Dustin Lynch Debut Album Review

Dustin Lynch Showcases His Talent with Debut Album Release! Back in June, we were supposed to catch Dustin Lynch‘s live performance at BamaJam 2012, but a big ole storm came through and messed up that plan! At the time, I was pretty bummed. Now, after giving his debut album a good listen, I am especially disappointed on missing out because I really want to know if he is as good live as is he on this record. What we’ve got on this album is solid talent combined with a 90’s country sound and modern, well-written lyrics, and Lynch really knows how to rock it. While it’s rare to see an artist create a concept album, we do often get records that are centered around a general theme, and if I had to pick a central idea for these twelve tacks (plus one bonus track), I would go with “pining“. A majority of the songs from “She Cranks My Tractor” to “Wild In Your Smile” to “Rock You Sweet” to “Hurricane” are about a guy that is longing after some pretty young thing in one way or another, and Dustin delivers each line with a sincerity that suggests he’s singing from experience. There’s just something about what he’s singin’ and how he’s singin’ that’s…well…kinda sweet. What I really like is that even though a lot of the tracks deal with the same kind of idea, they each tell a different story. Each is engaging, catchy and fun…not an easy feat to achieve, especially for your first release. There are non-love related songs as well, and these are just as good! “Unwind It” and “Name On It” offer up great options for something to listen to when hanging out on Friday night. Then there’s the touching bonus track, “Your Plan“, that was written by Dustin himself, and clearly comes straight from the heart. Whatever the song though, all together this really is a quality album, and a great start for Lynch! So far, there has been quite a bit of buzz about Lynch’s single “Cowboys and Angels“…especially from the female portion of the country music fan base, and I can definitely see why the ladies are loving all over this country music newbie. Between his rugged good looks, his talented vocal chords and all the sweet things he has to say on this album, I have a feeling that he’s going to be strummin’ on heart strings all over the U.S. as his popularity increases. If you haven’t yet, check out the video for “Cowboys and Angels” below, and don’t forget to grab a copy of Lynch’s new album! Dustin Lynch, “Cowboys and Angels“. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F1GrYeIMco] Dustin Lynch Complete Track Listing. 1. She Cranks My Tractor 2. Waiting 3. Cowboys and Angels 4. Wild In Your Smile 5. Last Lap 6. Sittin’ Pretty 7. Yeah Yeah Yeah 8. Rock You Sweet 9. Unwind It 10. Hurricane 11. Dancing In The Headlights 12. Name On It Bonus Track: Your Plan

JT Hodges Debut Album Review

JT Hodges Offers Up Original and Inviting Sound with Debut Album. When I first heard JT Hodges‘ debut single, “Hunt You Down“, I knew there was something special about this guy, and I had high hopes for the debut album was that slated to release this year. After getting my hands on a copy and giving all ten tracks a solid listen, I am pleased to report that Hodges didn’t let me down. What he is offering country music fans is a well-written and relatable album that has an original sound. One thing that immediately stands out to me is the level of quality and subtle diversity in the instrumentals. Hodges has music in his blood, with both his parents being in the music industry and growing up playing in his father’s recording studio. This influence is more than clear through all of the tracks, and it accounts for the variety we hear in the music from the pop-country vibe in “Hunt You Down” to the rock back beat of “Rather Be Wrong Than Lonely” to the old school bluesy country that is all over “Green Eyes Red Sunglasses” to the twang we hear in “When I Stop Crying“. I had the chance to chat with Hodges earlier this year, and he promised there would be something for everyone and all kinds of tastes on this album. That is certainly the case, but instead of sounding disconnected in an effort to draw a larger audience (as someone might assume), the tracks meld together well and really do form one complete album that listened to as a whole has a distinct sound that is original and inviting. Besides the quality of the music, the quality of the lyrics also stands out on this album. Hodges co-wrote all but one song on the record, and he proves that he knows how to tell a story. Each of the songs seems to be taken from daily living and experiences which makes each of the songs relatable to the country music listener. Whether he’s singing about the secrets of small town life in “Sleepy Little Town” or living in the moment in “Leaving Me Later“, JT paints pictures that anyone could easily identify with, and I think that this quality is extremely important, especially with country fans. One last great thing about this album is that its the kind of record you could listen to anytime whether you’re riding in the car with friends with the windows down on a lazy afternoon or the on the way to a concert, or maybe just while you’re hanging around the house or at work on a Monday, this is definitely one of those albums you just put on repeat and go! JT Hodges releases tomorrow (Tuesday, August 21st), so you don’t have to take my word for it! You can grab your own copy, and be sure to tell us what you think! You could WIN a signed copy of the new album from CMNB! Go Continue reading JT Hodges Debut Album Review

Colt Ford Declaration Of Independence Album Review

Colt Ford’s Latest Collection Of Country Songs With A Twist! Colt Ford has been very excited to release his latest album, Declaration of Independence, for some time. He personally told me how proud of this project he is and now it is out for all of his fans to enjoy! (Check out Colt’s interview with CMNB now!) This album has 15 tracks and some of the greatest voices in country music lent their talents and time to their good friend Colt. Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, Kix Brooks and Darius Rucker, along with Laura Bell Bundy (the only female on the album) are just a small portion. “Back,” Colt’s current single with Owen, is already hitting home with country fans all over. The true story and music video (watch it now!), featuring Colt’s real family, is so visually telling and honest, that you have to thank the successful song-writer for inviting us into his life. “Answer To No One” is the first track and sets the tone for the album. Colt puts it out there for everyone to see, he is what he is and it’s not changing anytime soon! “All In” is a good one to play before a good night with friends! Whether you’re going out or having a party at the house, this song is sure to get you pumped up for a rowdy time! “Way Too Early” is another of my favorites on this album. The lyrics are very relatable and it has a pretty fiddle part! Colt goes solo in “50/50” and defends his country roots and clears up any stereotypes the “city boys” might have about folks like him. Colt might have a lot of people saying he isn’t “country” because the style in which he offers his music to the world. Well…I’m here to tell you just because he isn’t belting a ballad like John Michael Montgomery, who coincidentally has a song with Colt (“Ride Through the Country“), doesn’t mean he isn’t “country.” Listen to the man’s lyrics and you will be singing a different tune! “This is for everybody out there, Circling the town square, Proud to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. USA, Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford. Raising a little hell and praising the Lord” -Drivin’ Around Song If y’all like what I had to say and are interested in your very own copy of Declaration of Independence, then go pick one up at the store or iTunes OR follow this link RIGHT HERE for you chance to win one! Declaration of Independence Track Listing : 1. Answer To No One – F/ JJ Lawhorn 2. Drivin’ Around Song – F/ Jason Aldean 3. All In – F/ Kix Brooks 4. Ain’t Out Of The Woods – F/ Montgomery Gentry 5. Lucky – F/ Jonathan Singleton 6. Back – With Jake Owen 7. Dancin’ While Intoxicated (DWI) – F/Locash Cowboys and Redneck Social Club 8. It’s All – F/ Jeffrey Steele 9. Hugh Damn Right – F/ Laura Bell Bundy Continue reading Colt Ford Declaration Of Independence Album Review

Kip Moore Up All Night Album Review

There’s Somethin’ About Kip Moore’s Up All Night. On the third track of his debut album, Kip Moore tells us all about how “There’s Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck“, and I’m here to tell you there’s somethin’ ’bout Up All Night! I first heard Kip when I stumbled across his video for “Mary Was The Marrying Kind“, and I was instantly hooked. Now, if you want that single, you’ll have to get the deluxe version, but have no fear, there is plenty real, quality country to be had on the eleven tracks that make up this brand new album. From beginning, “Drive Me Crazy“, to end “Faith When I Fall“, country music fans will find in Kip Moore something that is both familiar and something that is unique. It seems frequent these days that we run across artists who just want to market themselves as country (throwing in some fiddle at the last minute or making sure they have a lyric about a creek or bonfire…) But these artists simply don’t have the authenticity to back it up. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that (as long as everyone is willing to recognize that’s what’s goin’ on), but when someone like Moore comes along, it makes those less than true artists pale in comparison. From his gravelly voice to his honest, well-written lyrics, you cannot help but be drawn into the stories he tells in each one of his songs. Besides being a talented singer, and songwriter (he co-wrote all of the tracks on this album!), Kip provides a sincerity in his delivery that gives his music a quality that is easy to relate to. Like when he sings “I guess I’ll always have this longing in my heart” on “Crazy One More Time“, you can almost feel it too. There is just heart felt sincerity in every note and every lyric! The music on this album keeps a pretty even keel, with some faster and some a little slower, but overall, it feels like one solid piece of work. Its the kind of thing you could put on no matter where you are, and it will always be a good idea. In that third track, Moore also lets us know that there’s somethin’ ’bout a kiss that’s gonna lead to more. I just hope the same applies to this album…keep the music comin’, Kip! If you’re curious about Kip be sure to head over to iTunes to check him out!

JB & The Moonshine Band Beer For Breakfast Album Review

A Quick Run Down Of How Much Bang You’re Going To Get For Your Buck When Purchasing Beer For Breakfast! JB & The Moonshine Band recently put out their sophomore album, Beer For Breakfast, with a great response and applaud from fans. The title track is their current single and is sitting pretty in the Top 10 on the Texas Music Chart. The album as a whole has a wide variety for any mood that you could possibly be in on a particular day. At the same time, I have found it just as easy to play it through, with no skips, while sitting on the porch with a cold drink. “Kiss Me That Way” and “The Only Drug,” take care of the slower paced, love songs that we all love. “More Like My Dog” plays the humor card and “Hell To Pay” will get you rowdy and ready to swing (if need be). “Smith County Line” is one of those songs that make you think about somebody you know you shouldn’t. There is so much to say about this song, but at the same time, it’s so hard to do. Everybody just do me a favor and listen to it ASAP and you will know what I mean. “No Better Than This” and “Ride” automatically put a smile on my face when I hear them. They are the kind of songs that get you excited to call up your favorite people and have a fun-filled, simple day…nothing wrong with that! “I Don’t Care” takes me back to a little Keith Whitley tune (“Ten Feet Away“), but also gives a tip of the hat to King George with the line about the chair. Now I’m not sure if the Whitley correlation is what they intended, but I can’t get enough of this song. I dig it! “Edge Of The Road” will get you thinking, “Black And White” might make you cry and “Yes” will make you proud of where you came from (it will also probably make you want a cold beer). I really could not pick a song that is my favorite from this album, but I can tell you that there is NOT one that I dislike. Catch these boys on the road and I promise you will have a good time! For more information on JBMB pop on over to their site and look around! The last two songs on this album, “I’m Down” and “Perfect Girl,” are two that JBMB have already released. The boys were nice enough to share them with you, so be smart and add them to your party playlist! Track Listing: 1. Beer For Breakfast 2. Kiss Me That Way 3. No Better Than This 4. Edge Of The Road 5. More Like My Dog 6. Hell To Pay 7. Smith County Line 8. Ride 9. The Only Drug 10. Black And White 11. I Don’t Care 12. Yes 13. I’m Down (LEX Remix) 14. Perfect Girl (Moonshine Remix)

Alan Jackson New Album – 30 Miles West

Alan Jackson Is Set To Release A New Album June 5. Alan Jackson is set to release his new album, Thirty Miles West, on June 5. This will be his debut album on ACR (Alan’s Country Records)/EMI Records Nashville and is produced by long-time producer and friend, Keith Stegall. Jackson’s current single from the record is “So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore.” When asked about the unique title of the album Jackson said, “There’s this highway that has been in existence for forever now – it’s called the Dixie Highway and it runs from north of Michigan all the way down to South Florida, and I wrote a song about it that’s on the album. I grew up on Highway 34 outside of Newnan, Georgia, and that’s where we came up with Thirty Miles West. I think we were about thirty miles west of the official part of the Dixie Highway that runs through Georgia.”

Dierks Bentley Home Album Review

After Listening To Dierks Bentley’s Home, I Want To Go Exactly There! Dierks Bentley’s previous album, Up On The Ridge, was such a breath of fresh air! I really enjoyed the bluegrass compilation and loved the fact that Bentley did what HE wanted to do. But…the first time I heard “Am I The Only One,” I was immediately rushed to years back when I first discovered the curly headed guy on my TV singing “How Am I Doin’?” At that moment I knew we were going to get an awesome album from him very soon. I was right! The second single and title track, “Home,” was released and was on the opposite side of the tracks from “Am I The Only One,” but they were both going in the same direction! The best way I can describe this album as a whole is probably something like this…I see myself with a few of my favorite people, on a cool afternoon, sitting around a fire, with a cup in my hand, not talking, but having the best time ever. It just makes me happy! I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t have to be jumping up and down raging to a song just because it is fast paced. Don’t get me wrong, I do that too, but it is also nice to sit back, listen, appreciate and smile! It is hard for me to pick a favorite song from this album…number one because they are all pretty great and number two because I like them all for different reasons. “Gonna Die Young” is fun and makes me want to do something crazy, it kind of has the same effect “What Was I Thinkin’” had on me. “Tip It On Back” is very easy going and I can’t help but sing along. “The Woods” has a great beat to it, it is very descriptive and it takes me back. Everyone has that place that is almost sacred to them, it holds a lot of memories and no matter what happens you can always go back there! “When You Gonna Come Around,” featuring Karen Fairchild, is the type of song you wish was written about you (don’t lie, you have all thought it a time or two). “Thinking Of You” is just so sweet! I encourage you to listen to the entire song from start to finish. Yes, it is seven minutes, but I promise the end will have you grinning from ear to ear. So there, I told you what I thought…it’s GOLD! I’d love to know what y’all think, so everyone should listen as soon as you get the chance! Home Track Listing 1. Am I The Only One 2. Gonna Die Young 3. Tip It On Back 4. Home 5. Diamonds Make Babies 6. In My Head 7. Breathe You In 8. The Woods 9. When You Gonna Come Around (featuring Karen Fairchild) 10. 5-1-5-0 11. Heart Of A Lonely Girl 12. Thinking Of You

Craig Morgan This Ole Boy Album Review

Craig Morgan’s Album, This Ole Boy, Gives Us Exactly What We Have Been Waiting For! I think this album as a whole is great! It is true to the Craig Morgan we know, serious when need be, but somebody you want to cut-up with and take on a camping trip! The first single and title track, “This Ole Boy” is such a fun-loving song that puts a smile on my face each time I hear it! “More Trucks Than Cars” is another upbeat track that really puts you in a small town each time it is played! “Whole World Needs A Kitchen” kind of takes me back to his “That’s What I Love About Sunday” days. It’s got a bit of a mellow/easy-going/powerful thing happening. You know what I mean…not something you necessarily karaoke to, but you would definitely belt in your car! There is so much to say about “Country Boys Like Me,” but put quite simply, I LOVE IT! When I said that this album is great, I meant it! Each song tells a story, and it’s a story that is very believable! Morgan co-writing 7 out of the 12 tracks probably has a lot to do with it! “Being Alive and Livin’” is another song that really sticks out to me. It’s all about that cliche, live life to the fullest! Hell, each time I hear it I think I could go skydiving or something. Two minutes later I realize I’m afraid of heights and I hate the feeling of falling, but if a song can give you that kind of courage you know it’s a good one! “Better Stories” is priceless! It makes me laugh and think of some of my own stories and memories I’ve made throughout the years! “I Didn’t Drink” tells a sad story, but putting it on the album was a great move. Country music is known for telling it like it is! This album has everything from love songs (“Love Loves A Long Night,” “Fish Weren’t Bitin’” and “Summer Moon“) to humorous ones you will be singing with your best friends (“Show Me Your Tattoo” and “Corn Star“). When I listen to any track, I know I am getting who Morgan really is and there is definitely something to be appreciated about that. This record was released February 28 from his new label, Black River Entertainment, and is the first music he has released in nearly three years! Well…it was well worth the wait! Here is the video for “This Ole Boy” that features actress Angie Harmon! This Ole Boy Track Listing 1. This Ole Boy 2. More Trucks Than Cars 3. Whole World Needs A Kitchen 4. Country Boys Like Me 5. Show Me Your Tattoo 6. Love Loves A Long Night 7. Being Alive and Livin’ 8. Fish Weren’t Bitin’ 9. Better Stories 10. I Didn’t Drink 11. Corn Star 12. Summer Moon

Tim McGraw Emotional Traffic Review

The Amount Of EMOTION In This Album Is Bountiful! Tim McGraw’s latest album, Emotional Traffic was released earlier this week. It has been awhile since we have heard a new full album from this guy, but it was worth the wait. There are few songs that could probably cross over to maybe a soft rock genre, but for the most part it still has a country vibe. The first track on the album “Halo” is one of my favorites! It is so raw, outspoken and real. There is no holding back in this song and it seems like more and more artists are getting to this point. People complain that country music isn’t what it use to be, well with lyrics like this I’d say it is coming back around to the roots sooner than you might think. First comes the message, next is the sound…I have hope! “Right Back Atcha Babe” is a light and fun song, but every time I hear it I imagine myself driving around town, drinking a slush with the windows down…seriously. I really like this song, plus I love to say “right back atcha” as many times a day as I can. “The One” kind of makes me think of “BBQ Stain,” classic Tim! “Better Than I Used To Be” is a current single of McGraw’s and it is a solid, honest song! It’s one of those songs that I can’t get out of my head here lately and I know that it has a lot of country music fans relating to it. “Felt Good On My Lips” was released to radio in 2011 and had such a descriptive story to it. If a song can make you picture the exact scenario, well I’d say you’ve got a hit on your hands (and he did)! As a twist, the pop/R&B singer, Ne-Yo joins McGraw on “Only Human.” It wasn’t my favorite, but I didn’t hate it either, so I’ll let you decide on that one. However, I did take a liking to “Die By My Own Hand.” To me, it is a classic, country, coulda, shoulda, woulda, but didn’t love song. Of course there can never be another “Just To See You Smile,” “Live Like You Were Dying,” or “Don’t Take The Girl,” but there might be some songs just as “impactful” as those in this album. Take a listen for yourself and see what you think, you might find yourself a new favorite that you will be singing for years to come! Emotional Traffic Track Listing 1. Halo 2. Right Back Atcha Babe 3. One Part, Two Part 4. I Will Not Fall Down 5. The One 6. Better Than I Used To Be 7. Touchdown Jesus 8. The One That Got Away 9. Felt Good On My Lips 10. Hey Now 11. Only Human 12. Die By My Own Hand