it’s been filmed on a handheld. Sometimes the camera holds its shot on completely unknown people and things. Whilst Brad is running someone occasionally throws him a new jacket which he catches and throws on like it’s nothing. He walks into a pub in Ireland and the crowd gathered sing the chorus of the song loudly and unabashedly. He plays guitar next to a real life giraffe and jerks it away slightly when the giraffe goes to try and eat it. Throughout Brad appears unassuming and without star status, he is simply ordinary. Everything is done with the utmost casual vibe, we get no theatrical expressions and sometimes the colors are fairly dull. And that makes me completely love this video. No Glam = Down To Earth While, I like the glitz and the glam and the creative videos that clearly have been worked hard on, there’s something about this that is fun, and perhaps even more interesting than other videos that have had hours of work and a lot of money put into them. This feels Continue reading Brad Paisley Southern Comfort Zone Video: Review

Kacey Musgraves Selected As VEVO Lift Artist

Kacey Musgraves Named The New “Lift” Artist For VEVO. Kacey Musgraves has been selected by VEVO to be their next “LIFT” artist. This addition makes Kacey the first country artist selected by VEVO for LIFT, which supports emerging acts. Past LIFT artists include Jessie J, Dev, One Direction and Rita Ora. Over the next eight weeks fans will have the opportunity to get to know Kacey through exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, video premieres and intimate live performances, all exclusive to the VEVO platform. “VEVO is THE home for premium music videos from every genre. While we have focused primarily on pop, hip hop and rock artists for LIFT, we’ve always wanted to throw our support behind country artists. Kacey is a remarkable young artist and was an obvious first choice. We’re excited to work with our partners at Universal Nashville to provide her with a LIFT.” -Doug McVehil, SVP, Music Programming, Talent & Operations for VEVO Be sure to catch Kacey on one of the many tours she will be part of in the future. Kacey was asked to join Little Big Town on their Tornado Tour starting January 31, 2013 with stops in Birmingham, New York, Atlantic City and Washington, DC to name a few. She was also asked to join the Kenny Chesney No Shoes Nation stadium tour for the summer of 2013. The No Shoes Nation tour begins March 16, 2013 in Tampa and ends August 24, 2013 in Foxboro, MA. To see all of Kacey’s VEVO content click HERE! You never know what you might learn from these videos. Maybe what Tennessee is doing on her thigh? Watch and find out!

Phil Vassar Santa’s Gone Hollywood Video

The Official Music Video For Phil Vassar’s “Santa’s Gone Hollywood.” This Christmas original comes from Phil Vassar’s Christmas album, Noel. “Santa’s Gone Hollywood” describes a much different Santa, that most aren’t familiar with. He is in a band, has a reality show, takes blue pills and smokes the natural stuff. This is not what I’d call traditional, but Vassar does have some of those tunes on Noel. I’m not really a fan of this song, but I will say it gets stuck in your head easily. We want to know what you think of this song and video. So watch and comment below.

Lee Brice I Drive Your Truck Video: Review

Lee Brice Gets Intense with “I Drive Your Truck” Video: Review. This song is one of my favorites of the past year for its deep meaning and emotional intensity, so I was excited to finally see the video. The main structure of the video follows the narrative very closely at times – a man who isn’t Lee Brice but looks suspiciously like him – is standing by a truck that holds everything described in the first verse, before driving it along some back roads and around a field, and handing the keys back to (presumably) his wife. In fact, it is the most song-faithful music video I have seen in a long time, and there are benefits and perhaps disadvantages to this. The Video. Because I like literal videos, unless there is scope for really playing with confusing meanings and images, I liked the faithfulness of this video to the original song. This song would not suit doing something else with the video because of the emphasis on the emotion and story, so the video needs to reflect that. Even the sunset/sunrise dusty filter on the camera is how I imagined it, and perhaps is a cinematic representation of how people think of the rural South, the farms and back roads. It certainly adds something to the setting! The video movement is very slow at first which fits the pace of the song, cutting between the leading man simply staring into the truck and Lee Brice gently singing the song, not looking at the camera as if it’s too painful, and apparently standing in a field of wheat. A lot of work has been done setting the whole thing up to really represent an actual story and make the song really come to life. I have to commend the director on the subtle but very effective change in pace as the song builds momentum leading up the chorus. To add to that, as soon as the chorus kicks in Lee Brice is suddenly playing with his band in the wheat field, which taps into country music’s video focus on physically playing the song. There perhaps could have been scope for slightly more airtime of the narrative rather than Lee, but I suppose it’s him the video is promoting. Also, there could have been a montage of ‘memories’ which would have perhaps helped reinforce the meaning of the song, but that’s quite over-used so perhaps they decided to keep it very simple and let the song do the talking. I do think the actor in the narrative could have been a little more physically dynamic, and produce a wider range of expressions, because he appears a little more numb than the song suggests and dealing with loss provides a variety of different emotions that could have been shown here. However, I think I’m just being really picky, and the video works really well as it is. The Emotion. During the bridge, the slow motion takes on fast and aggressive movements in Continue reading Lee Brice I Drive Your Truck Video: Review