Tate Stevens Signs with Sony and Moves to Nashville

X-Factor Winner Tate Stevens Signs with Sony, Moves to Nashville, Starts Exciting New Journey! The X-Factor winner Tate Stevens has lots of exciting new developments ahead of him! Besides winning the $5 million first place prize, he also earned a deal with the label giant Sony. In other news, Tate also told USA Today that he was planning on moving the family to Nashville so that he could start work on his upcoming album! Sounds like Tate and his family are sure to have a fantastic 2013! The only news we haven’t heard yet is anything about tour dates…so stay tuned! Relive the Finale!

Tate Stevens Wins The X-Factor

Tate Stevens Is The X-Factor Winner, Embarks On $5 Million Contract! First of all, congrats are in order for Tate Stevens, the very, very talented X-Factor contestant that just walked away with a $5 million contract after winning the season! When we first heard Tate sing, we knew he was going to go far, and we are so excited for he and his family! It was a long two hour finale, but at the end of Stevens thanked God, his family and country music fans. He then performed a great rendition of Chris Young’s “Tomorrow“! Tate’s life has definitely changed tonight, and he earned it for sure!! Relive The Winning Moment!

LeAnn Rimes Sings with Carly Sonenclar On X-Factor Finale

LeAnn Rimes Sings Duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar on The X-Factor. Earlier this week, LeAnn Rimes stopped by The X-Factor to perform a duet with one of the remaining three finalists, Carly Sonenclar, and as seems to always be the case these days, drama has been stirred up. Since the performance, various folks have criticized Rimes for trying to out-sing the contestant, and some even got petty enough to suggest the country singer was drunk…or at least tipsy. Personally, I didn’t think it was her best ever performance, but seriously, people, she kind of set the bar pretty high for herself. As far as out-singing Carly, even if that was the case, she held her own, so no harm done. I really think that those folks that are stirring this pot are just mixing up trouble that isn’t really there. For her part, Rimes responded, like she does, via Twitter with the following statement: Wondering what all the fuss is about? Watch the video for yourself below, and don’t forget to tell us what you think. Watch: LeAnn Rimes Performs with X-Factor Contestant Carly Sonenclar.

Tate Stevens Duets with Little Big Town on The X-Factor

Tate Stevens Rocks A Duet of “Pontoon” with Little Big Town on The X-Factor! In what might be my favorite moment in reality TV, the very talented X-Factor contestant Tate Stevens performed one of the hottest country songs of the year, “Pontoon“, with none of other than Little Big Town! Up until now, Stevens has done very, very well with each performance on the show, but this one is different. With this performance, I think we really see for the first time, Tate’s very real potential for star power. He totally owns the stage, is singing a duet with on of country’s favorite group’s, and he is singing really, really well. Kim of LBT is right, Stevens is truly doing country music proud, and win or lose, I can’t wait to see more from him! Watch: Tate Stevens Sing “Pontoon” with Little Big Town. The season premiere airs TONIGHT, be sure to tune in!!!

Tate Stevens Still In The Running On The X-Factor

Tate Stevens Still Doing Great On The X-Factor and Moving On To The Next Round! Thanks to some of our dedicated readers, The X-Factor contest, Tate Stevens was brought to our attention, and we’ve been following his progress since! This talented guy is as humble as they come, and we just love rooting for him. It doesn’t hurt either, that with each performance his proves that tuning into his performances is more than worth our time! Last week, he shook things up and gave viewers his version of Keith Urban‘s “Somebody Like You“. Along with the judges, I really enjoyed the change up in pace, and I thought Stevens nailed it. Still (and I hate to say this), I’ve got to agree with Simon, on that one tiny criticism in regard to his dance moves. On the other hand though, there is something really endearing about Tate’s lack of “hollywood polish” in his stage presence, and honestly, I don’t think that detracts from his performances at all. If you’re already a fan of Stevens, go ahead and enjoy the recap below! If you haven’t checked him yet, do it now! You can keep track of Season 2 of The X-Factor on their official page. Sidenote: I love Tate’s quote, “Second only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Perspective, people. Watch Tate Stevens Perform “Somebody Like You“. Did you know you can buy Tate’s renditions of the country hits he sings on the show? Yep, you can! Check it out.