Gretchen Wilson New Single and Albums for 2013

Gretchen Wilson Releases An Avalanche of New Music In 2013! It’s always good news when we hear our “Redneck Woman” is working on new music! Just getting off the road after the Gang of Outlaws Tour with ZZ Top and 3 Doors Down last year, Gretchen Wilson has a brand new single, “Still Rollin,’” ready for airplay and will be releasing a whopping three albums in the upcoming months! “I am very excited to have so much new music coming out this year. We are already touring, and are looking forward to an incredible year with old friends, and new beginnings!“- Gretchen Wilson Besides the new single, Wilson is releasing new album Right On Time, a collection of 12 new songs, on April 2. This will be followed by two other releases, Under The Covers, featuring 12 of Classic Rock hits from the 70s on May 28, and Gretchen’s first full-length Christmas album in October. Like Wilson said, this is gonna be an incredible year for her! So, mark your calendars and be on the look out for the new records!

Josh Turner Find Me A Baby Video

Josh Turner Releases Adorable Video for Find Me A Baby! Josh Turner just released his new video for single “Find Me A Baby” just a couple of days ago, and it is absolutely adorable. Featuring “candid” shots of what appears to be real families posing for the camera, happy as can be, the video just makes you smile. At the end (spoiler alert), we even get what looks like a couple photos of Josh and his babies! This is such an optimistic, cheery song, and I’m really glad I started my day with it! Watch for yourself below! Watch Josh Turner’s Find Me A Baby Video.

Rose Falcon Talks Upcoming EP 19th Avenue Vol 2

Interview: Singer Songwriter Rose Falcon Talks Upcoming Release 19th Avenue Vol 2 EP! Up and coming country singer songwriter Rose Falcon has a new EP, 19th Avenue Vol. 2, releasing next week and she took a couple minutes to chat with me and discuss the upcoming project, her influences, and more! The single aspect that stands out the most in Falcon’s music is the honesty in her well-written lyrics. There is a very feminine and simultaneously strong quality in the quiet songs featured on the upcoming EP. She claims influences like Tammy Wynette, Patty Lovelace and Reba McEntire, and it’s easy to connect the dots between these iconic artists and this rising star. Rose’s songs are lyrically raw and personal, and musically have hints of roots and Americana. She had this to say of the tracks and her personal “sound” featured on the upcoming EP, “It’s fairly organic, not a lot of fancy production and lyrically driven. The instruments are meant to paint around, highlight the song the best they can without taking away or distracting from the lyrical content.“ This is not surprising to hear from someone who grew up around songwriters (her father is legendary singer – songwriter Billy Falcon), spends four days a week co-writing songs and who loves living Nashville, TN which she suggests is home to best singers and songwriters in the whole world! Falcon is authentic, and in a way the simplicity of her songs is what gives them staying power. There are lots and lots of talented folks in country music these days, but not everyone can cut it as a writer. So, I was curious about her particular process and style. “I co-write a lot. It’s a process of giving and receiving what I call ‘gifts’. Someone you write with might have a gift to give you, an idea and you have to be open to that. Or one day I might have a great idea to offer. You end up with something you wouldn’t of had if you hadn’t been working with that person on that day. It’s a really magical process, and I think that God is a part of it in every step.“ In the tracks featured on Falcon’s 19th Avenue, you can hear how invested she is in the words and the stories they tell. I have no doubt that as her star continues to rise, country fans who get to listen to her music will find it relatable and this will draw them in and keep them listening. I also have a feeling that Falcon would be a wonderful singer to catch live…hope I get the chance soon! Be sure to check out the new EP when it releases Tuesday, January 29th, and stay tuned for more from Rose in the next year! Find her on Twitter and iTunes!

Kacey Musgraves Set To Release Debut Album

Kacey Musgraves Is Gettting Ready To Release Her Debut Album, Same Trailer Different Park. Kacey Musgraves will release her debut album, Same Trailer Different Park, on March 19th. The album is co-produced by Musgraves, Shane McAnally and Luke Laird and features her current single and top 15 hit “Merry Go ‘Round.” Musgraves wrote or co-wrote all tracks on the album. “The making of this record was such a fun and meaningful time for me,” said Musgraves. “As a writer, singer and producer I learned so much throughout the whole process. I am proud and excited to present a project alongside Shane McAnally and Luke Laird that came from a very real and inspired place in my brain and heart.” Rolling Stone gave “Merry Go ‘Round” FOUR STARS and named it one of their “50 Best Songs of 2012” while NPR named her as their “Best New Artist of 2012” and included her in the “Best Music in 2013 preview.” Musgraves recently received her first country music award nomination for New Female Vocalist for the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Fans can vote at and January 21st – February 4th. Little Big Town has invited Musgraves to open their Tornado Tour starting January 31st in Murray, KY and this summer she will join Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Nation stadium tour. I am so excited to hear the whole album! I fell in love with “Merry Go Round” the first time I heard it and can’t wait to listen to some more honest lyrics.

Randy Houser How Country Feels Album Review

Randy Houser’s New Album How Country Feels Well Worth the Wait! With the first few guitar strums and drum beats of “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight“, the first track on Randy Houser‘s new album How Country Feels, country fans are sure to be hooked. This first song has more of a pop edge than I expected from Houser, but its feel good, live in the moment lyrics immediately made me feel warm and happy (despite the cold January chill right outside my window!). From that first song, the record just gets better and better as it balances between a variety of sounds, themes and rhythms. Upbeat and Living In The Moment. Tracks like “Growin’ Younger,” “Top Of The World” “Absolutely Nothing,” “Goodnight Kiss,” and “Let’s Not Let It” keep things on the livelier side going back and forth between pop-ish (“Goodnight“) and more rock-ish (“Growin“). Lyrically, these songs encourage focusing on the important things in life and living in the moment in that way only a country song seems to be able to do. Anyone of these songs would be perfect for a Friday night bonfire or a lazy afternoon, and country fans are sure to have them playing on repeat. Slow and Bittersweet. On the other hand, Houser, slows things down and strikes a bittersweet note with the lovesick tune “The Singer“,  almost ballad-esque tracks like “Power of A Song,” and “Like A Cowboy,” and the gospel tinged “Along For The Ride.”  The music and lyrics of these tracks add an extra dimension to the album when placed along the faster songs, and proves that Randy Houser is capable of offering fans more than just one brand of country. Southern Rock Vibe. This album also embodies a broad spectrum of a southern rock vibe that is distinctly heard in three of the songs, title track “How Country Feels, “Shine” and “Sunshine On The Line.” If you were to put these three songs on that southern rock spectrum “How Country Feels” is at the least intense end with more pop-country mixed in with the electric guitar. “Sunshine On The Line” rests at the opposite end of that spectrum bordering on an almost hard rock sound opening with an intense guitar riff and raw vocals from Houser. “Shine” features a blue collar storyline, noticeable keyboards and more electric guitar than you hear from the average mainstream country tune. It’s not quite as intense as “Sunshine” and lacks any of the radio pop friendly elements in the title track, so it rests in the middle of the spectrum. Altogether, this southern rock vibe just adds yet another layer to Randy’s already complex sound heard throughout the album. A Heck of a Duet. One of the best moments on this album, though, is the powerful duet between Houser and CMNB favorite Kristy Lee Cook on “Wherever Love Goes“! Houser’s and Cook’s voices blend perfectly and compliment each other wonderfully. One thing I really appreciate is the mellow production on this song, the music is toned Continue reading Randy Houser How Country Feels Album Review

Rose Falcon Releases New EP

Rose Falcon Releases New EP This Month, Watch Sneak Peek! NYC born and Nashville raised Rose Falcon will release a new EP, 19th Avenue Vol. 2, January 29th, and you can get a sneak peek at her creative process below! Just hearing the way Rose talks about music, her writing process and why she has a drive to create, it’s easy to understand that she has the potential to go a long way in the country music industry. She has some real talent and a strong drive, and we can’t wait to hear more from her! Watch the video to get to know Rose just a little bit better, and stay tuned for reviews and more on Falcon! Meet Rose Falcon!

The Band Perry New Album Release Date

The Band Perry Announce Release Date of Highly Anticipated New Album! We’ve been waiting on this news for awhile now, and The Band Perry have finally announced a release date for their highly anticipated sophmore album! The new record will drop on April 2nd, and it features the already gold certified (500, 000 + sold) single “Better Dig Two“! The debut single is honestly quite similar in theme to what we’ve heard from the sibling trio on their debut album. However, musically and vocally it is a much stronger effort, and I think bodes very well for what we can expect from the rest of the record! Stay tuned for more details and news on the upcoming release by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

Brad Paisley New Album Title Wheelhouse

Brad Paisley Announces New Album Title, Wheelhouse. Brad Paisley stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight to perform his current single “Southern Comfort Zone”, and also took a second to make an important announcement. Paisley let the viewing audience know the title of his upcoming album which drops April 9th this year! The new album title is (drum roll please!), Wheelhouse. He told Kimmel that this new album is all about “leaving you comfort zone”! If “Southern Comfort Zone” is any indication we can certainly expect a lot from this new album! Who else is looking forward to hearing more new music from Paisley?

Brad Paisley To Announce New Album Title On Jimmy Kimmel

Brady Paisley Announces Album Title Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel! Since his release of new single “Southern Comfort Zone“, we’ve all been waiting with baited breath to hear details about Brad Paisley‘s upcoming album! We know that it’s due out on April 9th, but not much else. Well, Paisley just tweeted to let us all know he’ll be announcing the album title when he guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! So, be sure to tune in to ABC at 11:35pm, and if you can’t just check in with us for all the latest! Also, bonus, Brad will be performing “Southern Comfort Zone“! Brad Paisley Tweets His Announcement! I’m going to announce the new album title on @jimmykimmel tonight. Any guesses? — Brad Paisley (@BradPaisley) January 9, 2013

Blake Shelton Sure Be Cool If You Did Single Review

Blake Shelton Releases New Single “Sure Be Cool If You Did”: Review. It was shrouded in secrecy and only announced a week or so prior to release, but January 1st saw Blake Shelton release his brand new single, “Sure Be Cool If You Did“. This follows the huge success of his 2011 album “Red River Blue“, with the charting “Honey Bee“, “God Gave Me You“, “Drink On It“, and “Over“, all of which reached #1 on the Billboard Country Charts. To add to that, his 2012 Christmas album, Cheers, It’s Christmas reached #8 on the Billboard 200 and has so far sold around half a million copies, not bad for a Holiday album that’s only been around a couple of months! So after all this success and personally enjoying Red River Blue immensely, I had high expectations for Blake’s new single to start 2013 off with a bang. And it did start off with a bang, if you consider a bang to be not as loud as you thought and trailing off a little at the end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid track, but it’s sincerely lacking where I think for someone who is so talented and successful. Not So Country. The song errs on the side of country pop, with smooth strings and a nice solid guitar and drums unit that is equally smoothed over. This is accompanied by finger snaps, little acoustic guitar licks, a chorus and echo effect on his vocals during the second verse, and lead guitar dropping in every now and then to play the riff. That and the occasional note of steel guitar are the only things which really make me think COUNTRY country, but that’s not really my issue with this because the country charts these days are full of songs that don’t sound as typically country (it’s just a measure of this era in country music). A Little Too Safe. Mainly, I feel that the song is very safe. It’s a nice track, the line ‘and you’re standing in the neon, looking like a high I wanna be on’ is one of my favorite parts of the song for no other reason than it sounds nice the way they’ve constructed it, lyrically and musically. It’s similar to “God Gave Me You“. It’s very smooth, polished, pop with guitars and a touch of twang which was fine in “God Gave Me You” because that was a really catchy, lovely song with a great chorus. This new song is equally as sweet but there’s just something missing for me. Just A Little Boring. It’s not the lyrics, which tell the story of someone falling in love with a girl in a bar, and saying that she doesn’t have to stay, or carry on, but it’d sure be cool if she did. That kind of “I’m a man, I’m so casual… PLEASE COME HOME WITH ME” that I’ve definitely heard before. It depicts how a real man would say it pretty well, and Continue reading Blake Shelton Sure Be Cool If You Did Single Review